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01 Oct 2009

Diary Dates


Samoan tsunami drowns visiting cruising sailor

Samoa waterfront after the tsunami  .
Another edition bursting with news from all the world's oceans this week.

Leading the news is the first-hand account from cruising sailors in Samoa of their experiences of the tsunami.

At least one visiting sailor has been drowned in the tragedy.

While the mainstream media glory in the polarised opinions about Sunshine Coast teenager Jessica Watson's proposed round-world voyage after her first-night collision with a bulk carrier off the East Australian coastline, the authorities, the ATSB(Australian Traffic Safety Bureau) and MSB(Maritime Safety Queensland) are still to complete their official reports.

While ATSB are promising a preliminary report on 9th October, a spokesman for MSQ, part of whose report was leaked to local media, said they cannot promise any date for the release of their final report. Read the reports of MSQ's leaked advice to Jessica's parents, and the strong reply that Jessica has given, contradicting the leaked information.

I think that of most interest is the AIS record of the position and movement of the Silver Yang just prior to the incident? Did the bulk carrier change course, inadvertantly heading in Jessica's direction?

Teen adventure sailors are on the increase – read what a new British teenager is about to do...

So much more too in this edition - browse through to see what interests you. The Round Australia Rally scheduled for 2011 is featured heavily this week, and the interest is hotting up. There are more tales by cruising Ozzies on yacht Balvenia to make you envious, and heart warming stories of the Fijian fishermen who saved the yachtie from his burning yacht.

Lake Macquarie is gearing up for the 'Heaven Can Wait' 24 hour yacht event, some inside tips on storm preparation, and Mark Cherrington offers his second instalment of good advice about the cordage on your boat.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sweet sailing to you all

