tsunami accounts by cruising sailors in Samoa... Jessica arrives Sydney, stronger and ready to go...Marine Broadband getting cheaper...Collision at sea, the unthinkable Part III, Heaven Can Wait success... and much more...

08 Oct 2009

Diary Dates


Thanks to some graphic writing by cruising sailors..

.. berthed in Apia and Pago Pago, this week we bring you first hand accounts of the experiences of yachts when the tsunami struck Samoa.

There are good lessons to be learned, and tucked away in a corner of your mind, 'just in case'.

The lives and yachts of the sailors depended on the nature of their instant responses:

One man was still trying to untie his boat when the wave struck and he was tragically drowned.

Another family chose to leave the yacht and quickly found a high pole to cling to. This saved their lives, but their boat has been sadly trashed, and they have flown home.

A third sailor slashed his taut dock lines with a knife and left as the wave approached. He survived, and so did his boat.

The accompanying pictures here taken by Canadian cruising sailor Wayne Hodgins are an amazing record – the first is taken after the first surge struck the wharf, which has completely disappeared underwater. The next photo shows the dock with water at normal level after the surges have stopped.
Tsunami The dock underwater in the middle of the surge  Wayne Hodgins

Tsunami - The dock after the water has receded - see yacht ON the dock  Wayne Hodgins

Jessica Watson, by hitting a ship on her first night at sea, has gained world-wide mainstream media attention as the most famous teenager in the world for WANTING to do something. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and 16-year-old Queenslander Jessica is coming up trumps on that score, readying her boat in Sydney for her circumnavigation to include a rounding of Cape Horn. Watch this space...

Latest news on the annual 'Heaven Can Wait' 24-hour fun event in Lake Macquarie is that they have so far clocked up an amazing $19,000 for cancer, and going for $20,000. There's still time to donate, by clicking here.

Good news in electronics and communications this week – read about how PredictWind is getting better and Marine Broadband is getting cheaper.

Mark Cherrington brings the second of his series 'All about Rope', and we also bring the third edition of 'Collision at Sea, the unthinkable' – this week why radar and radio cannot be depended on to avoid a collision.

Read the tales of the cruising dentist from Victoria, who is doing so much for the locals in Vanuatu while having a whale of a time; or drool over the stunning pictures of classic yachts in St Tropez this week.

