Abby Sunderland to set out Saturday while Jessica Watson celebrates at Cape Horn...Sir Robin Knox-Johnston controversy...Louisiades Rally..the value of keeping a wiring diagram...and much more...

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A 70-year-old and two 16-year-olds, solo sailors top of the news...

Abby just before departure  .
Sailors most in the news this week are solo sailors at the opposite ends of the age spectrum – two sixteen-year-olds, and a seventy-year-old.

This Saturday, Californian Abby Sunderland will depart in her Open 40 to join Sunshine Coast teenager Jessica Watson in what will be interpreted by the watching sailing world as a watery duel (even though the girls may not) to see who will take the record as the youngest solo non-stop unassisted circumnavigator. Jessica is more than half way round the world (see her pictures), so Abby's challenge will be interesting to watch.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who has been in the world's headlines off and on since 1968 when he won – and was the only one to finish – the first solo round the world sailing race, is much in the news again this week.

First, because, forty years after that original race, there's a new book about it, second, because the prestigious Cruising Club of America has selected him to receive one of their 'Blue Water medals without date' (one of only seven in their history).

The final piece of news is not so happy. One of his clippers competing his Clipper Round the World Yacht Race hit rocks in Indonesia and all the crew were saved but the yacht abandoned. At Sail-World we are primarily a news organisation, not a forum. However, when journalist Des Ryan wrote an article criticising Sir Robin's blythe statement that the 'boat would be left on the reef and lost to the sea', leaving the local Indonesians to cope with the debris instead of taking responsibility for removing the wreckage , the number of letters we received in agreement were almost unprecendented. There ARE quite a few Green sailors out there!

There are many other articles – the Louisiades Rally is on again, after being conducted successfully for two years in a row, there's news from India's first solo sailor Dilip Donde, tales from Bagan, fresh from the North West Passage, and a strong reminder from Marine Safety NSW to be prudent when crossing NSW bars.

In practical articles, there's a story on Amazon's Kindle and its value to the cruising sailor, and reminders about the value of up-to-date wiring diagrams and the importance a correctly tuned propeller.

Browse down and choose the news that interests you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

