Pirates threaten to torture cruisers...Have your say: Changes to VHF radio and lifejacket regulations...Jessica Watson in the doldrums...scientifice discovery - new ocean will form......VHF radio that floats...and much more... split Ethiopa

12 Nov 2009

Diary Dates


A gripping week full of contrasts...

It now seems certain that sailing will be the way we conquer space  .
What a gripping week full of contrasts in the world of the cruising sailor.

It's a tense wait for thousands of cruising sailors ('it could be me!') as the kidnapped British sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler seem to be more and more involved in warring between the pirates, and a pawn for leverage of the Western world by the Somalis. News reports are confused and conflicting...

The first boats to cross oceans did it with sails. Now it seems more and more sure that Sailing will be the first way we transit space – and it's just come a big step closer to reality.

YOUR SAY: It's time to have your say on how VHF radio should be regulated for leisure vessels, and that means YOU have a chance right now to make your opinions heard. The same is true for those in NSW on lifejacket laws that are about to be reformed. Don't say later that you don't like the changes, make your presence felt now! - see the stories.

On the teen scene, read about our own Jessica Watson's progress in her quest to circle the globe non-stop and unassisted. Her Californian counterpart Abby Sunderland finally has her boat and will set out in December - but read what she has to overcome to do it.

Believe it or not there's a new ocean forming – yes, that's what I said – scientists have discovered a new ocean in the making!

On a practical note, there's a look at the recent MOB situation on clipper yacht Hull and Humber and what it might mean for the short-handed cruising sailor, a floating hand-held VHF radio is profiled and there are some new yachts featured.

...and that's just the beginning. Scroll down the stories to see what interests YOU!

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Somali pirates threaten 'torture' of British sailors
Blackwattle Studios roundup,
Mainstream UK media are reporting that Somali pirates are stepping up their pressure by threatening to torture Paul and Rachel Chandler, who were kidnapped from their yacht Lynn Rival on October 23 when they disregarded advice by Seychelles authorities and fellow cruisers not to travel from Seychelles towards Africa.... [more]
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Public comment sought on new NSW lifejacket laws
NSW Government Media,
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi today called for public comment on proposals that would see the most sweeping reforms to lifejacket rules in more than 30 years. Launching a discussion paper canvassing new categories for compulsory wearing of lifejackets, the reforms are aimed at recreational boaters in situations of heightened risk, especially children and boaters in tinnies.... [more]
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Round the World Jessica Watson in the doldrums
Nancy Knudsen,
It was bound to happen, and it's going to happen again. Australian 16-year-old Jessica Watson, setting off to be the youngest circumnavigator non-stop and unassisted, is in the doldrums. As most ocean-going sailors know, the doldrums - or, as it is nattily known these days, the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) - is an area of confused wind conditions on each side of the equator.... [more]
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Public Comment on VHF Marine Radio Operator Qualifications
Craig Heydon,
Yachting Australia is reminding interested persons that public comment is being sought by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) on VHF Marine Radio Operator Qualifications... [more]
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Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong - Expressions of interest pouring in
Bob Appleton,
Whyte, Just & Moore Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong - 6th, & 7th, March 2010. Saturday and Sunday will surely be massive days out for the public, when all displays, exhibitions and displays will be open to all. The 2010 program will again include the magnificent Cavalcade of Sail at the Grand Parade, the Concourse d' Elegance, racing on the bay for the Corio Bay Couta Boat Cup.... [more]
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New Ocean to split Ethiopa
Ecoterra/Sail-World Cruising,
If you feel the world's oceans don't provide enough water for your sailing ambitions, you'll be pleased to know that scientists have now confirmed that they have witnessed the birth of a new ocean - in Ethiopia.... [more]
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MOB! - the Hull and Humber incident
Nancy Knudsen,
The process used by the crew on the Hull and Humber Clipper to successfully retrieve their crew member lost overboard in the Southern Ocean recently cannot be used by a short handed cruising crew, but it's worth following the process, and taking note of some elements, especially those that could assist in a short handed retrieval.... [more]
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Way to the stars: Space sailing by sunlight not solar wind
Sail-World Cruising,
Sailing through space - the possibility of space travel by sailing pushed along, not by solar wind, but by sunlight - is coming closer with not one, but two experimental flights scheduled to take place in the next year by both Japan, with the Ikaros mission, and the USA, with the Lightsail-1 mission.... [more]
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Breaking News - Geoff 'Megga' Bascombe has died at sea
John Curnow,
Breaking News - Geoff 'Megga' Bascome has died at sea doing a yacht delivery off Borneo. The Australian Sailing community has lost possibly its most colourful character.... [more]
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Sixteen Year Old Abby gets her Round the World boat, goes for sponsors
Nancy Knudsen,
The search has been long and the window of time to round Cape Horn this summer is closing, but sixteen-year-old Abby Sunderland has finally found her boat and is now looking for more sponsors to help her repair it. The teen has a long way to go before she starts her attempt on being the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world non-stop and unassisted.... [more]
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Antarctica glacier retreat creates new carbon dioxide store
British Antarctic Survey,
Large blooms of tiny marine plants called phytoplankton are flourishing in areas of open water left exposed by the recent and rapid melting of ice shelves and glaciers around the Antarctic Peninsula. Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) estimate that this new natural 'sink' is taking an estimated 3.5 million tonnes* of carbon from the ocean and atmosphere each year.... [more]
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Sail or cruise the Whitsundays then relax at a Luxury Resort
Deni Linforth,
Enjoy the exhilaration and freedom at the helm of your own sailing yacht or motor cruiser for five nights or more, as you explore and discover the beauty of the Whitsunday Islands, Australia on a boating holiday package. Follow this with three nights ashore at the magnificent Daydream Island Resort and Spa.... [more]
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On-line Kayaking Safety tuition at Coastguard Boating Education
Coastguard Boating Education .,
Coastguard Boating Education now have available the first of a new series of online, interactive education modules.Small craft, inclusive of Kayak and powered water craft currently represent the fastest growing sector of the market with their users over represented in the drowning statistics.... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie - a kick from Italy's boot
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue their tales of sailing their 47ft yacht Balvenie through the Mediterranean, and in this episode they tell of malignant weather and difficult anchorages at the boot of Italy: Eventually the high winds eased in Brindisi and we couldn't think of any more excuses to stay. We had enjoyed our stay there, but there always somewhere else over the horizon.... [more]
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Ultimate 270 – A unique, affordable cruiser that is easy to sail
Harbourside Media,
The lines are familiar but the fitout and finish are from the current era, and of a different class. The Ultimate 270 is based on a Northshore 27 but that is where the resemblance ends.... [more]
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Bagan, another North West Passage survivor, arrives Seattle

