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Sail-World USA: 3 September 2009

Some very wet but happy people, including Bruno Trouble and Yves Carcelle (Louis Vuitton) aboard NZL-84 after the finish of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series Final  Richard Gladwell
Welcome Sail-World.Com's USA newsletter for 3 September 2009

The America's Cup world took a major step sideways and forward on Wednesday with the announcement of the Louis Vuitton World Series, and the parallel announcement of the World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA).

Eight teams drawn from various professional circuits have joined the fledgling WSTA, and as we outline in this issue there is plenty more on the bench, if you look at the Volvo teams, TP52 teams, Louis Vuitton Pacific Series teams, and 33 America's Cup entries - when that was a multi Challenger event. While we understand there was some fairly hard talking behind the scenes to get WSTA formed, it is a long overdue bloc on the sailing scene, and one which should have a big and very positive effect on the professional racing side of the sport.

In New York earlier today, the Supreme Court clerk was kept busy receiving motions from both Golden Gate Yacht Club, and an individual. A primary target of both actions is the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the secret agreement signed between ISAF and Societe Nautique de Geneve. We have the details of both motions in this issue.

St Moritz Match Race 2009, Day 1  World Match Racing Tour ©

Large parts of the BMWOR motion are deleted because of the constraints of the ISAF/SNG agreement. However it is clear that there is a lot more water to pass beneath this particular bridge.

Not addressed by Golden Gate YC is the vexed issue of the proposed venue, which we understand will be subject to a visit to Ras al Khamiah, UAE after the conclusion of Ramadan on 19 September. Otherwise the issues before the NYSC are pretty much as we previewed earlier this week.

St Moritz Match Race 2009, Day 1  World Match Racing Tour ©

On the water we have some great action from the International 18ft skiff series including some great wave jumping shots by Erik Simonson.

Staying with San Francisco, we have the preview of the 2009 Rolex Big Boat series.

And from Detroit, Anna Tunnicliffe updates us on her preparation for the Detroit Cup International match race Series.

Stay tuned to www.sail-world.com

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
US Editor


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Golden Gate YC lodges Motion over fairness of Rules for America's Cup
Golden Gate YC Media,
Tom Ehman, of Golden Gate Yacht Club has issued the following statement regarding motions filed in the New York Supreme Court today. 'Our reasons are clear: Recent actions by Société Nautique de Genève (SNG) to unfairly manipulate the rules continue their disturbing pattern of misconduct as Trustee of the oldest trophy in sports.... [more]
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'Bored with going really really fast and doing high speed cartwheels'
Erik Simonson www.MarineMediaAlliance.com,
Erik Simonson from www.MarineMediaAlliance.com was on hand fro Day 3 of the International 18ft Skiff Series in San Francisco 'Bored with going really really fast and doing high speed cartwheels....The boys at the 18 class have introduced a new discipline to their routine...massive wake jumping... you decide the 2009 winner!'... [more]
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18' Skiff International Regatta - Small rigs rule the day
Rich Roberts,
18' Skiff International Regatta report from day three. Big rig or small rig? That was the decision some of the players had to make on day three of the regatta.... [more]
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New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup - Meet the Irish Teams
Media Pro Int'l,
The luck of the Irish will play a big part in the New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup, September 15-19, since not one but two teams from Ireland will be competing. For the chance of winning bragging rights and a new trophy, members of Ireland's Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC), the world's oldest yacht club, founded in 1720 and the Royal St. George Yacht Club will each field a team of amateur sailors... [more]
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Challenge lodged in NY Supreme Court to secrecy of ISAF agreement
Richard Gladwell,
Sailing Scuttlebutt commentator and lawyer, Cory Friedman has filed proceedings in the New York Supreme Court to challenge the confidentiality of the Agreement signed between the International Sailing Federation and Societe Nautique de Geneve. The papers seek a Hearing on 18 September and question the need and propriety of the confidentiality ordered by the Court for the agreement... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: Whois WSTA? (World Sailing Teams Association)
Richard Gladwell,
The big surprise from the announcement of the Louis Vuitton World Series was the disclosure of a new professional sailing teams group, named World Sailing Team Association. Quite where this group sits with the International Sailing Federation remains to be seen. Certainly WSTA are potentially a very powerful group - if they are able to work together behind the scenes... [more]
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Impressive IRC fleet lines up as St. Francis YC to honor Blackaller
Rolex Big Boat Series News,
2009 Rolex Big Boat Series On Wednesday, Sept 9 the St. Francis YC will pay homage to Blackaller, a member of the StFYC who passed away in 1989, with a special presentation lead by Paul Cayard. 'It just seemed logical to do something special to remember such a great personality and great sailor,' said Cayard, a StFYC member who refers to Blackaller as his 'sailing father, someone who had a huge ef... [more]
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49er European Championship Qualifiers - results and images
Event media,
49er European Championship Qualification series ended today, with two more races, in six-seven knots of sea breeze.... [more]
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Tunnicliffe prepares for Detroit Cup International Match Race
Anna Tunnicliffe,
Anna Tunnicliffe reports on her preparation for the 2009 Detroit Cup International Match Race. 'Joining me on the team this week are two members of the team from last week, Debbie Capozzi and Liz Bower. Also joining us is Amanda Callahan from Boston. '... [more]
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2009 29er North Americans at CORK OCR
Kirsten Bjorn,
CORK OCR was host to the 2009 29er North Americans. The 41-boat fleet of mostly Canadians and Americans also included some competitors from as far away as the Cayman Islands and China.... [more]
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World Match Racing Tour - St. Moritz Cup Day one
Tour media,
The twelve teams involved in the St. Moritz Match Race and the quest for the sixth stage of the World Match Racing Tour had a great time today. The conditions were indeed absolutely fabulous, with the sun shining and the thermal breeze growing up to 15-20 knots over the afternoon. Ten flights were completed on day one.... [more]
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2009 Tornado World Championships – Day 3 news and results
Rob Kothe,
On Lake Garda, the morning wind is usually a moderate northerly, which then transitions to a lighter southerly later in the day. After two days of soft conditions organizers devised a cunning plan, two morning races in the stronger breeze but today it just did not happen.... [more]
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