US teen sets date for solo round-world attempt: Saturday
Nancy Knudsen,
A second 16-year-old is set to sail for Cape Horn. Californian sailor Abby Sunderland, younger sister of Zac Sunderland who sailed a solo cruising route round the world for two years to become the youngest sailor to do that in history, is now only waiting for the weather. She plans to set off Saturday morning on her Open 40 Wild Eyes to 'better' her brother's record.... [more]
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Cruising Club of America to present medal to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
Dana Paxton,
The Cruising Club of America has selected Sir Robin Knox-Johnston to receive its prestigious Blue Water Medal without date. In the 85-year history of the CCA's Blue Water Medal only seven Medals have been awarded without date. The medal will be presented to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on March 5, 2010 by CCA Commodore Sheila McCurdy (Middletown, R.I.) during the club's annual Awards Dinner at the New... [more]
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Your Propeller - the unsung hero of boating
Canadian Yachting,
Doesn't a propeller look simple? Visually, the size and shape makes it obvious that a propeller kind of 'screws' its way through the water and to a casual observer, it looks to be one of the simplest parts on the whole boat. Well, it's exactly the opposite..... [more]
Onsend this story provides Safe Harbour for online marine buyers
Media Services,
Melbourne base online Chandlery is providing a wide range of marine industry products for online buyer.... [more]
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North South Yachting Sells 400th New Yacht
Jamie Millar,
North South Yachting, Australian importer of Bavaria Yachts, has today sold their 400th new yacht. The new order, a Bavaria Cruiser 32, will be delivered to new owners in Adelaide. The 400th yacht has come on a wave of very strong sales through the end of 2009. NSY has sold 22 new yachts in the last six months and recorded one of the strongest December sales results in their history.... [more]
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Sweet sailing on the brand new Hunter 39
US Yachts,
Hunter Marine, the premier sailboat manufacturer in the US, is launching a brand new model over the Australian summer.... [more]
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Wiring Diagram - Don't leave port without it!
Lisa Mylchreest,
He loped onto the deck, a big bony angled man, with arms and legs that seemed to work independently of each other. A face too long, with too many angles. ‘Every time I connect to shore power' says the Skipper, ‘everything blows.'... [more]
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Fun activities at Docklands Melbourne Int'l Boat & Lifestyle Festival
Greg Shoemark,
Fishing, kayaking, water ski demonstrations, live music and dance lessons are just some of the activities on offer at next month's Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Festival.... [more]
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Sailing Schizophrenia - Clipper yacht abandoned as 'not economic'
Des Ryan,
While organisations such as Sailors for the Sea and Oceans Watch work for sustainability and the preservation of our ocean environment, the sailing world has just shown further evidence of its schizophrenia.... [more]
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Prince William takes the helm of an America's Cup yacht
Lisa Mylchreest,
If you fancy the idea of yourself at the helm of an America's Cup yacht, then it helps if your name is Prince William. The young prince is visiting New Zealand at the moment, representing his mother Queen Elizabeth II and having a sail at the same time... [more]
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A Race Too Far - new story of the 1968 solo race,
In 1968, when Britain's Sunday Times put out a challenge to the world's would-be adventurers to 'sail round the world, alone and without stopping' it was an almost unimaginable feat, and spawned a collection of amazing stories which, until now, had been captured best in the famed book 'A Voyage for Madmen' - now there's a new book....... [more]
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Jessica Watson celebrates at Cape Horn
Nancy Knudsen,
'Against the grey sky and with albatrosses flying in the foreground, it was just as I'd imagined for so long. Mythical and striking pretty much sums it up! The poor visibility didn't exactly make it the best sightseeing weather, but if we'd drifted comfortably by on a nice sunny day, it wouldn't have been half as special! In between taking pictures and phone calls,it was an extremely proud moment!... [more]
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Seawind 1250 world debut at Docklands
Shoemark & King,
Seawind Catamarans will launch its new Seawind 1250 flagship at the Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Festival next month.... [more]
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Enter NOW to win a $1,000 PredictWind Professional subscription
Richard Gladwell,
Ten Sail-World readers will win a PredictWind Professional forecasting package for one year, valued at almost $1,000 per subscription. Enter NOW!! This Professional Package includes access to a unique set of tools allowing the user to predict weather conditions for use in club racing, major series or peace of mind while cruising... [more]
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Louisiades Rally - it's on again!
Sail-World Cruising,
Following the grand success of the Louisiades Rally from Australia to the Louisiades in both 2008 and 2009, and with the strong community welcome from the people of the Louisiades and their desire for the yachts to visit again, the Rally will be held again in September 2010.... [more]
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Indian solo sailor in the Falklands and past the halfway
Des Ryan,
Following in the inspirational footsteps of India's famous solo sailor Gulshan Rai, Commander Dilip Donde, with the sponsorship of the Indian Navy and the support of many thousands of sailing enthusiasts from India, has reached the Falklands on his quest to become the first solo sailor from India to complete a circumnavigation.... [more]
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Take your books cruising? - or 'Go Kindle'?
Nancy Knudsen,
When we left for our recent three year circumnavigation that took five years I, being a great reader and anticipating many long days at sea, took just over 400 books with me, arranged nicely in the book shelves around the walls of our cabin. As the books were loaded and the boat sank deeper and deeper, crew harmony among our crew of two became somewhat fragile...... [more]
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Safety reminder for boaters crossing coastal bars
NSW Government,
In the last three weeks, there have been at least three reported incidents of boats capsizing on a coastal bar – two on the Macleay River bar at South West Rocks (the most recent on Tuesday, January 11) and one on the Hastings River bar at Port Macquarie.... [more]
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Bavaria Cruiser 45 set for launch at Dusseldorf Boat Show
Jamie Millar,
The new Bavaria Cruiser 45 is set for its world debut at the forthcoming Dusseldorf Boat Show on January 23. Designed by Farr Yacht Design and BMW Designworks USA (a subsidiary of the BMW Group), the new Cruiser 45 will set a new benchmark in mid-size production cruisers.... [more]
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The North West Passage - Bagan's 2009 transit
Scott Bowlen, Ketchikan Daily/Sail-World,
Of the 23 vessels, including a couple of ships and nine yachts, that successfully transited the North West Passage high over Canada this year, one was operated by an adventure film maker, Sprague Theobald, an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker. Theobald used MV Bagan as a floating editing facility, and during the passage produced his latest film called, believe it or not, 'The North West Passage'.... [more]
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Marine Rescue NSW at full speed ahead for safer boating
Ken McManus,
'Our members were on the water on New Year's Day in their distinctive new, blue Marine Rescue NSW uniforms aboard an impressive number of rescue vessels already in the new Marine Rescue colours,' said A/Commissioner Finniss. 'This demonstrated a magnificent commitment by many existing units as they raced to get these boats finished in time for this busy holiday season.'... [more]
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