Jessica leaves and the report on her collision is out two days later...vale to drowned Sydney sailors...kidnapped sailor retrieve and repair boat in Somaliland and sail to record seeking getting ridiculous?... and much more...

22 Oct 2009

Diary Dates


Is record-seeking getting ridiculous?

Jessica Watson paraded down Sydney Harbour on her way to the open sea and an attempted non-stop unassisted circumnavigation of the world.  .
This week Sydney sadly farewelled the two well-known sailors who died in the recent tragedy off Flinders Islet - and at almost the same time Jessica Watson set off on what should be a much more testing voyage than an off-shore race from Sydney Harbour.

With a fanfare to fit a returning champion, 16-year-old Jessica left in flat seas to circumnavigate the world without stopping. It was just two days later that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau released their interim report on her altercation with a ship. Both accounts are below.

But is record seeking reaching the ridiculous? At the same time as Jessica's departure, one British sailor, Tom McNally, plans to cross the Atlantic in a 3ft 10inch sailing boat as soon as the hurricane season is over. One has to ask how much younger can a circumnavigator get and how much smaller can a yacht get before it becomes ridiculous?

There's a product recall you should know about – from Bourke Marine, and it's their bosun chairs, those vital life preserving devices, so please spread the word.

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Top prize for determination, courage and persistence this week must go to the two kidnapped German sailors who returned to Somaliland, found and repaired their boat in the most difficult conditions, and have now safely sailed to their destination of Malaysia. What a story!

A French sailor has been rescued after drifting for days off the Northern Territory coast... there's a story about how a determined teen sailor in New Zealand does it without sponsorship and PR companies... and highly experienced sailor Bob Williams, organiser of the 2011 Round Australia Rally, admits how much he learned in a Safety and Survival at Sea course.

The quirkiest tale of the week is of the two UK lifesavers (they're still smiling) who had to be hospitalised for dog bites after saving a panicked and violent pet dog that had become disoriented in tidal waters.

While there's not much in the way of fresh water around Australia's marinas, it's nevertheless important to know the dangers of fresh water around yachts. Read the tragic story of the safety conscious family, who did everything right but still lost their son in a completely avoidable incident.

There's much more too, so browse down and see what interests you...