Bagan has arrived Seattle! Along with the several sailing boats that made the journey through the North West Passage this year, there were several powered boats, one of which was Bagan, sailed by filmmaker Sprague Theobald and a crew.... [more]
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Bullies evict Little Fish as the Reef warms
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral reef Studies,
Small fish are at risk of being bullied to death by big ones as coral reef resources are hit by climate change. In the battle to survive on severely bleached corals, large damselfish push smaller ones further from the limited shelter and resources, exposing them to predators that snap them up, the study by Associate Professor Mark McCormick of CoECRS and James Cook University finds.... [more]
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Christmas Gift for the Sailor who has everything
Lisa Mylchreest,
Christmas is coming, and some gifts take time to prepare...Does the favourite sailor in you life have a special place - a bay, gulf, anchorage or port, the memory of which he or she will treasure forever? Yes? Then we just may have the most extravagantly suitable gift you ever could never have thought of...a three-dimensional chart.... [more]
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Caribbean 1500 Rally attracts an international fleet
Des Ryan,
58 yachts which departed on Monday in the 20th Annual Caribbean 1500 fleet are making good time and will arrive Nanny Cay in the next few days. This year the rally sports an international flair. In addition, to the usual contingents from the US and Canada, sailors from Germany, Japan, the UK, and Ireland have joined the fleet. .... [more]
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Amery Ice Shelf Ocean Research ten year project nears completion
Australian Antarctic Division,
Australian researchers heading to Antarctica will return to the Amery Ice Shelf to complete a decade-long project on the effects of climate change. The project, known as AMISOR (Amery Ice Shelf Ocean Research), is providing information on the climate history of the region and its probable response to global warming... [more]
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Superyachts invited to Auckland by NZ Marine
Kate Gordon,
With the Louis Vuitton Trophy Series scheduled to head to Auckland in March 2010, the New Zealand marine industry association, NZ Marine Export Group Inc., is again inviting superyacht owners and crews to enjoy a unique Kiwi experience before enjoying watching the intense Louis Vuitton racing.... [more]
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Regional News from Sail-World on Twitter
Brendan Maxwell,
Sail-World.com, the largest online marine news network in the world is now delivering regional news on Twitter. Publisher Rob Kothe said today ‘Now sailors can get an exciting mix of Sail-World local news and major international news via local Twitter feeds, rather than getting more sailing news than they can possible handle via a one size fits all world news channel.'... [more]
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North South Yachting Open Day
Jamie Millar,
Sydney's North South Yachting is holding an Open Day at Quays Marina on Saturday November 14. Showcasing a range of new Bavaria Yachts, quality brokerage listings and syndicate shares, this is an opportunity to view a large selection of boats, encompassing a wide variety of ownership options, in a friendly and informative environment.... [more]
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