Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no, it's the latest in the Whitsundays...Aussie sailors help the Tongans..kidnapped sailor plea for Christmas at home...Young Endeavour after a wet weather gear at Christmas... and much more...

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Gearing up for the holiday sailing season

Appreciate summer sailing - How often have YOU used an iceberg as a mooring buoy? (Read the story below)  .
As Australia gears up to Christmas and the summer sailor holiday beckons, there's good news for cruising sailors. The waterways will get safer as life jacket rules get stronger (fill out the survey), the New South Wales Government is putting more money into boating; and if you read on, you could win a full set of wet weather gear!

Some worthy Australian and New Zealand sailors need congratulations for the way they are helping Tonga address their 'rubbish problem', and my favourite way of preserving precious spare parts on my boat is coming to Australia – it's called Dr Shrink!

Sailors have been busy on the world's oceans this week too– some, sadly, busy being rescued, some working hard to rebuild their destroyed marina, one telling his North West Passage tale on arrival home, and of course, there's the Chandlers, languishing in Somalia, pleading with the British Government to get them out of pirates' hands and home by Christmas.

Phoenicia, that replica 600BCE sailing boat has just sailed 3000 nautical miles from Salalah in Oman to reach Mayotte in the Comoron Islands off East Africa – why so far? To avoid the pirate region of course! Geoff Holt deserves a special mention too. He's the quadriplegic who is part-way to completing a crossing of the Atlantic, sailing solo – impossible? Read the story.

Larry Janke continues with his exhaustive mult-part article on knowing your batteries, and we flag the production of a new catamaran that is 100% green.

Watch out next week for a comprehensive update on teen sailors Queenslander Jessica Watson, 3000 miles from the Horn and going strong, and Californian Abby Sunderland, who is just about to depart from Los Angeles headed for the same unfriendly waters in a much faster boat.

I hope you're one of the lucky ones headed off sailing over the holiday season, but whether you are or not...'ll want to know what's going on in the world of the cruising sailor, so browse down the stories to catch what interests you....