I wish you sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

The story is out: Jessica Watson's collision report
Nancy Knudsen,
As Jessica's Pink Lady heads for the tip of New Zealand, the just released ATSB preliminary report into the collision that turned her overnight into a world media sensation has cleared some mysteries surrounding the now-famous incident.. One of the mysteries was how Jessica, heading southeast from the coast towards a ship travelling north could possibly have damaged her starboard hull.... [more]
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CYCA turns on a ‘sailor's farewell'
Bob Wonders,
Hundreds pack the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia as it honours two of its esteemed members. With the club burgee at half-mast, members, friends, guests and ‘mates' turned up in numbers to honour the lost sailors, both of whom tragically died when ‘Shorty's' 24.0-metre maxi crashed into Flinders Islet, off Port Kembla, two weeks ago.... [more]
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Memorable service honours the late Andrew Short
Bob Wonders,
Huge turnout honours yachtsman, businessman Andrew Short. ‘Shorty', as he was known far and wide, tragically died, together with friend and crew mate Sally ‘Sal' Gordon, when his 24.0-metre maxi yacht ran aground on rocks off Port Kembla two weeks ago.... [more]
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Product Recall - Burke Marine Deluxe & Standard Bosun Chairs recalled
Burke Marine,
Burke Marine is conducting a voluntary product recall of their Deluxe and Standard Bosun Chairs that were purchased nationally after July 2007 that do not display either a production batch number or inspection label.... [more]
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She's off! Jessica Watson departs Australia - but for what record?
Nancy Knudsen,
After attracting world wide publicity for hitting a cargo ship on her first night at sea, Australian 16-year-old Jessica Watson set out this morning from Sydney on her quest to be the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world non-stop and unassisted. She is leaving just two days before the preliminary report on her skirmish with the bulk carrier, and without the WSSRC to record her journey.... [more]
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Dock tragedy shows danger of fresh-water marinas
Kevin Ritz,
There are not many areas in Australia where yachts are berthed in fresh (or even half-fresh water), but the knowledge is well shared. The danger of fatal electric shock in fresh water was all but unknown when Lucas Ritz, just 10, was electrocuted while swimming in their local fresh water marina. Read Lucas's father's riveting story. He also tells the positive outcomes following Lucas's death.... [more]
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Kidnapped German sailors reach Malaysia in reclaimed yacht
Sail-World Cruising,
Just sixteen months after they were kidnapped by Somali pirates and held to ransom for 52 days, Juergen Kantner and his wife Sabine Merz have reached Malaysia in their yacht, SY Rockall. After being repatriated to Germany, with incredible determination they returned to Berbera in Somaliland to claim and repair their yacht and continue their voyage... [more]
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Port2Port Rally headed for Bundaberg
BW Media,
The maximum number of allowed boats - 50 - are leaving Vanuatu today for the 10th Annual Port2Port Rally to Bundaberg. The fleet is expected to start arriving in Bundaberg in about 10 days and President of the organising yacht club - The Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club - Lesley Grimmick says there is a strong contingent of international entries.... [more]
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New Product of the Week: Solar battery maintainer
BW Media,
This product is a simple-to-connect way of maintaining the battery on a small boat when you are not present. The new ICP Global Technology solar battery maintainer costs only around $40, is green, effective and mounts almost anywhere.... [more]
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Enjoy an evening on board the replica of Cook's Endeavour
Shirani Aththas,
Enjoy an evening on board the replica of Cook's Endeavour - Step back in time for an 18th century tall ship adventure with the National Maritime Museum's Family Endeavour Adventure from 6 pm to 8 pm on Saturday 7 November.... [more]
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Sea Safety Survival Course - an awakening...
Bob Williams,
As a regular sailor, have YOU completed one of the excellent 'Safety Sea Survival' courses available in most sailing countries of the world? Here is the story of a very experienced sailor's conversion during a recent course:... [more]
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Teen sailors without sponsors - doing it the hard way
Blackwattle Studios,
While some ambitious teenagers and their families wait for sponsors' funds to buy their boats, launch their websites and pay for their expensive electronics, there are other kids around the world who, like Zac Sunderland when he started out, save their money doing odd jobs and buy their own boat the hard way... [more]
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The ultimate pirate weapon for yachts- the laser beam
Sail-World Cruising,
If you can afford it, there is a new anti-piracy measure out which will temporarily blind a troupe of pirates so badly it will render them helpless. It is military grade, and the latest security technology available to wealthy yacht owners afraid of pirate attacks.... [more]
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Reef named after renowned coral researcher Vicki Harriott
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority,
Vicki Harriott's immense contribution to coral reef research is formally recognised with a previously unnamed Reef in the Cairns/Cooktown area (Reef No 15-070) now bearing her name.... [more]
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The Latest Sail-World competition - Prize value over $300,000,
Since 2000 we've been running Sail-world online competitions. These have been very popular, with our audience. Sailors have won everything from charter holidays, to offshore wet weather gear, inshore jackets and this year we broke new ground with our Win a Laser competition. Now we have a very different prize from those in our previous competitions.... [more]
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Bavaria Yachts continue new product development with the Cruiser 45
Jamie Millar,
North South Yachting is delighted to announce Bavaria Yachts development of the new Cruiser 45, an exciting addition to the new Cruiser range. This forthcoming model is the third in a new series of yachts designed in conjunction with Farr Yacht Design and BMW DesignworksUSA (a subsidiary of the BMW Group).... [more]
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Rescued French yachtsman feared for his life
Rebekah Cavanagh, Territory News/Sail-World,
A FRENCH yachtsman has told of how he feared he would never see his wife and baby again after the boom broke on his yacht and he was left drifting for two days off the remote coastline of the Northern Territory.... [more]
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Rio Dulce - getting safer for cruising sailors
Capt. Pat Rains, The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
In an unprecedented move, the Guatemalan government last month joined marina owners along the Rio Dulce waterway to build a floating security network to protect cruising sailors. The Rio Dulce has long been a popular place for cruising sailors to leave their boats during the hurricane season, but recently has been marred by robbery and violence.... [more]
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No thanks for Saving Tess
Matthew Stanton, Yellowad/Sail-World,
Every sailor in the UK knows that the Royal National Lifesaving Institution (RNLI) lifeboat crews are trained for all sorts of rescues, but getting bitten by a disoriented dog is probably not part of the training package.... [more]
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NSW Iron Cove Maritime Exclusion Zone
NSW RTA Media,
An RTA spokesperson said a maritime exclusion zone has been established on Iron Cove in Sydney to ensure safety during construction of the new bridge for the Inner West Busway project. This is the first bridge to be built on inner city waters in Sydney for 20 years.... [more]
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Ullman Sails Australia welcomes Bull Sails
Liz Haines,
Ullman Sails is very pleased to announce that prominent Melbourne Sailmaker, Tony Bull of 'Bull Sails' in Geelong, formerly Quantum Sails, has joined the Ullman Sails team. Tony has over 30 years sail making experience and has decided to take a change in direction by joining the fast growing Ullman Sails team in Australia.... [more]
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Finding the ASX200 for marine ecosystems
Researchers are building the environmental equivalent of the ASX200 as a means of monitoring the health of Australian marine ecosystems. Key ecological features chosen for this study included the Perth Canyon and large ocean eddies.... [more]
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New Zealand honours her dedicated sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
Those with talent in any sport can excel to become stars, and so it is with sailing. However, it is the character and devotion of sailors who give their time and dedication to the sport that keeps the sport alive and makes it possible for young talents to be developed. An Honour Award must be earned over years of hard work. Yachting New Zealand will present 17 Honour Awards this year.... [more]
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Excellence in sailing recognised at 2009 Australian Yachting Awards
Yachting Australia,
2008 Beijing Olympic Games Gold medalists Nathan Wilmot and Malcolm Page were named Male Sailor of the Year and Elise Rechichi and Tessa Parkinson won the Female Sailor of the Year Award... [more]
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