Abby Sunderland sets off... Jessica Watson in damaging storm...this week's product - Rescue Streamer...second Bravery Award for Contis...Ocean Watch passes the Horn...why not to trust your EPIRB test button...and much else...

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What a lot has happened!...

Abby hugging her mother just before departure  Lisa Gizara ©2009 Gizaraarts.Com
What a lot can happen in just a week on our coastlines and oceans!

16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland has departed from California in her quest to be the youngest sailor to solo circumnavigate without stopping, and is now skipping down the west coast of America in her Open 40 Wild Eyes, heading for the Horn.

In the meantime, her Australian rival Jessica Watson is more than half way round in a similar bid, but has had her first serious - and damaging - storm of the voyage.

While Paul and Rachel Chandler languish in Somalia fearing for their lives as the pirates grow impatient for a ransom, over in Haiti a group of generous sailors on at least 15 sailing boats loaded with supplies are heading for small Haitian villages difficult to reach by any other means.

Environment consciousness-raising yacht Ocean Watch has just rounded the Horn, after sailing the North West Passage last summer, and the Conti family – Maurice and Sophie – have received yet another award for their heroic rescue of a four sailors near Fiji.

You could find this edition really useful too. There's a fabulous new safety product featured – the Rescue Streamer, an article reminding us about testing our signal flares, and a very interesting piece on why you should NOT merely trust your EPIRB test button.

You may be a good sailor, but how good are you at planning and organising? – You'll find this article a useful checklist of information, no matter how long you've been sailing.

Much other news as well - whatever is happening of note in non-competitive sailing, it will be featured somewhere in this cruising magazine, so browse down and choose the articles that interest you.....

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Californian 16-year-old departs for solo circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
She's off! Abby Sunderland, younger sister of Zac, who last year became the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world, is setting off to emulate and eclipse her brother's feat. Departing California's premier yachting facility Marina del Ray yesterday, Abby was farewelled by hundreds of well wishers, and escorted out of calm waters by yachts from the Del Ray Yacht Club.... [more]
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Ocean Watch - another thrilling milestone as it rounds the Horn
Sail-World Cruising,
The height of summer in the southern hemisphere is the time for all prudent sailors to round the Horn. Ocean Watch, the Roberts 64-foot steel cutter and flagship of the Around the Americas Expedition skippered by Mark Schrader, has reached this, another thrilling milestone in its mission to round the Americas and draw attention to the fragility of our oceans.... [more]
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This week's product - RescueStreamer
Sail-World Cruising,
'We kept wondering why they couldn't see us.' It's an all-too-common scenario in search and rescue missions; aircraft fly overhead, unable to see survivors. No matter how much they flail their arms, people are little more than a speck. Now there's one of those inventions that are so obvious that one must wonder why it hadn't been thought of before - it's called the RescueStreamer.... [more]
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New research sheds light on Earth's coldest temperatures
British Antarctic Survey,
Results from the first detailed analysis of the lowest ever temperature recorded on the Earth's surface can explain why it got so cold and how cold it could possibly get. Scientists at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) in Russia found that for a period of 10 days the air flow that is normally fed from the Southern Ocean on to the high Antarctic p... [more]
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A Reason to Check Your Signal Flares
Out of sight, out of mind? Unfortunately for a lot of recreational boaters, that's the reality when it comes to handheld signal flares. Stored aboard in some dark corner of the boat, most boaters don't think twice about their condition until they really need them.... [more]
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Why you should not trust your EPIRB test button
Peter Forey, Sartech,
You've bought the EPIRB, put it in a good position, instructed the crew on its use and care, and before you venture out on a voyage, you always test it to make sure it's still working. You're doing the wise thing, right? The answer is 'NO! you're not doing the right thing,' and Peter Forey, of Sartech, search and rescue technology consultants, tells why:... [more]
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Alessandro di Benedetto - solo round the world in a 21ft boat
Nancy Knudsen,
Back in September 2009, Australian sailing teenager Jessica Watson was inadvertently becoming a world sailing sensation in mainstream news by hitting a container ship, and a Dutch Court was threatening to forbid another teenager, 13-year-old Laura Dekker, from going sailing. This all took the attention from other zany adventurers, and one of them is Italian adventure sailor Alessandro di Benedetto... [more]
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The J Class ‘Ranger' and Mothership MY ‘Vita' – for sale or charter
Titch Blachford,
Ranger has a proven racing record, having won the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Antigua Classics. She is available fully race prepared or ready for luxury cruising.... [more]
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OceansWatch needs a Skipper for the 2010 season in the SW Pacific
Jane Pares,
If you want to help the ocean environment, and have yachting skills, here is an amazing opportunity. OceansWatch is looking for an experienced skipper to run their flagship, Magic Roundabout. Someone with a love of the ocean and a proven conservation background. Minimum qualification is the RYA / MCA Ocean Yachtmaster and PADI Open Water diver.... [more]
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Planning and organising - one of the vital keys to good seamanship
Canadian Yachting,
When you sail - or plan to sail- on an overnight voyage, how are your planning and organising skills? One of the keys to good seamanship is planning and organisation for both the boat and the crew, so check your own skills here, by reading on:... [more]
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Cruising sailors in Somali pirates hands believe the end is near
Cruising sailors Paul Chandler and his wife, Rachel, have appealed for help, believing their captors are losing patience and may kill them, not in March, as one pirate said previously, but within a few days.... [more]
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Jessica Watson's damaging storm - EPIRB set off
Nancy Knudsen,
Four knock-downs and a 70+ knot gale have damaged Ella's Pink Lady, and set off the EPIRB to give the support team and her family some worrying moments before she called to say she was okay. The tough little boat has survived its worst storm so far, but suffered some significant damage.... [more]
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Cruising Club of America Award to cruising heroes
CCA/Sail-World Cruising,
It's official. The Cruising Club of America has just announced that Maurice and Sophie Conti are to receive the 2009 Rod Stephens Trophy for their heroic rescue in the most dangerous of circumstances of the crew of the 10m ketch Timella, on October 12, 2008.... [more]
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Haiti: Sailing boats join the rescue - and you can help too!
Sail-World Cruising,
Two well-known organisations of cruising sailors are joining to help the aid work in Haiti. OceansWatch, an organisation of sailors who are already geared to deliver marine conservation and humanitarian aid, and the Seven Seas Cruising Association, oldest and largest worldwide organization supporting the liveaboard cruising lifestyle, are joining together in the effort.... [more]
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Going Green in 2010 - New Year Resolutions
Sail-World Cruising,
So you think that whatever you do won't make a difference to the Greening of the world's oceans? Not true. Here are eight New Year Resolutions, which if all sailors kept, would result in a distinctly purer ocean. The question is not how much difference they will make, but can you afford NOT to?... [more]
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CCA selects Annie Hill & Trevor Robertson to receive Blue Water Medal
Barbie MacGowan,
The Cruising Club of America has selected Annie Hill and Trevor Robertson to receive its prestigious 2009 Blue Water Medal in recognition of a life of cruising and voyaging that best exemplifies the objects and goals of the CCA... [more]
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Remote Ningaloo Coast nominated for World Heritage listing
Australian Federal Government,
The Ningaloo Coast, a remote and almost unheard of area outside of Australia has been nominated for World Heritage listing by the Australian Government with the support of the Western Australia Government. It has also been included in the National Heritage List - Australia's most prestigious heritage recognition... [more]
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