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Diary Dates


The small world of the cruising sailor...

American Skipper Maurice Conti(front centre) with the crew of the Timella, whom he single-handedly saved with great risk to himself, from almost certain death on a reef after their yacht sank and when no other rescue was at hand - in October 2008  .
The code of good seamanship on the world's oceans knows no national boundaries, and neither does the 'Seventh Continent' of cruising sailors sailing in foreign seas or in their own home waters.

So it's a pleasure to see this in practice as American cruising sailors Maurice and Sophie Conti win a prestigious bravery award from the International Maritime Organisation, nominated by New Zealand for their rescue of some less than proficient sailors in Fiji in 2008. It's an inspiring tale and worth reading from the safety of your lounge chair or cockpit – although it may make your hair stand on end.

The News abounds this week again with the sad, the heroic, the mysterious, the quirky, the practical and the amazing as we gather the best news and information from around Australia and from all the oceans of the world.

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Sweet sailing...

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

IMO Bravery Award for American Cruising Sailors
IMO/Sail-World Cruising,
Among the many commercial crew and rescue personnel who won bravery awards from the International Maritime Organisation this year were American cruising sailors Maurice Conti and Sophie Conti, who were nominated by New Zealand. The rescue involved considerable bravery, skill and good seamanship and was reported by Sail-World. Read on for the full transcript of the rescue... [more]
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211 Entrants and growing - offshore yachting event organisers dream
Ocean Events Media,
It's not often that a yachting event organiser is dealing with a potential fleet in the several hundreds rather than tens of entrants – and many months before entries close. Such is the case with the ‘2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and the ‘2011 Around Australia Ocean Rally'. Two major circumnavigations of Australia events overlapping.... [more]
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2009 Australian Classic BBQ Lord Howe Island - one yachtie's tale
Glen Picasso,
“Do absolutely nothing for two weeks and no heavy work for three months. That means no pulling on winches, climbing masts or any sailing stuff like that!” : Surgeon's instructions on discharge from hospital after having an infected appendix removed. The 7th Australian Classic Boat BBQ on Ned's beach at Lord Howe Island was fast approaching and this appendix thing could become a major inconvenience... [more]
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Kidnapped Chandlers plea for help: 'They will kill us in a week or so'
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
While Somali pirates, with calm seas prevailing in the North West Indian Ocean are on the bloodiest rampage of all, with one captain dead from his wounds, record ransoms and shoot-outs almost daily, cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, hostages since the 22nd October, have made a direct plea for help.... [more]
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Knowing your Batteries - Part 2
Larry Janke,
All sailing boats of any size use batteries, but do you know enough to choose the right one for your boat? ... to diagnose problems when they occur? ... to know that the 'expert' in that unknown port is telling you the right information? Here Larry Janke presents the second of a multi-part series on batteries that no longer-range sailor can afford not to read... [more]
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Special exclusion zones Sydney Harbour: Boxing Day and New Year's Eve
NSW Maritime Media,
To make sure these outings are unforgettable for all the right reasons and to ensure safe and enjoyable boating for all, NSW Maritime has again authorised special exclusion zones on the harbour and will be in enforcing the associated special restrictions, as well as the standard boating safety requirements and rules of the road... [more]
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Politicians urged to save the Great Barrier Reef
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) contributes $5.4 billion annually to the Australian economy - $5.1 billion from the tourism industry; $153 million from recreational activity; and $139 million from commercial fishing. To have even a chance of saving the world's coral reefs from extensive damage caused by global warming, carbon emissions in industrialised countries need to be cut by 25% below their yea... [more]
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Australia announces $439,928 funding for Historic Shipwreck protection
Australian Goverment Media,
Federal Heritage Minister Peter Garrett today announced funding of $439,928 for projects that will protect the nation's underwater cultural heritage. A total of 25 projects across Australia will receive funding under the Historic Shipwrecks Program.... [more]
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South Pacific sailors moving south - beware of icebergs moving north
Des Ryan,
The news that icebergs have been seen out in the ocean from the New Zealand mainland for the first time ever is a cause for excitement for scientists and excited tourists, but it has more meaning for the cruising sailor.... [more]
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Australia's plea to Britain: Spare historic sailing ship
Tim Dornin,,