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Cruising sailor swept off dock: Tsunami news
Ernie Kelley, SV Lauren Grace,
The 8.3 earthquake centred about 140 miles southwest of Western Samoa also caught some cruising sailors there unawares with one visiting cruising sailor swept off the dock and drowned in Pago Pago. Ernie and Charlene Kelley of SV Lauren Grace, who were berthed at a marina in Western Samoa sends this report... [more]
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Heaven Can Wait - the Charity donations leaderboard - an update
Event media,
Last year the Heaven Can Wait 24 hour race raised nearly $13,000 for charity and this year the Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club is on track to beat that record with funds now busting through $8,000. In a Heaven Can Wait first, a virtual web based sponsorship race is increasing donations collected for the Cancer Council of NSW and widening audience participation ahead of the 24 hours race and the One... [more]
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Noakes Youth deliveries to cruising paradise
Lisa Ratcliff,
Utilising its established Noakes Youth program and a master class 5 skipper, young sailors looking to get their sea miles up are now available to deliver yachts from mainland Australia to the Kermandie Marina, which offers permanent and casual berthing and boat storage for a fraction of the cost of marina berthing in the major ports.... [more]
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ORCV helps your ABC
John Curnow,
No. We're not talking about your literacy skills. We're talking about a two-part episode of the Australian Broadcasting Commission's, ‘Australian Story'.... [more]
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Major search called while yacht 'happily at anchor'
Sail-World Cruising,
A major search was instigated this week for a sailor who was happily at anchor, because the skipper's friend stopped receiving position reports from the yacht's personal tracker. The moral of the story is 'teach your friends how the tracking system works, or let them know when you intend to stop sending position reports.'... [more]
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The bug spreads - 14-year-old to sail English Channel
Katy Thorpe/Sail-World Cruising,
Now a young British sailor wants to become the youngest British national to sail single-handed across the English Channel. Oliver Hancox, from Devon, is just 14 but a keen sailing enthusiast. After losing his father to cancer last year, Oliver wanted to undertake a challenge which would raise both money and awareness for Cancer Research, but also make his father proud.... [more]
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Overview of the 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally
Ocean Race Media,
Overview of the 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and the 2011 Around Australia Ocean Rally – Key Features explained. Important Key Feature for both the Race and the Rally. Participants can select where on the Coastline of Australia they start in The Race or Rally and finish.... [more]
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2011 Ocean Race and Rally Race Organisation flies around Australia
Ocean Events Media,
Like the song says ‘I've been everywhere man', well not quite but I'm getting close in my travels around the coastline of Australia visiting our Around Australia Ocean Race start/finish ports and our Around Australia Ocean Rally ‘Rendezvous Ports'.... [more]
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Inside tips on storm preparation
Sail-World Cruising,
A new online publication aimed at marinas and yacht clubs outlines proven techniques that could greatly reduce damage to boats and boating facilities whenever a hurricane strikes. The 24-page 'What Works. A Guide to Preparing Marinas, Yacht Clubs, and Boats for Hurricanes,' shares success stories as well as failures of dozens of marinas and clubs that have experienced a hurricane... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie - Split and Hvar, Croatia
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue their tales of sailing in the Mediterranean on their 47 ft yacht Balvenie - this week they are exploring Croatia: As we started our journey south back down the coast of Croatia we were still experiencing a period of very settled weather, clear sunny days with temperatures in the high 20's with low 20's at night, light winds and flat seas and only s... [more]
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Jessica Watson blames instruments for bulk carrier collision
Nancy Knudsen,
Australian 16 year old Jessica Watson, who is aiming for the Round the World youngest sailor record has responded strongly to the Maritime Safety Queensland's damning assessment of the incident where her yacht was involved with a collision with a bulk carrier off the Queensland coast recently.... [more]
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Fishermen save cruising sailor from yacht fire
Fiji Times/Sail-World,
Normally a fishing boat is one of those nuisances you see in the ocean who drag long fishing nets behind them, making it difficult to negotiate around them, or, after sitting quietly for some time, take off at speed in any direction. But the retired doctor sailing in Fijian waters last week may owe his life to four good hearted Fijian fishermen.... [more]
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Venezuela steps up surveillance, but no boat tax for visiting yachts
Glen Tuttle/Sail-World Cruising,
There have been rumours around for weeks, but situation for yachts wanting to cruise in Venezuelan waters now seems to be clarifying. Causing the concern among these yachts already in Venezuelan waters and those intending to cruise there was the new boat tax of 1% of the boat's value to be charged to allow the boat to remain in Venezuela for a six month period.... [more]
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Marine Safety Queensland reports Jessica was probably asleep
Bw Media Roundup,
It was always a mystery. On September 09, 16 year old Jessica Watson, keen to be the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world in her her first night at sea on her yacht, Ella's Pink Lady, collided with a 63,000 tonne Chinese coal carrier, Silver Yang off the southern Queensland coastline at about 2.10am. The questions were many, and now it seems they have been answered.... [more]
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Next phase in marine planning commences in Northern Australian waters
Australian Commonwealth Government Media,
The Australian Government has identified ‘Areas of Further Assessment' in northern Australia as part of its comprehensive planning process to protect Australia's marine biodiversity. Environment Minister Peter Garrett said the areas under assessment are not proposed boundaries for marine reserves or protected areas.... [more]
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Australian marine electronics company GME celebrates 50 years
Tracey Johnstone,
Australian electronics company GME celebrates this year a significant milestone; 50 years of designing and supplying world-class radio communications equipment to the marine industry. Founded in 1959 by avid sailor Ted Dunn, Greenwich Marine Electronics, more commonly known as GME, originally started out as a small, two-way communications company, servicing the land communications market.... [more]
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Power gives way to sail? - Not with a fishing boat
Marilyn Miller/Sail-World Cruising,
In a case that cruising sailors will want to take note of, a sailing boat was recently found to be in the wrong when they filed a complaint about a fishing boat. The investigation found that, in open water, 'a sailing vessel shall keep out of the way of a vessel engaged in fishing.'... [more]
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What would we do without the volunteer rescuers? - Latest news
Chris Carson, Bridport News/Sail-World Cruising,
They are doing it every week in most popular sailing grounds of the world, but the rescue of lone sailor John Orme-Dawson whose boat hit rocks in thick fog off Golden Cap on the Dorset coast in the UK was probably the most hazardous carried out by local rescuers this summer, say officials.... [more]
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Gear of the Year - Cobra's compact hand-held VHF radio
BW Media,
Cobra Marine's amazingly named 'MR HH325 V EU', a compact submersible hand-held radio, has been awarded 'Gear of the Year for 2009' by Practical Sailor... [more]
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Royal Navy to play key role at opening of new Sandringham Yacht Club
Di Pearson,
The Royal Australian Navy is to be at the forefront at the Official Opening of the brand new Sandringham Yacht Club premises in Melbourne on Saturday 3rd October... [more]
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Collision at sea, the unthinkable - Part 2
Nancy Knudsen,
It's the worst conditions so far of our 12-month journey. We're in the narrow Gulf of Suez, dark, with about 30kts gusting 40 on the nose – the engine is helping us through the rocky waves. Ahead and all round are oilrigs, grotesque silhouettes blaring white light into the night. To starboard is a two way shipping lane crowded with monster ships going both ways. We wonder - will they see us?... [more]
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