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Sail-World New Zealand: 24 December 2009

Guadeloupe provides perfect Weta sailing conditions - 2009 Zoo Regatta  Simax-Communication ©
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's New Zealand newsletter for 24 December 2009

Firstly a Happy Christmas to all our readers and advertisers. Thanks for all your support over the year, we have plenty of action coming up over the next few days as the Rolex Sydney Hobart race gets underway.

First up have a safe Christmas, and if you are on the water make sure you are using PredictWind to keep up with the weather that is headed your way - so you know if you venture further afield, or stay close to an all weather anchorage. Check out the new PredictWind.com competition by clicking the banner on this newsletter.

Staying with safety, please take the time to run the Coastguard Boating Education Services online kayak test it could save your, or a family member's life. Certainly for younger family members it will help tune up their smallboat and safety sense. It will take just 10 minutes to learn some lessons that will last for a lifetime.

Alinghi 5 sailing off Ras al-Khaimah, now the origin of her sails are being questioned.  Alinghi Team

In this edition we have the latest information available on the issues surrounding the 33rd America's Cup including when the event will be held and the format - as a result of talking to several of the key players over the past two days. Sorry we can't name or quote our sources, however they are extremely well placed, and this information is as accurate as can be under the circumstances.

At this sage, due to the uncertainty surrounding the regatta we cannot confirm our coverage - except that we will be position Sail-World to provide the very best coverage that we can.

Yesterday the constructed in country issue was raised by the US Challenger, in respect of the state of origin of the sails used by the Swiss Defender. At first glance, we believe the legal scales may be tipped the way of the Swiss on this matter, if indeed it goes to an International Jury or the New York Supreme Court.

Alfa Romeo - NZ's favorite for the Rolex Sydney Hobart and protected by Nanoshield  John Curnow

We welcome several new advertisers to Sail-World over this week including the Nanoshield protective products, which help keep immaculate yachts like the supermaxi Alfa Romeo, looking immaculate. Nanoshield can be found at www.nanoshield.biz and have just launched a new undewater product.

Kiwiprops, another great New Zealand developed product/technology has also signed up with Sail-World, promoting their unique range of feathering propellors, suitable for racing and cruising yachts alike. Check out their website at www.kiwiprops.co.nz

In this issue we feature the latest Weta regatta, staged in the Caribbean. Again it is great to see the success that this unique Kiwi design has enjoyed and its take-up around the world.

Don't forget to catch the two stories from a couple of Whitbread legends, Simon Gundry and Godfrey Cray about their (and their sons) exploits in the 3000nm ARC race across the Atlantic, aboard Southern Spar's Steve Wilson's 53ft Eliott design.

Rapparee Crew at Finish. From Left; Jordan Wilson, Steve Wilson, Conrad Gundry, Dominic Gundry, Simon Gundry, Godfrey Cray, Sam Cray. - ARC Trans Atlantic Race  Godfrey Cray

Several of the stories appearing in this edition have been submitted via our online submission facility. You can submit your event/regatta/class/boat news by Clicking Here - all copy will be published, please include a photo or three with a side over 1280px wide. There's a new big icon on the home page of www.sail-world.com to make it even easier for you. You will now be automatically informed when your submission has been posted and which regions it has been posted to - a great way to get exposure for your club, class, event, program or campaign.

The Wetas amongst the beach party - 2009 Zoo Regatta, Guadeloupe  Simax-Communication ©

Many thanks for your help and input, we're here to help sailing, and help those who wish to help themselves.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor


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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Follow the action with Bass & Flinders Cruises
On Boxing Day Bass & Flinders vessels Ocean Dreaming I, Ocean Dreaming 2 and Sun Cat will follow the Sydney to Hobart fleet right from the start. ‘We take our boat out with 200 passengers and we are able to follow them down the leading boats because our vessels do travel at about 28 knots, so we can keep up with them out on the ocean.... [more]
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America's Cup: SNG respond on Construction in Country issue
Richard Gladwell,
The Defender of the America's Cup, Société Nautique de Genève (SUI) have responded to the Constructed in Country issue raised by the Challenger, Golden Gate Yacht Club via an Open Letter issued yesterday. That letter queried whether the Defender was using sails that were built on Switzerland, or if they were built in USA... [more]
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RYA Team GBR keen to defend their Rolex Commodores' Cup title
Ellie Williamson and Sail-World.com,
RYA Team GBR, in a quest to defend their Rolex Commodores' Cup title, have signed Mike Hart and Chris Simon to the 'assault' team. RYA Racing Manager John Derbyshire comments: 'We're delighted to have Mike and Chris on board with us.'... [more]
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Landlubbers Ahoy!
John Curnow,
A massive fleet of 103 yachts is set to get underway from the one start line adjacent to Station Pier on Boxing Day at 10.30am.... [more]
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33 ORCi entries for Rolex Sydney Hobart Race
ORC Tech,
First-ever use of ORCi ratings in the 628-mile Rolex Sydney Hobart offshore racing classic. Results for the ORCi Division will be decided by the application of the Time-on-Time Simplified Scoring Option, using the ToT Offshore rating as printed on each boat's ORCi Certificate, as a multiplier of elapsed time.... [more]
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No Sleeps to the Sydney Hobart race?
Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team,
Its early morning on Christmas Eve ‘down under' in Sydney Australia and as dawn breaks the latest news is that Grant Wharington's Etihad Stadium actually has her new four spreader mast standing vertical.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - Etihad Stadium has a mast again
Jody O'Brien,
Thirteen days after dismasting in Bass Strait on the delivery sail from Melbourne to Sydney, the Etihad Stadium Supermaxi is now looking like a 98 foot ocean racing machine again. The 44 metre mast was successfully installed just after 3am this Christmas eve morning with a very large crane and all hands on deck at Sydney City Marine.... [more]
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Battle of the Supermaxi - Is this a Swansong for Britain's Leopard?
Rob Kothe,
As the Rolex Sydney Hobart weather models keep throwing up different scenarios, British property developer Mike Slade, owner of the 100 footer ICAP Leopard, the 2009 Rolex Fastnet line honours winner has mixed feelings about what could be the last Sydney Hobart for his supermaxi.... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: Positive progress on 33rd America's Cup negotiations
Richard Gladwell,
Despite the apparent silence since last Thursday's meeting in Valencia, discussions are believed to be proceeding positively with the Spanish authorities over arrangements on the 33rd America's Cup. At this stage the Match is still as the New York Supreme Court ordered - for a best of three Match starting on the 8 February 2010.... [more]
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Global Ocean Race 2011-12 eleventh entry confirmed
Oliver Dewar,
The 11th entry in the Global Ocean Race 2011-12 was today confirmed by the team's skipper. This high-profile European entry wishes to remain anonymous, but will be announcing details of their project in early 2010.... [more]
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