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05 Nov 2009

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Sail-World is tweeting...

Sail-World News from the world's oceans on TWITTER  .
As of this week, Sail-World, already the largest online marine network in the world, is now on Twitter. However that's just the beginning of exciting developments in the way we deliver you the news that interests YOU, whether you live in Darwin and sail a suncat, or in Hobart and sail a classic wooden boat!

...and whether you only sail on Sunday afternoons or are in the middle of a world circumnavigation, the plight of the British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler who are held by Somali pirates can't fail to touch you.

Why they sailed southwest from the Seychelles last month - when two sailing boats had been kidnapped in that part of the ocean this year - is a mystery to me. However, their fate is best in the hands of pirates, rather than fundamental Islamists, and the news coming from that part of the world is conflicting, so we really cannot report with any certainty as to their whereabouts. Competing groups are haggling about whether to charge a ransom, swap them for arrested pirates, or allow Islamists to take control.

On the teen scene for circumnavigators, read how Dutch 14-year-old Laura Dekker is obliged by the court to cool her heels until next July. (Californian Abby Sunderland (16) finally has her boat and will set out in December, and our own Jessica Watson(16 and four months older than Abby) is fishing, studying and heading for the equator.)

Lots of other interesting articles - great deals for sailing in Italy next season, tales about - much closer - cruising fun in Tonga with Mariner Boating, and a nice account by another adventurer Ginni MacRobert who has finished her 'sort-of-solo' circumnavigation and now lives in country New South Wales.

On a practical note there's another great application for iPhone on calculating your ETA while tacking – brilliant! and my Eight Top Tips for sailing in coral waters are probably all you need to keep you safe while sailing in heaven.

Finally, when so many of us give up so much to go sailing, you'll just hate to read about the woman who has purchased the world's snazziest and largest sailing boat – but won't have time to sail in her.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor now on Twitter
A few minutes ago this message went out via the ether - SailWorld News Newsflash: BOR 90 has dismasted off San Diego Immediate Sailing News just became even more so as, the largest online marine network has just begun its Twitter service... [more]
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Kidnapped British sailors situation grows uglier - update
Ecoterra/Sail-World Cruising,
Reports from Somalia about the situation of the kidnapped sailors Paul and Rachel Chandlers are conflicting. Some news from the murky world that is Somalia today suggest that the Somali pirates who kidnapped the couple were involved in a gun-battle with rival militia over plans to transfer the couple to Islamic extremists.... [more]
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Dutch Court orders teen sailor: Finish school first!
Nancy Knudsen,
14-year-old Laura Dekker has been barred from departing on her planned circumnavigation until July next year by the Dutch court that has again put her under the guardianship of child protection authorities.... [more]
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SailTimer for iPhone - what a little winner!
Nancy Knudsen,
An Iphone application has done it again! Here's another Iphone app that may end up as your favourite. Whether you are a racing sailor, a day cruiser or a circumnavigator, calculating when you will arrive at your next destination - a waypoint, a marker buoy or a distant island - is a vital piece of information.... [more]
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Elena, Maltese Falcon's new owner: 'I won't have time to sail her...'
Sail-World roundup,
In March the world's biggest, riskiest, fastest, most technologically advanced, single-hulled sailing mega yacht in the world, the Maltese Falcon, was listed for sale. Owner Tom Perkins had only launched it two years before. Rumours abounded, and finally the story came out, that the new owner was none other than one of the UK's most successful female entrepreneurs.... [more]
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The Eight Top Tips for anchoring in coral waters
Nancy Knudsen,
Cruising in coral waters has long been one of the dreamed-of goals of the leisure sailor born in colder climes. Roaming through coral atolls can be a highlight of all your cruising days, but coral waters can also caused trepidation for those who are new to the conditions, and there have been many books written on the subject. However, a few basic rules should keep any cruising sailor safe.... [more]
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Scientists call for Humanity to set 'safe boundaries to the Damage'
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Humanity needs to act now to avoid threats to human well-being caused by irreversible damage to the Earth, its climate, species and life-supporting systems. 'The increasing level of CO2 in the atmosphere and ocean has caused major damage to coral reefs worldwide over the past 25 years.' Professor Terry Hughes.... [more]
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Women sailing adventurers: Ginny MacRobert
Ginny MacRobert,
Jessica Watson might be young, but she's otherwise unique only in that she wants to circumnavigate without stopping, and by rounding Cape Horn. There are many women who skipper their yachts around the world, many of them solo. Ginny MacRobert is just one of them, and she here tells her story, in the first of a series of articles about women sailing adventurers:... [more]
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The greening of superyachts
Nancy Knudsen,
It's good to know that the adherents of stink boats are trying to get something right! On show at the just finished Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida was a 78ft super yacht which claims to cut fuel consumption by a whopping 40% - and has achieved zero emission.... [more]
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Tasmanian sailing painting exhibition
Lisa Mylchreest,
If you love sailing and the sea and are anywhere near Hobart next weekend, it would be worth paying a visit to the Meadowbank Estate Winery Gallery.... [more]
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Good Sunsail deals for sailing Italy in 2010
BW Media,
Since Roman times Italy has captured the imaginations and hearts of travellers. And now thanks to the world's largest sailing holiday company, holidaymakers can discover one of Italy's most unspoilt areas by sea. Sunsail Sailing Holidays is due to open its newest charter boat base on Procida Island, Italy, adding to the string of 29 bases in 20 countries that the company already offers.... [more]
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The 2009 Kalia Cup in Tonga won by 'Never Us'
Trevor Joyce,
If you think the 2009 Kalia Cup sounds like a race you'd be right, but it's not. It's really what holidaying sailors call it when they go cruising through the glorious bays and anchorages of Vava'u in Tonga. The annual 2009 Kalia Cup went off again under clear skies and the balmiest of weather.... [more]
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On-line Kayaking Safety tuition at Coastguard Boating Education
Coastguard Boating Education .,
Coastguard Boating Education now have available the first of a new series of online, interactive education modules.Small craft, inclusive of Kayak and powered water craft currently represent the fastest growing sector of the market with their users over represented in the drowning statistics.... [more]
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Wunjunga the Green Turtle Released from Turtle Hospital
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority,
One very lucky green turtle was released off the Strand on October 20th 2009, thanks to GBRMPA's Reef HQ Aquarium and the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM).... [more]
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Gearing up for the circumnavigation of a lifetime with World ARC
Peta Stuart-Hunt,
There are currently 38 yachts being 'geared up' to carry their crews on a world circumnavigation and cruising adventure of a lifetime in the World ARC 2010/11, organised and run by World Cruising Club (WCC).... [more]
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