Of Jumbos and Supermaxi's - the desperate race to be in the race

14 Dec 2009

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Sydney Hobart Race Coverage 2009

Last week we wrote about the Publicity Race. The 2009 Race of the Marketers is being won hands down at the moment by Grant Wharington, whose 98 supermaxi Etihad Stadium (formerly Skandia Wild Thing) was dismasted during her Sydney delivery.

You could buy brand exposure like this but it might cost about the same as a replacement 45 metre mast, air-freighted from France.

The saga will continue, but surely two of the PR Top Guns like Ludde Ingvall, Sean Langman are going to step up to the plate soon.

Tonight is the CYCA Board meeting and we will no doubt here in the morning if the Flinders Island Race Inquiry has made any safety recommendations which will impact on the conduct of this years Hobart race.

Sail-World, the largest sailing news network in the world is preparing its
Fleet notes for the 2009 Rolex Sydney to Hobart race.

Sail-World's coverage of the 65th Sydney to Hobart is going out to its largest audience ever with more than 200,000 sailors seeing our 2009 coverage.

It will be again covering the Hobart race in detail, with a large team of yachting journalists and photographers.

Peter Campbell, Richard Gladwell, Crosbie Lorimer, Trevor Walkley and Rob Kothe will be providing news and interviews. Sail-World will of course run news and interviews from the official Rolex team as well.

We will have images from Andrea Francolini, Crosbie Lorimer and Rolex Sydney Hobart official photographers too.

Sail-World's Fleet Notes for the Hobart race are online already. They make good reading and they will continue to expand, with the help of owners, skippers and navigators over the next two weeks.

Read our 2009 Sydney Hobart Boat Notes here

The Sail-World team (led by 14 Hobart veteran Trevor Walkley in Melbourne) has been preparing the initial draft, and now all the skippers who have applied to enter the race will have pass worded access to the detailed Sail-World notes, so they can edit, correct and expand their online entries.

While the Sailing magazines news on the boats and crew were frozen a month or so ago the Sail-World Rolex Sydney to Hobart boat notes are being continually updated by owners and skippers, right up until Boxing Day.

We have had updates from over 30 of the 100 boats in the last 24 hours alone. It's an ever refining process.

These notes are accessed by thousands of family and friends and sailing and general media around the world.

If you are racing south, check if the skipper has spelled your name right and has detailed correctly the number of Hobart's you've done. That is if he's even put you on the list yet.

Note - If the owners/skippers of St. Jude and Lahana would like to contact us, we can work with them to update their Boat Notes too.

During the race build up, the race and the wrap up of the 2009 race Sail-World will publish more than 250 stories on the race, which means our coverage will be by far, the most intensive in the world.

This year we will be sending out 20 Sail-World Rolex Sydney Hobart newsletters to 85,000 (yes 85,000) readers around the world. Our coverage will be intensive on Sail-World UK, Sail-World USA, Sail-World Canada, Sail-World Europe-Africa, Sail-World Asia, across the ditch with Sail-World New Zealand and on Sail-World Australia. Interestingly our big cruising audiences and our Powerboat-world audiences will follow the race with us too.

Here is the latest news – note we are resending some of latest Friday's news as we've had reports that some sailors were unable to access the site as the Denial of Service/Hackers were limiting our ability to serve all the news.

Our next Sail-world Sydney to Hobart newsletter will be sent out in two days. Of course the very latest news is online 24/7 at www.sail-world.com

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team

Sydney Hobart - Can Wharington get Etihad Stadium to the startline?
Jody O'Brien,
There was no day of rest in Victoria today, as Etihad Stadium Supermaxi owner and skipper Grant Wharington and a number of people from his crew hooked up on a conference call with the New Zealand based Southern Spars team, a world leader in the design and construction of carbon fibre masts.... [more]
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Tidetech – The Naviguessor's Weapon
Penny Haire,
Over the last year top navigators have quickly adopted ocean data specialists Tidetech as their weapon of choice for information about currents, tides and sea temperature.... [more]
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Updating Rolex Sydney Hobart Fleet Notes
Rob Kothe & Trevor Walkley,
Sail-World's Fleet Notes for the 64th annual Rolex Sydney to Hobart race are on-line now. If you are racing south, check if the skipper has spelled your name right and has detailed correctly the number of Hobart's you've done. That is if he's not even put you on the list yet. If you see any errors, please ask your skipper to correct the boat notes now.... [more]
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Online entries for Australia's longest annual Cat1 race now open
John Curnow,
At 770 nautical miles, the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club's, Butlers Business and Law Round Lord Howe Island Yacht Race is Australia's longest, annual Cat1 race. For sure the Melbourne to Vanuatu, Melbourne to Osaka (Cat0) races and a certain Bob 'Freight Train' Williams' Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally are longer, but they are not annual events.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - the Real Race
All you have to do is absolutely outsail the other boats, perhaps 12-20 in your division and hope that the weather gods deliver you to Tasman Light with the wind and time to make a fast run across Storm Bay and up the Derwent River, while your larger rivals who arrive earlier or smaller rivals later struggle on a mirror glass river, with an outgoing tide.... [more]
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Perfect playground for Tuesday's SOLAS Big Boat Challenge
Lisa Ratcliff,
Sydney is forecast to be bathed in sunshine and the expected winds are set to create the perfect playground for the maxis contesting Tuesday's SOLAS Big Boat Challenge... [more]
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Pic update - The Latest on the dismasting of Etihad Stadium
Rolex Sydney Hobart Media,
The 98 foot Victorian maxi Etihad Stadium (Wild Thing) is still motoring to Eden and is due to arrive at the coastal port at approximately 5.30pm this afternoon. Here some some pictures taken by the crew of the yacht.... [more]
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Win a full set of Atlantis Aegis Weather Gear (Jacket and Bib)
The Sail-World Team,
To celebrate the opening of its new online chandlery, www.BoatGearDirect.com.au is running its first Sail-World and Powerboat-world online competition.... [more]
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Hobart yachts head north for Sydney Hobart Race
Peter Campbell,
Most of the eight Tasmanian yachts entered for this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race are now on their way, or will leave this weekend on their delivery voyages north, taking advantage of fresh to strong west to south-westerlies to give them a flying start.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - Etihad Stadium dismasted - now the work begins
John Curnow,
It is felt that it was a D2 giving way that has caused Grant Wharington's supermaxi ‘Etihad Stadium' to lose her towering rig yesterday. Thankfully all onboard are OK and that there is a replacement mast on offer. As you could imagine, these are not exactly off-the-shelf items, so this is very fortunate indeed.... [more]
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Denial of Service ‘Pirates' attacks slowed Sail-World.com
TetraMedia's IT Team,
A bit of a seaway out there!! For the last 48 hours Sail-World, Powerboat-World and MarineBusiness-World and another 50 or so sites, hosted on the TetraMedia servers in Sydney have been bombarded with hacker 'pirate'attacks.... [more]
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Harbour Express Aboard Wild Oats XI
Crosbie Lorimer,
'Mind your head when that block swings across......don't get your hands anywhere near that backstay gear if you can help it......sorry mate, but try to avoid stepping on that foot control or you might wind the rig out of the boat'... [more]
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CYCA's Flinders Islet Inquiry may affect 2009 Sydney Hobart safety reg
Rob Kothe,
After the tragic deaths of sailors Andrew Short, the owner/skipper of Andrew Short Marine and crew Sally Gordon, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) Board of Directors resolved to hold an inquiry into the incident that occurred during the Flinders Islet Yacht Race on 10 October 2009 and the interim recommendations may affect the 2009 Sydney Hobart safety regulations.... [more]
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