Much other news too – browse down the stories to see what interests YOU.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Upgrades to Predictwind go live - many new features
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
A new version of Predictwind the popular online wind information application has gone live. Many new features have been incorporated in this version, which has a completely new look and feel. The user can now drive the application via a series on on screen options, that allow you to toggle between different features, feeds and views.... [more]
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Leeuwin II is thrown a lifeline
BW Media,
The West Australian State Government has provided a $500,000 financial lifeline to help keep the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation afloat. The Foundation exists to keep the Leeuwin II operating as a sail training ship, offering adventure to a huge range of sail trainees over the years.... [more]
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Jessica Watson arrives Sydney
Nancy Knudsen,
16-year-old Jessica Watson has arrived Sydney's Middle Harbour in her bright pink yacht Ella's Pink Lady to a media frenzy of sorts, with reports on most of Sydney's news channels and the daily papers. Only a month ago, Jessica was known only by the sailing community as one of three young women who have aspirations to sail the world solo... [more]
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Corals could starve in high CO2
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
As human activity pumps more and more carbon into the atmosphere, a new threat has emerged to the world's coral reefs – starvation.... [more]
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Collision at sea, the unthinkable - Part III, Radar and Radio
Nancy Knudsen,
Surely all else failing, a ship will be able to see a yacht on radar – especially if the yacht has a good radar reflector? Secondly one can call the approaching ship by VHF radio. These are ideas, understandably, often expressed, but both can be far from the truth, as the following small story will illustrate. (This is Part III of a four-part series)... [more]
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Cruising with Courtesan in Vanuatu - volcanoes, tsunamis and religion
Heather and David Churcher,
Heather & David Churcher are cruising on their yacht Courtesan, currently in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. David has sold his dental practise to combine his passion of cruising with dentistry to help the people in this region. His portable dental delivery unit that is powered from a SCUBA tank and this allows filling/ drilling / scaling and extractions to be performed in the remote islands... [more]
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OceanObs'09 adopts Conference Statement
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission,
More than 600 participants from 36 nations attended the OceanObs'09 conference. The conference statement drafted as a result of the week's discussions is available for comment through 4 October, 2009.... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait -Charity donations leaderboard-heading towards $18k!!
Event media,
Last year the Heaven Can Wait 24 hour race raised nearly $13,000 for charity and this year the Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club is on track to beat that record with funds now past $12,800, up more than $4k in last 24 hours and on track to reach $18k before the race finishes on Sunday. In a Heaven Can Wait first, a virtual web based sponsorship race is increasing donations collected for the Cancer Cou... [more]
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Global Challenge yacht in emergency rescue
BW Media,
One of the famed BT Challenger yachts, The ‘Elinca' , 67 ft steel cutter, transmitted an emergency broadcast for assistance at 8.50am yesterday (Saturday) after it suffered a gearbox failure off the Scottish Isle of Lewis and was caught on a lee shore.... [more]
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Reef named in honour of local legend
A passionate reef charter boat operator and diving legend has been recognised with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) announcing a reef named in his honour... [more]
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Marine Broadband and airtime, getting cheaper
Sail-World Cruising,
Every year the cost of having broadband internet connection on your boat gets cheaper - under US$8000 for the smallest model - or more sophisticated for the same price. Now the airtime packages are improving too. Intellian Technologies, one of the world's technological leaders in marine satellite antennas, announced today its line of FleetBroadband antennas with bundled airtime.&nlid=<:nlid:>&tbl=<:tableName:>&pwd=<:password:>'>more]
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Gripping sailor's tale of the Samoa Tsunami - and the lessons
courtesy of Glenn Tuttle,
This vivid tale and amazing photos of the tsunami which hit Pago Pago in Samoa, and the lessons at the end of it, are told by Canadian cruising sailor Wayne Hodgins of SY Learnativity, who is sailing with his dog Ruby.... [more]
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Cruising sailor swept off dock: Tsunami news
Ernie Kelley, SV Lauren Grace,
The 8.3 earthquake centred about 140 miles southwest of Western Samoa also caught some cruising sailors there unawares with one visiting cruising sailor swept off the dock and drowned in Pago Pago. Ernie and Charlene Kelley of SV Lauren Grace, who were berthed at a marina in Western Samoa sends this report... [more]
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When the tsunami struck Pago Pago marina...
BW Media Roundup,
Kirk and Cath of sv Gallivanter were berthed in Pago Pago when the recent tsunami struck. Here is their first hand account of what happened: This morning (six hrs ago) we were shaken awake by an earthquake which seemed to have no end! We were aboard Gallivanter and tied side-to a big concrete dock in the heart of Pago Pago, American Samoa. And after living up & down the California coast,... [more]
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World Cruising Club takes Yellowbrick Road for ARC events
Peta Stuart-Hunt/Sail-World Cruising,
World Cruising Club, the cruising rally specialists best known for the popular transatlantic sailing event the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), has now opened its entry lists for a host of 2010 events including ARC Europe, Rally Portugal and the ARC, and will use second generation Yellowbrick satellite tracking for all events.... [more]
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Classic and Modern Yachts in Saint-Tropez - Book and Images
Juerg Kaufmann,
The world's most exclusive reunion of restored wooden sailing yachts and the latest sophisticated maxi yachts happened again last week in Saint Tropez. The book about it: Classic and Modern Yachts in Saint-Tropez is produced and ready by mid-November. You can get a first glimpse of it on www.regattabook.com... [more]
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Ocean adventurer joins Boat for Life safety campaign
NSW Minister Joe Tripodi,
Pete Goss has signed up to become a Safety Ambassador for the boating safety education campaign, Boat for Life. 'Pete Goss is a former British Royal Marine who was awarded the MBE by Queen Elizabeth II and the Legion d'Honneur by the French President.' Mr Tripodi said the Spirit of Mystery voyage was the latest in Mr Goss's long record of seafaring adventures, including six transatlantic and... [more]
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Suspected Marine Algal Bloom: Central Coast Beaches and surrounds
Hunter Regional Algal Co-ordinating Committee today advised all residents in the Central Coast, Hawkesbury and Broken Bay areas that marine algal blooms have been detected off NSW Central Coast Beaches.... [more]
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Wooden Boat Festival amid summer fun at the Docklands
Di Pearson,
Fans of wooden boats will be able to get their fill at the Melbourne Wooden Boat Festival which will come to the Docklands precinct on Victoria Harbour in Melbourne, Victoria, from 19-21 February 2010.... [more]
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Marine Industry Positions - Experienced Fiberglass Laminators
Experienced Fiberglass Laminators, with an interest in Sailing preferred required by the Asia-Pacific manufacturers of the Laser dinghy, the top selling boat in the world. Must be experienced with Weight controlled Hand Laminating, competent with air and electrical hand tools.... [more]
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On-line Kayaking Safety tuition now available at Coastguard Education
Coastguard Boating Education .,
Coastguard Education now have available the first of a new series of online, interactive education modules.Small craft, inclusive of Kayak and powered water craft currently represent the fastest growing sector of the market with their users over represented in the drowning statistics.... [more]
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