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Editorial, September 24, 2009.

Steady as she goes, come alongside and step aboard while we bring you up to date with powerboat news from around the world.

Those who live along Australia's eastern seaboard have experienced rarely encountered weather conditions as the coast was deluged with tonnes of red dust caused by massive wind storms in the outback.

Appropriately, NSW Maritime issued some timely warnings to those who need to venture offshore. Overnight we saw two Queensland fisherman in a tinny caught by the red out, go seawards.

That's not the only warning we're here to pass on; with some valuable assistance I have unveiled some of the problems, very real problems, I might point out, with unleaded gasoline carrying 10 percent ethanol (E10).

If you own a boat, don't miss this or there's a strong chance your boat will end up in the workshop.

The Italian Class 1 Offshore Grand Prix is ready to rumble next week (October 2-4) and local fans will be looking to Australia's newly-crowned Class 1 champion Tom Barry-Cotter to continue with his winning form.

Tom lines up at Stresa, Italy, alongside Norwegian ace Pal Virik Nilsen in ‘Maritimo 11', the pair currently holding third place on the Class 1 leader board.

In China, crews are preparing for the second UIM F1 H20 GP and in case you have a few spare dollars you might care to take a look at what is about to be labelled as the world's most expensive (and largest!) privately-owned superyacht.

Only a ‘snip'; at around US$1.2 billion!

Like I said, it's all here on Powerboat-World, where else could you be kept so up to date?

Keep stopping by, you must know by now that we keep the ‘news machine' humming with regular updates.

Bob Wonders

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What would you do with a new Laser? Some will sail them, lots in Masters, Others plan to give it to their Grandkids...but if you've not entered the competition you wont have to think about it!! Have you entered this competition yet? It closes on September 25th, tomorrow -so do it NOW!!... [more]
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Australia's new laser to probe Antarctic atmosphere
Australian Antarctic Division media,
Australia's research into the Antarctic ozone hole and climate will be enhanced this summer with a new high-power laser. The LIDAR shoots a beam of laser light, 20 million times more powerful than a standard electric light bulb. This information helps scientists understand process associated with atmospheric change, particularly those related to the ozone hole.... [more]
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Jessica Watson to set sail- but the real danger might be the motorbike
Bob Wonders,
Repairs to Jessica Watson's 'Ella's Pink Lady' nearing completion, after the vessel's unfortunate collision with a container ship off Stradbroke Island nearly two weeks ago. Her father Roger is worried but is more worried about what might happen after her round the world attempt .'I may have to draw the line somewhere, though, she's spoken about getting a motorcycle when she returns'... [more]
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Shenzhen Winner Selio Staying In Shape For Liuzhou!
F1 media,
The clock is ticking and there's less than two weeks to go before the start of the back to back Grand Prix's in China as the U.I.M. F1 H2O World Championship for power boating heads to Southern China beginning with the race in the lovely city of Liuzhou on the sixth and seventh of October.... [more]
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Ethanol, or E10 – it will never be ‘mates' with boats
Bob Wonders,
Boat owners are advised to avoid using fuel with ethanol added due mainly to three vital problems, Basically, these three major problems are; it can totally dissolve fibreglass or corrode an aluminium fuel tank, it can ‘eat' fuel lines and dissolved elements pass through the best filters into an engine causing fatal damage.... [more]
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NSW Maritime advice for mariners regarding the Sydney dust storms
Neil Patchett,
NSW Maritime advises mariners to exercise caution at this time of reduced visibility. Keep to a safe speed, maintain a proper lookout and show navigation lights.&nlid=<:nlid:>&tbl=<:tableName:>&pwd=<:password:>'>more]
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Class 1 - Something special needed by Welmax at Italian Grand Prix
Class 1 media,
Welmax wheelman, Kolbjorn Selmer, knows that he and Jorn Tandberg must produce something extra special in both races in the Italian Grand Prix in Stresa, 2-4 October, if throttleman Tandberg is to retain his European Crown.... [more]
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Internet 101 - Hits are not people - understanding basic web stats &,
While the internet is now 20 years old, confusion still abounds about the basic recording of visits to websites. When you are being told about the wonderful traffic a website receives, check to see if the claimant has been impressed by the hits, the page views or the unique visitors.... [more]
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Accident at sea: What would you do?
John Keelty,
Do you really know how to use the mandatory drugs in your medical kit? Do you know how and where to correctly give an injection? Do you know how to best prepare a patient with broken ribs or bones for evacuation? Do you know how to assess and monitor your crewmember that has been struck by the boom? Not sure?- then you'll want to know what the CYCA of Sydney is doing... [more]
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Wedding photography afloat in Qingdao,
'Good morning and welcome aboard! ' On a Friday morning in September, Ju Lan, captain of the St. Valentine's sailboat, extended his greetings on Dock C of Yinhai International Yacht Club in Qingdao, a coastal city in east China's Shandong Province.... [more]
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OceanObs'09 - September 21-25 in Venice, Italy
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission,
After a decade of work on integrating Earth - and satellite-based observing networks, thereby establishing new observation methods that have made a tremendous impact on the way climate change and physical oceanic variability is measured.... [more]
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Marine Rescue calls for better maintenance by boaters
Ken Mc Manus,
Chief Executive of Marine Rescue NSW, Glenn Finniss, reports an increasing number of calls for help from boaties with avoidable breakdowns. 85% of all distress calls currently are the result of mechanical, fuel, electrical or flat batteries.... [more]
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WA unveils new package to manage recreational fishing issue
WA Dept of Fisheries,
Fisheries Minister Norman Moore today announced a modified package to manage Western Australia's important recreational fishing sector after extensive talks with interested parties and industry players.... [more]
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Powerboat P1 - Bohinc revels in SNAV Comeback
Powerboat P1 media,
Austrian powerboating legend Hannes Bohinc has admitted he thought the lead established by the mid-way point championship pacesetters would be too great to overcome following the disastrous round in Istanbul in June... [more]
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Simrad NSE – the best in every class
Sandman PR,
The new Simrad NSE series of multifunction displays incorporates best-in-class radar, chartplotter and sonar technology.... [more]
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