Solo sailors Aussie teen and Indian Navy commander round Cape Horn...water, wind or engine to power your boat?...Mystery death in Vanuatu still not solved...launching a boat - Thai style...and much more...

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Aussie Jessica and Indian Dilip both round Cape Horn

Her website celebrates  .
At almost the same time as volunteers were rescuing yachts caught in a bit of a storm off Broken Bay and the Central Coast yesterday, our own 16-year-old Jessica Watson was rounding the most treacherous point in the world, Cape Horn.

Yes, this week's excellent news is that both Jessica and Dilip Donde, Commander in the Indian Navy, have successfully rounded the Horn and are heading towards the Falkland Islands.

Dilip will stop there as scheduled and repair his autopilot problems, while Jessica, intent on completing her journey 'non-stop and unassisted', will merely find calmer waters to 'rest' a little before heading for the Southern Ocean again.

Maybe it is Climate Change, which these days is probably blamed for much more than it is responsible, or maybe they were just incredibly lucky.

Both sailors sped past the Horn driven by what is, for the seas between Cape Horn and Antarctica, a front of mild wind and seas, of 40 knots and four metres respectively.

For Jessica, who had been becalmed only a few days before her crossing, it will be a great psychological triumph, and give her a boost for the next half of her journey, much of which will be in the Southern Ocean. For Dilip it will be another leg completed in his quest to become the first Indian national to solo circumnavigate the world by sailing boat.

Next Saturday, on the other hand, has been declared D Day for Abby Sunderland, who, with her brother Zac Sunderland, was made 'Los Angeles Sportspersons of the Year' recently, attracting much criticism, as Abby hasn't sailed anywhere of significance yet. Sailing a much faster boat, and several months younger than her Australian counterpart, Abby will be the hare in a tortoise and hare competition, as she makes her own attempt to become the youngest circumnavigator.

In other news this week, a Brisbane sailor has been charged for 'not preparing' for a sea voyage; valiant Geoff Holt crossed the Atlantic sailing solo– the first quad sailor to do so; the Ady Gil (former Earthrace) was sunk by a Japanese whaling ship; Somali pirates are claiming the kidnapped cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler are 'too expensive to keep alive', and the mysterious death of a cruising sailor in Vanuatu is still unexplained after nine months.

More too - unlikely adventures, quirky tales, technical information and ambitious expeditions. Browse down the stories to see what catches your interest....

