Jessica after 50 days...quadriplegic to sail the Atlantic...Knowing your batteries Part 3...Britain blocks pirate deal to free hostage sailors...amazing 500nm tow gets sailor his boat back...and much more...

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What a riveting, haphazard collection of events...

Bernt back on his yacht Horizons after towing it 500 nautical miles back to the south island of New Zealand  .
It constantly amazes me that every week there comes such a rich and haphazard collection of riveting sailing stories from the coastlines and high seas of the blue planet.

The most inspiring news of the week is that of Swiss German sailor Bernt Luchtenborg, already known as an excellent long range sailor, who located his lost and crippled sailing boat and towed it an amazing 500 nautical miles to shore. With so many sailors these days simply getting rescued and leaving their boats to wash up on a distant shore later, reading his report is heady stuff, even though his dreams are dashed.

Read the latest on the teen would-be circumnavigators - Aussie girl Jessica Watson, Californian Abby Sunderland and their younger colleague in spirit, Dutch Laura Dekker. The one with the genuine cruising heart seems to me to be the Dutch girl, who is not trying to break any records – having been born sailing, she's just dying to go back to sea, and there are many of us who can relate to that....

As long as you take note of the danger zones, sailing the world is probably safer than crossing a lot of streets, but there's always a sailor who will do crazy things. This week we tell of the embarrassment of the British five who strayed into Iranian waters as they return home, of a French solo sailor has just been turned back from sailing the coastline of Somalia, and of the almost-deal squashed by the British Government that would have freed hostage sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler.

Down in the Caribbean, Cartagena in Colombia is a magnificent stopping point for cruising sailors and getting more and more popular, but read about the dangers if you choose the wrong entry channel – and over in Trinidad an Australian skipper has just been jailed for not declaring onboard weapons.

This week Larry Janke explains why fewer and larger batteries are better on your boat, and we suggest another good Christmas present to stop getting fishblood on the cabin sole – a great one for your shipboard chef or fisherman.

Browse through the stories to see what interests YOU, and...

...have a great week.

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Abandoned yacht retrieved after amazing 500nm tow
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The lone Swiss/German sailor attempting a non-stop double circumnavigation has retrieved his yacht by towing it an amazing 500nm with the help of a fisherman. The cray fishing boat called X.S., with four crew including the rescued sailor onboard located the lost yacht and successfully towed it back to land in a salvage operation that took 50 hours to complete... [more]
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Geoff Holt sets sail on bid to cross the Atlantic
Harriet Courage,
Geoff Holt has set out to become the first quadriplegic yachtsman to cross the Atlantic. Geoff hopes that his voyage will inspire others and show that anything is possible.... [more]
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50 solo days at sea and heading for the Antarctic - Jessica Watson
Nancy Knudsen,
16-year-old Jessica Watson this week passed her 50th day at sea since her departure from Sydney in her attempt to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world non-stop and unassisted.... [more]
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First comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica's climate
SCAR /editors British Antarctic Survey,
The first comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica's climate and its relationship to the global climate system was published Tuesday 1 December by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).... [more]
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Perfect present for the Nautical Chef
Lisa Mylchreest,
Who is the chef on your sailing boat when it is heeled 30 degrees and someone needs to cut the tomatoes? The best cutting board in the world is the one that won't let the tomato juice drip all over the cabin sole and cause the Skipper to slip and break his neck before the day is over - and here it is, just in time for Christmas.... [more]
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EU issues pirate warning to lone French yachtsman
Msn/Sail-World Cruising,
In spite of dozens of warnings to cruising sailors to stay away from the pirate region anywhere near Somalia, still they come. A lone French sailor has just been warned out of the pirate region by the Dutch warship HNLMS Evertsen when he was discovered sailing alone in the in the Gulf of Aden, heading for Madagascar.... [more]
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Daring 'pirate' attack mars beautiful Cartagena
Cruisers Network Online/Sail-World,
This week a sailing boat was robbed by daring 'pirates' while entering the main shipping channel into the port of Cartagena in Colombia.... [more]
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Knowing your batteries - Part 3, Why fewer/bigger is better
Larry Janke,
This is Part 3 of a multipart series by Larry Janke from Southeast Marine Services. This week he examines the advantages of having fewer, and bigger batteries, rather then more, and smaller ones.... [more]
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Pirate deal 'blocked' and captured sailor 'getting frail'
Sail-World Cruising roundup,
A British negotiator has decided to go public because of his frustration with the British Government, whom he accuses of 'playing stupid games' and blocking a potential £100,00 deal that he had negotiated with Somali pirates to free the Chandlers, cruising sailors held captive by pirates since 23rd October this year.... [more]
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Conservation Sailor arrested on weapon declaration charge
Nancy Knudsen,
When you venture away from your home shores would you - or do you - carry a weapon for self defence? Then would you declare it or hide it away? One Australian skipper has just found to his chagrin that declaring your weapons, even though inconvenient, pays off. Michael Norman, Captain of Save Our Seas environmental boat, is on US$140,000 bail in Trinidad after failing to declare some weapons.... [more]
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'Why did you do that you silly b?': Sailors' release from Iran
The Times/Nancy Knudsen,
That was the question that Oliver Smith's father asked when four of the five Brits who were arrested by Iran for straying into their waters returned to Britain, and behooves all sailors who venture to foreign waters to ensure that their charts contain sufficient information to keep them in friendly waters.... [more]
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Sailor fights for life after jellyfish sting
Nancy Knudsen,
A fully protective 'stinger suit' was not enough to save a 29-year-old sailor from being stung by the deadly Irukandji jelly fish when he dived head first off a yacht in the waters inside Australia's Great Barrier Reef this week.... [more]
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Auckland International Boat Show and Louis Vuitton Trophy to combine?
Richard Gladwell,
Auckland's Viaduct Harbour and America's Cup bases are slated for removal/relocation and replacement with events facilities designed to turn the Viaduct area into an outstanding marine events centre. The first stage of the redevelopment will get underway early next year and the first event in the new layout is scheduled to be the combined Auckland International Boat Show and Louis Vuitton Trophy... [more]
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