Pelican and Auliana abandonments in ARC...Burmese 'pirates' brought to justice...Ethanol delay until mid-2010...joys of buying (and selling) a boar... criminal charges after MOB...and much more

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Seamanship - that elusive quality

I have been left gasping by some of the events in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) this year.

Several years ago a 48ft Contest, the Y not, with four crew on board sailed more than half way across the Atlantic in the ARC simply by adjusting their sails after they lost the rudder and their attempts to jury-rig steering systems were unsuccessful.(See Sail-World story )

This year the Auliana II (story below, with Pelican story) was abandoned by its crew because the rudder was gone and, quote, 'the light was fading.' Then they tried to have the boat towed but failed because 'the tow line repeatedly pulled the deck cleats off' – deck cleats? Give me a break – what happened to bridles on winches or the mast for towing? The yacht was abandoned.

In another ARC a few years ago, yacht Mary Constance (See Sail-World story ) lost her shrouds first starboard, then port, before she was half way across the Atlantic. Her skipper climbed the mast four times in three days to jury rig new stays. Then the engine failed, but they fixed it. They made it across by sailing on one tack and motoring on the other, and two other yachts helped with gear and fuel. The crew consisted of a husband, wife and two small daughters – they were made of gritty stuff.

This year the yacht Pelican (story below), with five strong crewmen on board found themselves in a similar situation but couldn't jury rig replacement rigging, then got a line around their prop. The skipper said it was an 'unacceptable risk' for his crew to remain on board, so they also abandoned the yacht, left as a hazard for the other yachts following.

It's comparatively easy to learn how to use sails to propel a boat forward – that's not seamanship. Seamanship is a difficult word to define, and I have known better people than me use thousands of words trying to explain it – the difference between those with it, and those without it, however, can easily be demonstrated by stories such as those above and below.

Another news magazine this week crammed with all the news and drama from the world's oceans, along with some practical stories that just might benefit you. Browse down the headlines to find those that attract you, and....

...Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Criminal charges after MOB incident?
Sail-World Cruising roundup,
Sailing folklore is full of stories of lone crew lost overboard never to be seen again. Even in calm seas, it might be a sudden freak wave, missing a step, leaning over to catch a caught fishing line, any of many reasons why long range sailors should stay hooked on while away from shore. So why is THIS yachtsman facing potential criminal charges because his mate went overboard while he slept?.... [more]
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ARC Atlantic Race yacht Pelican crew evacuated after rig failure
World Cruising Club Media,
The five crew members of British yacht Pelican were evacuated from onboard their 53 foot Roberts design last last night (Tuesday 01 December) following a rig failure, approximately 325 nautical miles west of the Cape Verde Islands. The Singapore flagged merchant vessel Crimson Mars diverted to assist the yacht at the request of MRCC Falmouth.... [more]
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CNN reports that captured British sailors have been released by Iran
Richard Gladwell,
CNN is reporting that Iranian news sources are reporting that the five British sailors captured a week ago have been released, by Iranian authorities. The release is believed to have taken place five or six hours ago, although the news is only just being announced.... [more]
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This week's product: Sailor's best friend - a BIG fender!
Sail-World Cruising,
You never know when you might need a BIG fender. It might be a fisherman trying to sell you fish, it could be a fuel dock in a storm, or maybe two friend boats want to raft on each side of you. The reasons are myriad, but the result is the same - sometimes you just need MORE BIG FENDERS. But stowage is always the challenge.... [more]
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USA says 'Not Yet' to 15% Ethanol Fuel
Sail-World Cruising,
After receiving what they acknowledge as 'widespread concerns' about the idea of allowing up to 15% ethanol into fuel, the USA's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it will delay a final decision of Growth Energy's waiver petition to allow the higher percentage until more testing is available, with another announcement mid-2010... [more]
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Free PC for Christmas with Seatrack software
Lisa Mylchreest,
Here is the best offer Sail-World has been able to find this week for Christmas - you can forget the hassle of installing software, drivers, charts and security systems when you want new navigations software. Seatrack Cruiser packages come ‘Ready-to-Go' Packages with all equipment pre-installed, and, before Christmas, the packages include a FREE NETBOOK PC.... [more]
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'Kingdom of Bahrain' held by Iran - Britons on board
Katherine Haddon, AFP,
The racing yacht crewed by five Britons 'was stopped by Iranian naval vessels, on its way from Bahrain to Dubai and may have strayed inadvertently into Iranian waters,' the British Foreign Office (FO) said. The crew aboard 'The Kingdom of Bahrain' were Oliver Smith, Oliver Young, Sam Usher, Luke Porter and David Bloomer. The boat was arrested while sailing to Dubai for the Dubai-Muscat Race.... [more]
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Blue Water Rally yacht sinks - cruisers to the rescue
Des Ryan,
A British flagged yacht just about to participate in the renowned Blue Water Round World Cruising Rally has sunk, with its crew being rescued in remote waters by fellow cruising sailors.... [more]
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Burmese 'pirate' murderers of cruising sailor jailed for 25 years
BW Studios,
While it is worth remembering that no cruising sailor has lost their lives at the hands of Somali pirates (one Frenchman has been killed by friendly fire from French commandos), three hungry young Burmese 'fishermen' have now found justice for murdering a roving British sailor in Thailand in March this year.... [more]
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Indian Navy solo sailor reaches New Zealand
Sail-World Cruising,
Dilip Dhonde, Commander in the Indian Navy, arrived New Zealand in his Indian Navy sponsored yacht Mhadei last week after sailing more than 9000nm from India via Fremantle in Western Australia.... [more]
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10th NARC Rally another success
Hank Schmitt/ Sail-World Cruising,
The 10th running of the NARC (North American Rally to the Caribbean) was a great success with 31 boats participating under the new Free Rally Format. With no entry fee and a small per head fee to pay for the socials, the fleet enjoyed discount dockage, four parties, free weather routing, waived head tax in Bermuda and a radio net.... [more]
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South Orkneys Marine Protected Area
British Antarctic Survey,
UK proposal for the designation of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) covering a large area of the Southern Ocean in the British Antarctic Territory, south of the South Orkney Islands was successful at the recent annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources... [more]
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The joys of buying (and selling) a boat
Mark Cherrington,
After almost a six month search, leisure sailor Mark Cherrington & his partner finally found the latest boat of their dreams - with lessons learnt along the way, not only in hunting out and buying a boat – but also how NOT to sell a boat. Neither have had 20 or 30 year's experience in buying and selling boats; just a couple of people who wanted a nice boat, and many of us can relate to that!... [more]
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A visit to Monaco for Monaco Classic Week
Lisa Mylchreest,
The next best thing to sailing into the sunset and not returning must be watching a great classic yacht strutting her stuff - and the best place to do that is at Monaco Classic Week. Not all of us can sailing into the sunset or visit Monaco, but Manhattan Sailing Club Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh's pictorial account of his visit to Monaco for the Classic Week is the next, next best thing.... [more]
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Kidnapped sailors' yacht arrives Britain - alone
Sail-World Cruising,
It was a poignant sight for any leisure sailor. The orphaned yacht the Lynn Rival, from which cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped last month, was slowly lowered from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship the Wave Knight in Portland, Dorset in the UK... [more]
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New life raft 30% lighter - easier for short-handed cruising sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
Racing sailors may want their life rafts to be light to go faster, but the two-handed cruising yacht has a much better reason for wanting their life raft to be light - to make it easier for the short handed crew to get it off the deck into the water in a minimum of time.... [more]
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Greenheart appeal - make the Greenship dream a reality
Des Ryan,
Around the world sailors and coastal dwellers who observe the sea and air in decline and read the supporting science are embarking on desperate moves to avoid simply 'standing by and doing nothing'. From organisations such as 'Sailors for the Sea' and 'Ocean Watch' have come some amazing efforts, and here is another one - 'Greenheart', who wants to make their Green cargo ship into a reality... [more]
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Anatomy of a Rescue - and why EPIRB's are vital for sailing boats
John Bell/Sail-World Cruising,
This description of an unavoidable incident at sea and its aftermath is a copybook account of how modern rescues should work - but the story could have been very different if there had not been an EPIRB on board. They were a team of two sail instructors and three students, but the students didn' t know the lessons they were about to learn - the hard way.... [more]
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Island Cruising Association Rally to the Pacific 2010
David McKay,
The Island Cruising Association, based in Auckland NZ, has released their timetable for the 2010 rally around the beautiful islands of the SW Pacific. Yachts can join the rally at various ports including Opua, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia. The rally leave Opua on 1st May 2010. Spending an average of six weeks in each country, the rally returns in November to NZ.... [more]
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