Sweet sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Volunteer rescuers busy after thunderstorm hits
Alison Buckland, Express Advocate/Sail-World,
Yesterday's late thunderstorm that swept north of Sydney kept volunteers from Marine Rescue NSW busy with two successful rescues of sailing boats one after the other.... [more]
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There's nothing can stop her now...Jessica Watson rounded the Horn!
Nancy Knudsen,
With a 'mere' 35-40 knots and a 'mere' three metres of swell, Jessica Watson in her 36ft yacht Ella's Pink Lady must have been the luckiest girl in the world as she rounded Cape Horn at 0940GMT today.... [more]
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Product of the Week: New 12volt low-draw LCD TV
Sail-World Cruising,
Our product of the week is the new 19” marine LCD television from Majestic Global USA, which can be connected directly to any 12-volt source - without filters, inverters or in-line power boxes.... [more]
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Launching a boat - Thai style
Neil and Ley Langford,
Launching a boat, whether new, post-winter or after a refit is always exciting but a little nail-biting for its owners. However, when SV Crystal Blues was launched in Phuket after a sixteen month major refit, long term Australian cruisers Neil and Ley Langford did it Thai-style, observing spiritual and traditional Thai seafarers' rituals. Here's their account:... [more]
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Another ancient sailing ship to set forth
Nadim Kawach,Emirates Business/Sail-World,
When 15 Omani sailors set sail from the port of Muscat next month, it will mark the beginning of yet another attempt to recreate the amazing journeys of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years ago.... [more]
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Maritime Museum announces 2010 program for Endeavour replica
Australian National Maritime Museum Media,
Join a unique sailing opportunity full of history, adventure and the deep, blue sea aboard the replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour as it sets sail in 2010. The Australian National Maritime Museum has just announced Endeavour's sailing program for the year and invites aspiring 18th century sailors to sign up for a great maritime adventure.... [more]
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Melbourne Int'l Boat & Lifestyle Festival tickets go 'live online'
Greg Shoemark,
Online ticket sales for the Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Festival have gone live for 2010, for the first time ever in the Festival's history.... [more]
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Have you booked your accommodation for Hamilton Island Race Week yet?
Kristie Kaighin,
Book now and secure some great accommodation for Hamilton Island Race Week 2010. We specialise in luxury self-contained apartments and homes and we have many options to choose from ranging from 2 bedroom apartments through to 6 bedroom private luxury homes! The best choices do get snapped up quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment!... [more]
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Brisbane sailor charged for 'not preparing' after sea incident
Sail-World Cruising,
Is it a sign of things to come? For many years there have been sporadic calls for irresponsible sailors to be held accountable when they go to sea without proper preparation. Now, at least in Bowen in Queensland, it's happening - a sailor has been charged for 'not preparing properly to go to sea, and unsafe operation of a vessel.'... [more]
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Mystery death of cruising sailor unsolved after nine months.
Lisa Mylchreest,
The tragic death of a cruising sailor in Port Vila after she took a solution given to her by fellow cruising sailors for malaria sounds a warning bell to those travelling in strange waters and accepting unknown medications from other well-meaning but unqualified cruisers.... [more]
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Northshore Yachts chooses Raymarine E Series Widescreen
Liza Sticpewich,
The first Southerly 49 built by UK-based Northshore Yachts, and on show at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show, will feature a complete suite of navigational, communication and safety products from Raymarine. It will be one of the first sailing yachts to have the new E Series Widescreen HybridTouch, with ST60+ instruments and new HD High Definition digital radar.... [more]
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Tara Oceans Expedition - as ambitious as Charles Darwin
Sail-World Cruising,
80,000 nautical miles, 60 ports of call - including Sydney, a three-year plan and 50 laboratories participating – this is the incredible scope of the Tara Oceans Expedition, the innovative sailing project on a 120 ton schooner, which proposes a study of marine life on a planetary scale, as ambitious as that of Charles Darwin, yet as modern as tomorrow as it tries to learn more about climate change... [more]
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Engine alternator? or water and wind power? - a comparison
Larry Janke,
How much do you need to use your boat to make utilising wind and water power a distinct advantage? If you rarely sail, you may decide that one more piece of gear to break down is just not worth it, and if you are crossing oceans, there's no question - but where is the cutoff point, and how do you work it out? Here Larry Janke, from SE Marine, compares alternator against Duogen:... [more]
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Australian Antarctic marine science voyage to Southern Ocean
Australian Antarctic Division,
The impacts of bottom fishing and ocean acidification are two of the key research projects being undertaken on the Australian Antarctic Division's marine science voyage that left Hobart in mid December. The second major project of the voyage will look at ocean acidification.... [more]
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Bloodhound, Queen Elizabeth's yacht, heading for Scotland
Nancy Knudsen,
One of the most famous classic yachts of all time has been purchased by the Royal Yacht Britannia Trust. Queen Elizabeth's former yacht, the 19.2m (63ft) Bloodhound, on which Princess Anne and Prince Charles learned to sail, is to be displayed in Scotland.... [more]
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New ransom demand for sailors: 'Too expensive to keep alive'
Des Ryan,
As their time in captivity passes the 80 day mark, the UK's Daily Mail has reported two threatening telephone calls from Somali pirates who are keeping kidnapped cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler hostage, with one caller revealing that Rachel Chandler had been beaten.... [more]
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Weeds submerge Inshore Reefs
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
A new scientific study has found that seaweeds have claimed large areas of the coastal shelf of Australia's Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Worldwide, many scientists consider that a shift from coral-dominated reefs to weed-dominated reefs signals a decline in the health of coral ecosystems.... [more]
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Enter NOW to win a $1,000 PredictWind Professional subscription
Richard Gladwell,
Ten Sail-World readers will win a PredictWind Professional forecasting package for one year, valued at almost $1,000 per subscription. Enter NOW!! This Professional Package includes access to a unique set of tools allowing the user to predict weather conditions for use in club racing, major series or peace of mind while cruising... [more]
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Predict Wind's 30% discount on year subs - going going...
Sail-World Cruising,
'If there is one thing that is consistently on cruisers mind that would be weather' - cruiser Neil Schlossberg. 15th January is the last date to take advantage of discounts available for the state-of-the-art weather forecasting system from PredictWind. A 30% discount is nothing to be taken lightly, and the results from PredictWind are becoming legendary. Read on for some customer feedback.... [more]
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Geoff Holt first quadriplegic to cross the Atlantic
Geoff Holt has just arrived in Tortola to become the first quadriplegic to sail across the Atlantic. He has sailed the 2,700 mile journey across the Atlantic on a 60ft purpose built catamaran Impossible Dream, unassisted in every aspect of the sailing.... [more]
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She has sunk! Three videos from Ady Gil - Earthrace collision with Wha,
The Carbon fibre 24 metre (78 foot) bio-diesel powered Ady Gil, formerly Earthrace, the round the world powerboat record holder tangled with the Shonan Mauru 2 has now sunk... [more]
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A reminder for boaters to use caution when refueling
NSW Government Media,
After two boat fires in NSW this week, Ports and Waterways Minister Paul McLeay has issued a reminder to boaters to be extremely cautious about fire safety on vessels.... [more]
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$4 million Dyna to star at Docklands boat show
Greg Shoemark,
A luxurious $4 million motor yacht will make its official Melbourne debut at this year's Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Festival.... [more]
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Boat fire at Empire Marina Bobbin Head
Empire Marina Media,
A man, aged in his early 40s, was injured while starting his 30ft fibreglass motor cruiser at the fuel wharf at Empire Marina Bobbin Head. Sydney, on Thursday morning. The vessel was not being fuelled at the time... [more]
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