Dated 20th November, 2009, an impressive cross-section of prominent Australians have written an open letter to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the people of United Kingdom to prevent the demolition of one of the world's oldest clipper ships, the City of Adelaide.... [more]
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Why you should never go to sea without this bucket
Nancy Knudsen,
Apologies to the *Duchess of Windsor, but on any sailing boat you can never have too much locker room or too many buckets. For washing clothes, cooling off, scrubbing the deck, catching rain, waking an oversleeping crew member or sinking by the bow, life at sea without a bucket would be very less than perfect.So that extra COLLAPSIBLE bucket, that you can secret into a small space, is here to stay... [more]
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Modern Sea Mysteries: Solving the mystery of Jure Sterk
Nancy Knudsen,
'I went out on deck and there she was, just drifting along. Her mainsail was set but it was in tatters.' What happened to Jure Sterk? Was he the victim of foul play? or did he fall overboard? why was the dinghy missing? What is the real story of this Slovenian sailor who was on his last leg to become the 'oldest circumnavigator in the smallest engine-less boat'?... [more]
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Swiss solo sailor successfully rescued after whale strike
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A solo Swiss yachtsman would-be double circumnavigator was successfully rescued from his crippled boat Tuesday, 430nm west of New Zealand's Stewart Island, the New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre said. The rudder on the man's yacht Horizons was badly damaged after the strike on Sunday, making it difficult for him to steer.... [more]
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Product of the Week: The wooden plug upgrade
Nancy Knudsen,
Modern materials can make old solutions even better. Those wooden plugs** that serve to stem emergency leaks and can rescue a boat from sinking have done an excellent job for seafarers over the years, but now there's an upgrade, and it's called the TruPlug... [more]
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Marina Profile: Royal Perth Yacht Club
Fiona Harper,
Royal Perth Yacht Club, in the sophisticated riverside suburb of Crawley, is home to West Australia's largest active sailing fleet, as well as its most prestigious yacht club. Formed in 1841 by a core group of keen sailors, just ten years later, across the other side of the world, similarly focused sailors began a regatta that would become significant to RPYC members almost 150 years later.... [more]
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Two Australian Classic Yachts take on Trans Tasman adventure
Mark Chew,
Two Australian Classic Yachts, 'Wraith of Odin' and 'Fair Winds' are planning to sail 1200 nm across the Tasman to compete in a four day series for Classic Yachts. Despite both yachts having highly experienced crews there are no professionals on board, there is no sponsorship involved and the only motivation is a bit of adventure and the chance to challenge the Kiwis in their own back yard.... [more]
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Sailor girl saves 9 puppies, swims 75 metres to shore
.Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
When British university student Laura Hughes set off for a sailing holiday in Turkey after completing her Master of Arts at the University of Westminster, it seemed a good idea to take her two rottweiler dogs, Ragga Muffin and Tiger Lily, with her for company. But she could never have imagined the outcome.... [more]
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Beneteau First 35 wins Yacht of the Year Award
Lucy Hogan,
Beneteau Sydney is pleased to report that the new Beneteau First 35 has won the ‘Yacht of the Year' award from Voile Magazine. A panel of Voile Magazine journalists, a group of specialists in sailing, and a selection of Voile magazine readers noted that the main reason that the First 35 won the award was the fact that the boat achieved its primary design brief...... [more]
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ARC yacht Auliana II loses rudder and crew had to abandon
PR Works,
The ARC yacht Auliana II has been abandoned and the crew evacuated following the loss of the yacht's rudder in the early hours of Monday morning.... [more]
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North West Passage traffic breaks record
Ottawa CBC/Sail-World Cruising,
Now the summer season is over, the numbers are out. A record number of vessels, mostly sailing boats, but everything from from rowboats to cargo ships, travelled through the Northwest Passage this year, according to the Canadian Coast Guard, to a total of 23, up from 17 last year.... [more]
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Mysteriously warm times in Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey Press Office,
A new study of Antarctica's past climate reveals that temperatures during the warm periods between ice ages (interglacials) may have been higher than previously thought... [more]
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Island Cruising Association Rally to the Pacific 2010
David McKay,
The Island Cruising Association, based in Auckland NZ, has released their timetable for the 2010 rally around the beautiful islands of the SW Pacific. Yachts can join the rally at various ports including Opua, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia. The rally leave Opua on 1st May 2010. Spending an average of six weeks in each country, the rally returns in November to NZ.... [more]
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