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

OceansWatch sailors help clean-up Tonga
Sail-World Cruising,
OceansWatch members on the Ha'apai group of islands in Tonga contributed to the success of an enormous cleanup event in October organized by the New Zealand charity Sustainable Coastlines. In this major effort to clean their coastlines, Ha'apai Islands have provided a blue print for other like communities around the World.... [more]
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Hamilton Island Yacht Club
Rob Mundle/Sail-World Cruising,
....and, member or no, the next time you're anywhere near, you're welcome! Hamilton Island Yacht Club has now officially opened its doors to visitors and members. Housed under a billowing sail-shaped copper roof, the venue promises to be a centre for lifestyle as well as yachting, with first-class dining and leisure facilities.... [more]
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Win a full set of Atlantis Aegis Weather Gear (Jacket and Bib)
The Sail-World Team,
To celebrate the opening of its new online chandlery, is running its first Sail-World and Powerboat-world online competition.... [more]
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All I want for Christmas is an Optimist!
Jardine Media,
Ozi Opti are offering a great deal for Clubs looking to upgrade their junior fleet over the summer months: buy six boats and get one free! Yes, that's right folks, a terrific little Optimist dinghy for nix. And the bargains don't stop there: if you want to get your son or daughter into sailing, a single Optimist will cost you just $3500 on a trolley with covers, sails are priced between $300 and... [more]
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A Grand Lady takes a rest - the Young Endeavour is home.
Sail-World Cruising,
She's sitting over there at Athol Bay in Sydney Harbour, at rest after her long voyage. Australia's national Sail Training Ship Young Endeavour arrived at Sydney yesterday, completing a six month circumnavigation of Australia.... [more]
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You, me and Tiger Woods, we all find the same solution...
Des Ryan,
Where do you go to get away from it all? Why sailing of course? Get the wind in your hair, leave the computer at home, turn the cell phone off and forget the newspapers. So Tiger Woods, too, is solving his problems by going sailing, on a yacht called, whaddya know, Privacy. Of course he hasn't had much time to learn to sail, what with the golf and all, so his yacht sports an iron mainsail.... [more]
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CO2 rich environment causes ocean dwellers increase shell production
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
In a striking finding that raises new questions about carbon dioxide's (CO2) impact on marine life, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) scientists report that some shell-building creatures—such as crabs, shrimp and lobsters—unexpectedly build more shell when exposed to ocean acidification caused by elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2).... [more]
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NSW Government provides record $5M support for boating facilities
NSW Government Media,
In NSW the facilities for sailing boat enthusiasts and other recreational boaters are going to get better. The record $5.26 million in funding under the Government's Better Boating Program will support 56 projects in regional NSW and nine boat ramp developments in Sydney Harbour.... [more]
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Knowing your batteries - Part 4, Some battery charging guidelines
Larry Janke,
This is Part 4 of a multipart series by Larry Janke from Southeast Marine Services, and essential reading if you want to be able to maintain your batteries yourself while cruising. This week he offers some battery charging guidelines... [more]
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Dr Shrink - now in Australia
Nancy Knudsen,
I have long recommended highly the shrink wrapping of valuable spare parts - the starter motor, the spare pump etc - when going cruising away from home shores. Now you won't have to plead with your butcher any more (read Sail-World story) because Michigan-based Dr Shrink, who has been shrink wrapping whole boats for years, is now represented in Australia... [more]
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You can help make boating safer, fill out this online survey
NSW Maritime Media,
A total of 174 lives have been lost in boating incidents in NSW over the last 10 years. More than half those fatalities resulted from a person falling overboard or a vessel capsizing. In the interest of improved safety, NSW Maritime is seeking comment on proposals to change lifejacket rules.... [more]
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Rescue of French sailor - dramatic images
George Crocker, Eye Witness News/Sail-World.,
Can you imagine yourself ever in this situation? These dramatic images were captured by the crew of a HC-130J Hercules from Elizabeth City in North Carolina, USA. The rescue - and the images - are a result of the cooperative effort that accompanies so many modern rescues..... [more]
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Fossil fuel free catamaran launched this week
Sail-World Cruising,
Dutch company African Cats headed by Gideon Goudsmit and Suzan Groeneveld, based in Amstelveen near Amsterdam, is happy to announce that the first fossil fuel free sailing catamaran with retractable propulsion/generation system has been launched in Durban South Africa.... [more]
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Through the North West Passage with Fiona
Log Fiona/Sail-World Cruising,
Among the 23 vessels that transited the North West Passage this year were two cruise ships, several power boats, some rowers, ice catamarans, and about seven hardy sailing boats. Among the sailors was veteran long range cruising sailor Eric Forsyth, on his yacht Fiona, a Westerly 42, who completed the journey from East to West. Here we bring you story highlights and photos.... [more]
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New radio plea from captured sailor: 'Get us home by Christmas'
Medeshi/Sail-World Cruising,
Paul Chandler, the British cruising sailor kidnapped by Somali pirates, has pleaded with the British Government in a new radio broadcast from their pirate hideout. Mr Chandler and his wife Rachel were captured more than seven weeks ago as they attempted to sail from the Seychelles to Tanzania in a location where two yachts had been kidnapped already this year.... [more]
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Phoenicia - the long way to Africa to avoid pirates
Des Ryan,
It was a longer, slower voyage than originally expected, but they've arrived! Phoenicia, a replica sailing ship from 600BCE has successfully avoided the pirate zone around Somalia, and reached Mayotte in the Comoros Islands of East Africa.... [more]
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The Yacht Club that won't say die - Algoa.
Weekend Post/Sail-World,
It wasn't enough that the yacht club was destroyed by fire three years ago causing millions in damage. Barely recovered from that disaster, yacht club members had to watch their yacht club destroyed again on October 26th by devastating winds and rain. But the members of the Algoa Yacht Club in Port Elizabeth, South Africa are made of sterner stuff... [more]
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Denial of Service ‘Pirates' attacks slowed
TetraMedia's IT Team,
A bit of a seaway out there!! For the last 48 hours Sail-World, Powerboat-World and MarineBusiness-World and another 50 or so sites, hosted on the TetraMedia servers in Sydney have been bombarded with hacker 'pirate'attacks.... [more]
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Geoff Holt sets sail on bid to cross the Atlantic
Harriet Courage,
Geoff Holt has set out to become the first quadriplegic yachtsman to cross the Atlantic. Geoff hopes that his voyage will inspire others and show that anything is possible.... [more]
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