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Sail-World New Zealand: 14 December 2009

Sea farms are a navigational hazard - an issue that will only increase under Government proposals for a four fold increase in coastline grabbed for seafarming.  Christine Hansen
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's New Zealand newsletter for 14 December 2009

If you want to give yourself, and future generations of New Zealand sailors, an early Christmas present, then make a submission on the proposals to fast-track sea farming proposals, as soon as the current moratorium is lifted.

In this edition we have a major story on the proposals and how you can have your say.

While most New Zealanders enjoy their seafood, the National Government's proposals to encourage a fourfold increase in the value of this industry by 2025, can only mean one thing - that there will also be a fourfold grab by seafarming for our present coastal cruising grounds.

Any such use is not controlled on a 'big picture' basis - rather a case by case basis where any local authority or rights holder in an area can push through an application to create a seafarm, destroying the area for other users including cruising sailors.

Sea farms are an eyesore on what used to be unspoiled coastline - impacting on tourism potential - an issue that will only increase under Government proposals for a four fold increase.  Christine Hansen

Such farms are now trading at $160,000 per hectare - and there is no limit on the area that can be put into such farms.

The cost of the coastal grab is carried entirely by cruising sailors and recreational users, as the areas sought for seafarming are the one and the same as New Zealand's best coastal cruising grounds.

While it is claimed that only 0.02% of New Zealand's coastline is being used for seafarming, anyone who has cruised the Bay of Islands, Hauraki Gulf, Marlborough Sounds and Nelson Bays will know that this same 0.02% of the coastline is used by a large number of New Zealand sailors for cruising and recreation.

Day 3. Extreme 40 "The Wave,Muscat" (OMA) skipper Paul Campbell-James (GBR) under the rain - Extreme Sailing Series Asia - Singapore  ThMartinez / Sea & Co ©

The voice of this recreational group is largely ignored, because the seafarms are granted their rights by local authorities who benefit from the revenue, and the 'rights' of recreational users are ignored. Yachting New Zealand asked to be part of the consultative group, but this was declined and instead the recommending body was populated by people with a long standing interest in 'aquaculture', as they call it.

You can make a difference by lodging a submission against these proposals, and tell them to get their hands off our coastlines - it will probably be the last chance you will ever get.

BMW Oracle Racing crew pack up the base in San Diego and the huge trimaran BOR90 is lifted by the giant RESTATE crane and slowly moved from the base to the Oceanlady freighter at the 10th street terminal to be place on the ship for the trip to Valencia, Spain.   Bob Greiser/BMWOracle Racing

If you are looking for the place to be over New Year, check out our story on Marsden Cove, they are putting on a free New Year's Eve concert in the marina with a great fireworks display. There will be Live bands including renowned Soul / Blues guitarist Billy TK Junior will be performing on a floating stage. It will be a great place to safely moor and enjoy the music.

Yamaha leads JF Hillebrand in the New Zealand 18fter Championships, won by Jackson Electrical.  Greg Fenwick

Several of the stories appearing in this edition have been submitted via our online submission facility. You can submit your event/regatta/class/boat news by Clicking Here - all copy will be published, please include a photo or three with a side over 1280px wide. There's a new big icon on the home page of www.sail-world.com to make it even easier for you. You will now be automatically informed when your submission has been posted and which regions it has been posted to - a great way to get exposure for your club, class, event, program or campaign.

Many thanks for your help and input, we're here to help sailing, and help those who wish to help themselves.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor


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Marine farms to grab four times current area under fast tracked rules
Richard Gladwell,
The National Government seems to be hell-bent on the rapid expansion of aquaculture in the coastal marine area with little consultation. The target set by the National Government is for the value of the aquaculture industry to quadruple to be a billion dollars a year. Essentially that means that the current area of cruising grounds taken for aquaculture will quadruple.... [more]
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2009 Ronstan NZ Weta Championship attracts big fleet in Rotorua
Chris Kitchen,
The 2009 Ronstan Weta New Zealand Championships were held at the Rotorua Yacht club over the weekend. On Friday afternoon we started with a coaching session provided by Mike Bullot (runner up in the 2009 Laser Worlds) and Chris Kitchen (2008 Weta New Zealand champion). Despite the cold gloomy weather there was a good turnout of sailors keen to build on their skills.... [more]
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New Year's Eve concert at Marsden Cove marina plus fireworks display
Marsden Cove is putting on a free New Year's Eve concert in the marina with a great fireworks display. Live bands including renowned Soul / Blues guitarist Billy TK Junior will be performing on a floating stage. It will be a great place to safely moor and enjoy the music.... [more]
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18ft Skiffs NSW Champions continue form
Frank Quealey,
Syd Barnett Jr. Memorial Trophy - The strong wind took a toll on the fleet with leading contenders Gotta Love It 7 (Seve Jarvin) and Rag & Famish Hotel (John Harris) both forced out with gear damage. With the 3-buoys handicap system in operation for the race, the fleet was closely bunched for the first spinnaker run from Clarke Island to Obelisk Bay.... [more]
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Extreme Sailing Series Asia - Consistency pays on a tough day
Extreme Sailing Series Asia,
Extreme Sailing Series Asia. The fleet in Singapore had everything thrown at them today as they contended with an intense 15 minute rainstorm, wind that peaked at 12 knots and then they were left crawling around the racecourse as the wind dropped to just 1.2 knots.... [more]
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BMW Oracle Racing packs up and leaves San Diego
From bmworacleracingblog.blogspot.com: Friday was a bittersweet day in the BMW ORACLE Racing team campaign. Our time in San Diego is coming to a close, and during the afternoon, one hour ahead of schedule, the BOR 90 was moved from the team base to on board the cargo ship the Ocean Lady, which will transport it to Valencia.... [more]
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Big rigs mistake helps Jackson Electrical take NZ 18ft skiff title
18ft Skiff Association,
Jackson Electrical sailed by Chris Skinner, Luke Gower and Dave Healy are the 2009 NZ 18ft skiff Champions following a consistent series in difficult conditions, in which they won half the races and didn't finish outside the top three in any races.... [more]
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NZ Marine hosts Kiwi Kawau Challenge for superyachts
Kate Gordon,
The New Zealand Marine Export Group Inc. (NZ Marine) is inviting superyachts – both sail and motor – to participate in a one-off race and social event as part of the build-up to the Louis Vuitton World Series in Auckland in March 2010.... [more]
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Hamilton Island Yacht Club opens its doors to members and public
Rob Mundle,
Hamilton Island Yacht Club has now officially opened its doors to visitors and members. Housed under a billowing sail-shaped copper roof, the venue promises to be a centre for lifestyle as well as yachting, with first-class dining and leisure facilities.... [more]
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Pic update - The Latest on the dismasting of Etihad Stadium
Rolex Sydney Hobart Media,
The 98 foot Victorian maxi Etihad Stadium (Wild Thing) is still motoring to Eden and is due to arrive at the coastal port at approximately 5.30pm this afternoon. Here some some pictures taken by the crew of the yacht.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart - Etihad Stadium dismasted - now the work begins
John Curnow,
It is felt that it was a D2 giving way that has caused Grant Wharington's supermaxi ‘Etihad Stadium' to lose her towering rig yesterday. Thankfully all onboard are OK and that there is a replacement mast on offer. As you could imagine, these are not exactly off-the-shelf items, so this is very fortunate indeed.... [more]
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Cayard on his two days at the World Yacht Racing Forum
Paul Cayard,
In the midst of the Forum, a light bulb went off in my head; we may have missed a great opportunity in the past two years. Monte Carlo - Just leaving Monaco this morning following two days here for the World Yacht Racing Forum.... [more]
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America's Cup skippers reflect and look to future at Monaco Forum
Alinghi, BMW Oracle and World Yacht Racing Forum,
Two long time friends Alinghi skipper and CEO Brad Butterworth (NZL) and BMW Oracle Racing CEO, Russell Coutts both addressed the America's Cup session at the World Yacht Racing Forum in Monaco. Both gave presentations on their respective Defence and Challenge and the participated in a forum on the future, shape and options for the 34th America's Cup. More than 500 delegates walked into the... [more]
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Round 2 of the Extreme Sailing Series Asia gets 'In Gear' in Singapore
Extreme Sailing Series Asia,
The Formula 1 pit Lane in Singapore is in action again, but this time not to the drone of engines... A new type of sport is in town for five days - the Extreme Sailing Series Asia. Singapore Events Marina Reservoir will play host to the second round of the inaugural Extreme Sailing Series Asia starting this Friday 11th December. Six state of the art 40-foot catamarans, each crewed by a team of fou... [more]
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Valencia, Alinghi and BMW Oracle reach agreement on America's Cup
ValenciaSailing.com is reporting that Alinghi, BMW Oracle and representatives from the local, regional and central government of Spain met today at the headquarters of the Valencia 2007 organization in order to start working on the organizational details of the event.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Trophy will run with Auckland International Boat Show
Richard Gladwell,
Louis Vuitton's Bruno Trouble has confirmed that the next Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta will take place in Auckland beginning on 10 March 2010. At this stage, due to what are believed to be budget considerations, only two boats will be used between the eight teams competing. It is believed that the Emirates Team NZ boats will be used, the BMW Oracle Racing boats on standby.... [more]
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All classes still up for grabs in the 2009 Sail Down Under Series
Yachting Australia Media,
The race for class victories in the 2009 Sail Down Under Series is heating up with just one regatta left to run and all the fleets still in the balance. The deciding regatta is Sail Mellbourne - December 14 to 19 - first round of the 2009-2010 ISAF Sailing World Cup... [more]
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International Kiteboarding Class Association A G M Roundup
International Kiteboarding Class Association,
This years AGM held in Paris has seen great reception by the nearly 40 delegates from national class associations, industry, tour operators and other parties interested in the development of international kiteboarding.... [more]
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World Yacht Racing Forum: the Business of Yacht Racing, Final Day
MaxComm Communication,
Among the highlights of the day were the America's Cup session - with the exceptional presence of both Russell Coutts, Paul Cayard and Brad Butterworth - as well as the contributions by double Vendée Globe winner Michel Desjoyeaux and Brown GP F1 team CEO Nick Fry... [more]
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