British couple held at Somali pirate stronghold... Canadian grain by sailing ship...product of the week: trickle the world burns, megayachts thrive...Mediterranean cruising info online...and much more...

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Kidnapped sailors did it right the first time...

The Chandler route - notice how close to the Yemeni coastline they stayed on their way to India  .
With the pirate 'season' now in full swing, sadly the first yacht has been hijacked.

It's interesting to note that the first time the kidnapped couple transited the pirate zone they hugged the Yemeni coastline, presumably, like many other cruising yachts these days, under the protection of the Yemeni coast guard.

While sailing only a nautical mile or two from the Yemeni coast is fraught with coastal dangers that make navigation more challenging, this pales into insignificance beside the risk of being kidnapped.

Read this week also how there is now FREE help for transiting the troubled area.

As the climate hots up so do scientific efforts to beat the heat and save the sea life and coral in our world's oceans. Of course, the obvious solution – fewer planes, ships and motor vehicles, along with fewer humans and lifestock – doesn't seem to be to anyone's liking. Read more stories this week about the scientific efforts.

The rallies go on – The Vanuatu Rally has just finished in the Port of Bundaberg in Australia, and the around Australia Rally for 2011 has garnered an amazing 170 slot reservations already. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) goes from strength to strength, with some of the 225 yacht are already converging on the Canary Islands, the starting point.

Sailors always seem to be getting rescued somewhere in the world, so this week's sweet story about a mystery yacht (now identified) who rescued some fishermen and then disappeared, is welcome news.

However, there's much more news here for the keen sailor. Browse through and choose those that interest YOU.

Sweet Sailing

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailing boat confirmed held at Somali pirate stronghold
Ecoterra/Sail-World Cruising,
The Somali Marine and Coastal Monitor Agency, Ecoterra, has reported that four days after their distress call was sent out near the Seychelles and received by the naval crisis centre, the sailing boat SY Lynn Rival, with British couple Paul Chandler, 58, and his wife Rachel Chandler, 55 on board has reportedly already reached the Central Somali coast.... [more]
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Canadian Grains transported by a fleet of 11 Sailboats
Jon Steinman,
When Canada's first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project for grain generated international attention last year, it was unexpected that some of that monumental harvest from the Creston Valley of British Columbia would be transported to shareholders by sailboat! In the project's second year, a fleet of 11 sailboats transported 11,000lbs of the grains.... [more]
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Indian Ocean piracy spikes - help available free for ALL vessels
Nikki Carpenter,
Following the dramatic increase in pirate attacks in supposed piracy safe-zones over the last fortnight, The Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre (MMWC) free-of-charge counter-piracy Ship Support Service is now available to all vessels sailing in the Indian Ocean... [more]
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Rescued fishermen find their 'mystery yacht'
Tara Russell, This is Hampshire/Sail-World,
Stories abound of yachts who by their own ineptitude or the force of weather need rescuing, but when the lives of three British fishermen in the Solent were saved by a mystery sailing boat that arrived like a guardian angel in the night and departed again, all the shocked fishermen were left with was the memory of the name of the boat - Mange Tout.... [more]
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Yacht dismasted by one ship, saved by another
Eileen Stilwell, Courier Post/Sail-World Cruising,
A Swiss Canadian boat builder and his French Canadian shipmate have been rescued off the coast of North Carolina after a collision with a tanker which didn't stop. Their dismasted yacht, floundering in 9 foot waves, was sighted by another cargo ship when they were onto their last flare.... [more]
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Online information for cruising the Med
Nancy Knudsen,
Those from other cruising grounds who have sailed the Mediterranean will know how valuable advance information of its quirks and idiosyncrasies can be. Some very interesting online information has just been made available by the Cruisers Network Online. As usual with this ever-helpful organisation, the information has been simply provided by a member.... [more]
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As the world burns, the megayacht industry thrives
Des Ryan,
While the world burns, the megayacht industry thrives. In the middle of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), in this last year, the megayacht industry had its finest year. There are 6000 pleasure yachts over 80 ft on the planet. 2700, almost half, were built in the last ten years, and a whopping 510 were built in the last 12 months.... [more]
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'Port2Port' Rally arrives Australia from Vanuatu
Des Ryan,
More than fifty yachts taking part in the Annual 'Port2Port' Rally - Port Vila in Vanuatu to the Port of Bundaberg in Queensland, have arrived in Australia, with the last stragglers soon to arrive.... [more]
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Product of the week: The trickle-charger for sailing boats
Lisa Mylchreest,
Last week we brought you a solar panel which can trickle feed your battery while you are not on the boat. This week we bring you one that is a little more expensive, but ideal for sailing boats.... [more]
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Lloyd's Ports of the World, 2009
Nancy Knudsen,
On board any sea-going yacht, even though broadband internet is playing a bigger and bigger role in shipboard life, a library of resource material is a source of comfort. These typically contain everything from visa requirements to cruising guides, from engine maintenance information to weather and climate. Then there's the Lloyd's Ports of the World, out now in the 2009 version.... [more]
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Leading scientist agrees - 50% of marine debris is plastic
ABC Science Online and Sail-World,
A prominent Marine Science Center professor has agreed that '6.4 million tons of debris reaches the world's oceans each year.' 'Of that, 80 percent is thought to come from land based sources, more than half of the rubbish is believed to be plastic.'... [more]
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Dock tragedy shows danger of fresh-water marinas
Kevin Ritz,
The danger of fatal electric shock in fresh water was all but unknown when Lucas Ritz, just 10, was electrocuted while swimming in their local fresh water marina. Read Kevin Ritz's riveting story of his family who did everything right from a safety perspective, yet lost their son in a tragic incident. He also tells the positive outcomes from his relentless efforts following Lucas's death.... [more]
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Around Australia Rally hots up
Nancy Knudsen,
While the Around Australia Rally will not begin until 2011, slot reservations have been coming in fast and have now reached a total of 170. Naturally, there will be dropouts, but there will also be many yachts yet to make the decision to join the rally, so the event is looking to be a runaway success.... [more]
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AIS: the technology - and the price - improving
Des Ryan,
AIS technology is getting more and more user friendly, cheaper, and more and more within the budget range of the average cruising yacht. Now you can get a transponder Class B, which basically means that the ships can see you as well as your being able to see and identify them, for about as much as a transceiver used to cost.... [more]
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Blue Carbon - A new key to help combat climate change
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission,
Seagrasses to Salt Marshes among most cost effective carbon capture and storage systems on planet. but urgent action needed to maintain and restore ‘blue carbon' sinks warns three un agencies and a ‘Blue Carbon' fund able to invest in the maintenance and rehabilitation of key marine ecosystems should be considered by governments keen to combat climate change... [more]
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New 41ft Seawind 1250 Launches
Brent Vaughan,
What a fitting scene to launch the world's newest blue water cruiser, with a strong southerly blowing and the wild Tasman Sea in the background, as the 41ft Seawind 1250 splashed down this morning into Wollongong Harbour.... [more]
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Cruisers' Winter Workshop - Annapolis
Capt. John Martino,
The Annapolis School of Seamanship today announced the launch of a new Cruiser's Winter Workshop to be held Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24, 2010... [more]
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