100 boat fleet for Hobart race

11 Dec 2009

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The Race of the Marketers

It cost a lot of money to campaign a 40 footer, but multiply that by megabucks for the front of the Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet.

One of the fascinating battles is the Race of the Marketers; over the last decade Sean Langman has been the most regular Line Honours winner.

I will never forget a sat. call I received during the 2001 Sydney to Hobart, crackle crackle, 'Hi Rob, Its Sean, We've got a Pan Pan, we've broken the boat. Delammed the bow falling off a wave, water is coming in everywhere.'

I said 'Gosh that is awful Sean, but why are you calling us? Can't you get out on radio?'

Sean responded ‘Its OK, we've told everyone. The boys will stop the water; they are cutting up the pipe cot tubing so they can wedge mattresses in place.

'So as we are out of the race, this will be our last story. I've called Amanda (News Limited) and now I am calling you.'

The work of a natural!!

Then there was his Kite Sail.

Remember Sean's 2004 Kite Sail. It was never going south, but it made great headlines.  
This year Sean is on the top of his form again. He has returned to big boat racing this year, chartering the 100 foot LOYAL, formerly Maximus.

Joining the sailors aboard LOYAL will be Australian boxer Danny Green, Olympic swimming Gold Medallist Grant Hackett, captain of the HSBC Waratahs Phil Waugh, former Wallabies rugby skipper Phil Kearns and TV Channel 7's Larry Emdur.

Hard to top that for media muscle. Sean has one hand on the Publicity Trophy already.

We will watch with interest, and you will see if hitting three sunfish is better than one whale. Who has the oldest, youngest, most girls?

Of course there are points for originality and effectiveness. In the effectiveness stakes there is a clear leader too.

Victoria's Grant Wharington has followed the time honoured naming right sponsors draw much beloved by suburban Club soccer teams, of collecting a lot of sponsors at a relatively low (well for a 100 footer anyway) and having a public draw on radio station 3AW in his home town Melbourne for naming rights. The winner was Ethiad Stadium, a major football facility, hence Wild Thing will head south with that name.

What PR Angle do we expect next, what high profile personality will be added to a Hobart bound crew?

Maybe someone will come up with one of Tiger Wood's mistresses, seems there are plenty and he WAS in Australia for a week recently.

Here is the latest Hobart news...... note if you are keen to experience life on a big boat first hand, you can join the eBay bidding for a ride... note this closes in a few hours, so HURRY.

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team

CYCA's Flinders Islet Inquiry may affect 2009 Sydney Hobart safety reg
Rob Kothe,
After the tragic deaths of sailors Andrew Short, the owner/skipper of Andrew Short Marine and crew Sally Gordon, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) Board of Directors resolved to hold an inquiry into the incident that occurred during the Flinders Islet Yacht Race on 10 October 2009 and the interim recommendations may affect the 2009 Sydney Hobart safety regulations.... [more]
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Rolex-Sydney-Hobart: Watching whales and Watching yachts
When the whale season finishes in early December, Bass & Flinders turn their attention to boat watching. 'If the forecast are right this year, it will be a spectacular sight as the fleets sets spinnakers as they come out of the heads. Last year we ran to Kurnell with the leaders came back through the fleet to the middle group,stayed with them and then came up to the tail enders'... [more]
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8 hours to go in the CYCA SOLAS Big Boat Challenge eBay Auction
Less than 8 hours to go in the CYCA SOLAS Big Boat Challenge eBay auction. Bids are coming through steadily and competition is fierce for the opportunity to secure guest sailing places on Wild Oats XI, Investec LOYAL, Lahana, Wild Thing, and Ichi Ban for the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge on Tuesday 15 December 2009. Bidding closes at 2pm, Friday 11 December 2009.... [more]
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Super sized assembling for 2009 SOLAS Big Boat Challenge
Lisa Ratcliff,
The super sized and super quick are quietly assembling in Sydney Harbour for one of the greatest days on the Australian sailing calendar, the 2009 SOLAS Big Boat Challenge maxi boat race. The 16th edition of the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge will start off Steele Point at 12.30pm on Tuesday 15th December... [more]
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Tidetech – The Naviguessor's Weapon
Penny Haire,
Over the last year top navigators have quickly adopted ocean data specialists Tidetech as their weapon of choice for information about currents, tides and sea temperature.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet in pre-Christmas scramble
Lisa Ratcliff/Rolex Sydney Hobart Media Team,
The Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet of 100 has joined the pre-Christmas rush with unforeseen hitches pushing a number of crews to the limit as they scramble to prepare for the Boxing Day start of Australia's great ocean classic.... [more]
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Wild Oats XI declared ‘race ready' for 2009 Rolex Sydney - Hobart race
Rob Mundle,
Bob Oatley's 30.48 metre long supermaxi, Wild Oats XI, which will this year face its strongest ever challenge for supremacy in the Rolex Sydney Hobart race, has been declared ‘absolutely race ready' by skipper Mark Richards following an intense 24-hour sailing trial off Sydney.... [more]
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Wild Oats XI begins 24-hour qualifier for the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobar
Rob Mundle,
Rolex Sydney Hobart Race record holder, the 30.5 metre supermaxi, Wild Oats XI, was pushing into 15-20 knot headwinds south of Sydney late today on the first stage of her 24-hour qualifier for the classic, which starts on Boxing Day. It will be the final overnight trial for the recently modified yacht, which is going for an unprecedented fifth consecutive line honours in the Hobart race... [more]
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Sanyo Maris withdraws from Rolex Sydney Hobart
Rolex Sydney Hobart Media/Sail-World,
Sanyo Maris along with J Steel Yeah Baby have withdrawn their applications to enter the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart.... [more]
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Friendly rivalry but Whitsunday pride on the line in Sydney Hobart
Ian Grant,
Friendly rivalry will surely emerge when the tropical sailors racing under the Whitsunday Sailing Club and the Abel Point Yacht Club burgees duel for the 2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race Performance handicap trophy... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Keels of unobtainium and sails of silver
Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team,
The Sydney to Hobart yacht race is about a lot more than a 629 nautical mile race from Sydney Australia to Hobart that starts at 1300 on December 26th each year. No yachting event start in the world attracts such huge media coverage – except, of course, the America's Cup and that happens too infrequently.... [more]
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Sydney Hobart: Winners and Losers in Charge of the Light Brigade
Crosbie Lorimer,
Never mind the mere two feet you are now allowed to add to your 98 foot maxi for the first time in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race –what's 2% between rivals? – all the talk at this morning's media launch for the annual bash south was about who could be the biggest loser in the weight-loss stakes. And the kilos are not just being shed in tonnes from the hardware either;... [more]
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Special exclusion zones Sydney Harbour: Boxing Day and New Year's Eve
NSW Maritime Media,
To make sure these outings are unforgettable for all the right reasons and to ensure safe and enjoyable boating for all, NSW Maritime has again authorised special exclusion zones on the harbour and will be in enforcing the associated special restrictions, as well as the standard boating safety requirements and rules of the road... [more]
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Multi million dollar marketing opportunity for $10k investment
Jody O'Brien,
Wild Thing Yachting, the owners of the world famous Super Maxi Wild Thing, (known as Skandia from 2000 to 2008 and 2003 line honours winner of the Rolex Sydney to Hobart) are offering the multi-million dollar naming rights package for the boat for just $10,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a simple deal and it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.... [more]
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