Sailing Bass Strait the hard a Laser sailing boat...Brits complete their solo circumnavigations...Young Endeavour to sail the North West Coast...eight days on a capsized hull...and much more...

03 Sep 2009

Diary Dates


...and Britain rules the waves

Mike Perham arrival off the Lizard in Cornwall  .
Britain can be justifiably proud this week of two remarkable sailors who have finished circumnavigations.

First is the much heralded Mike Perham, that toughened 17-year-old who is now glorying in a hero's reception after eclipsing American's Zac Sunderland's feat as the youngest world circumnavigator.

Then there is Hilary Lister, quadriplegic, who has completed the almost unimaginable feat of sailing round Britain using just her mouth to guide her Artemis 20 sailing boat.

Both must provide inspiration to every seventeen-year-old struggling to find a way forward, to every even-slightly-disabled person - and to the rest of us caught in our daily routines. If you can dare to dream it, you can probably do it!

Ben Morrison-Jack and James Weight showing how they plan to cross Bass Strait in 10 hours  .. .

Now two Victorian sailors have a dream they are determined to fulfill – as soon as the weather is right, they plan to sail across Bass Strait – no big deal? But these guys will do it by kite-board!

They'll have as much fun as the young would-be sailors from the Northern Territory who are just about to sail from Darwin to Broome on the Young Endeavour – what an adventure that will be.

As ever, along with the thousands of cruising sailors enjoying the best life they could have, there was also the usual share of drama on the high seas this week.

Read how a novice sailor lost his skipper overboard and had no clue what to do for three days in the Pacific.

Then there's the deserved survival of three boaters who waited eight days on their upturned hull even after the coast guard had called off the search.

Finally some RNLI rescuers need recognition for their inventiveness in saving a sinking catamaran by shoving the life-raft into the cockpit to keep it afloat.

Mark Cherrington has even more tips for 'cruisier' cruising, and electronics expert Chris Wahler has some valuable advice about the EPIRB on your yacht.

Much more too, so read on, enjoy, and.....

Smooth Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen

Sailing Bass Strait by kite-board
Helen Kempton, The Mercury/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailing across Bass Strait has been done by many thousands of sailors, but long-time racing sailor Ben Morrison-Jack, who has already crossed the Strait four times in the Sydney Hobart Race, will attempt the crossing by a very different kind of sail-powered craft, a kite board, and he will be accompanied by his mate James Weight.... [more]
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Hero quad sailor completes solo sail round Britain
Blackwattle Studios,
Hilary Lister, the inspirational quadriplegic yachtswoman, has completed her ambitious project to sail solo around the British Isles by returning to Dover. She was a day earlier than expected, arriving on Monday. Hilary sailed clockwise along the coasts of Cornwall, Wales, The East Coast of Ireland, Scotland, The Caledonian Canal, The East Coast of England and home to the finish line in Dover... [more]
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Young Endeavour - spectacular sight in Darwin
Sail-World Cruising,
On 23 May Young Endeavour set sail on a six month circumnavigation of Australia - her first in eight years, and this week sailed into the northerly port of Darwin. She has already visited Brisbane, Bundaberg, Mackay, Airlie Beach, Townsville and Cairns, before sailing inside the Barrier Reef to the Tip of Cape York and then across the shallow Gulf of Carpentaria to Darwin.... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie - Croatia's Dalmatian Coast
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue their tales of sailing in the Mediterranean on their 47ft yacht Balvenie. This week they are cruising the renowned Dalmatian coast of Croatia.... [more]
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Legendary yacht Sayonara visits Australian National Maritime Museum
Australian National Maritime Museum Media,
Melbourne-based Sayonara, one of Australia's most graceful historic yachts, will be moored on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, from 7 to 18 September.... [more]
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Eight days adrift on capsized hull - a story of survival
James Pinkerton, Terry Langford/Sail-World,
They were fishermen, not sailors, but once disaster happens, it matters not your method of propulsion, merely how well prepared you are, how determined you are to survive, and the common sense you display. The story of the three fishermen who survived for eight days in the Gulf of Mexico is a heart-warming tale of cool common sense, determination to survive - and lessons learned... [more]
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Mike Perham now youngest person to sail single-handed around the world
17 year-old British sailor Mike Perham has become the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world. His 50ft yacht crossed the traditional Lizard/Ushant line marking the start and finish point of his 30,000 mile record-setting in bright sunshine at 09:47:30 secs (local).... [more]
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Knowing your EPIRB
Chris Wahler,
We all know how vital it can be to have an EPIRB on your yacht, but do you know where to store it and how to deploy it to get the best result? Do all your crew know this as well? Here Chris Wahler from ACR Electronics explains the simple but vital information you need.... [more]
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Even MORE Tips for Cruisier Cruising
Mark Cherrington,
This is Part 3 of a three part series. Mark Cherrington has already given us 10 tips for 'Cruisier' cruising, and this week he gives us his final five. This doesn't mean that there are only 15 tips for 'cruisier' cruising in the world, so if YOU have any more, Sail-World would be glad to hear from you...... [more]
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Dominican Republic - regulation update for bribery prevention
Sail-World Cruising,
Dominican Republic, that 'other half of the Caribbean island of Haiti and long infamous for the bribery necessary for cruising sailors to check into the country, has changed its rules to allow local marinas to carry out the procedures. This has been the result of a long campaign by marinas in the country.... [more]
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Skipper overboard and novice sailor adrift three days
BW Media roundup,
A New Zealand man who had never sailed before he agreed to be crew on a 40ft yacht has been rescued after the British skipper of the yacht he was travelling on fell overboard and was lost in the South Pacific.... [more]
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Australian technology heralding the green future of yachting
Sail-World Cruising,
Australian technology has been used for one of the world's most innovative green superyacht designs. Soliloquy, since Sail-World Cruising first brought news of it some weeks ago, has been getting more than its share of world-wide publicity for its student designer, and it's getting interest from potential new super-yacht owners as well.... [more]
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Incident No. 9 - To sail or not to sail?
MAIB/Sail-World Cruising,
Judgment is for God, but the best mistakes to learn by are other people's. This is especially so with sailing. In this anecdote, the ninth in the series, we present a real sailing situation which was investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), and SIX lessons deduced. Can you identify the lessons? (Find answers at the end of the story)... [more]
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Dutch Court Bans 13-year-old's round world sail - but not the first
BW Media roundup,
The Dutch Court that has taken 13-year-old Laura Dekker into court custody to prevent her from sailing solo round the world is not the first court to have done so - when Laura sailed from Holland to England alone, British authorities put her into a children's home... [more]
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Win a Laser sailing boat!! - value AUD$9,200 - NZ$11,495

What would you do with a new Laser? Some will sail them, lots in Masters, Others plan to give it to their Grandkids...but if you've not entered the competition you wont have to think about it!! Have you entered this competion yet? It closes on September 25th, so do it NOW!!!Enter_online_now!new to win a choice of a Laser 4.7, a Laser... [more]
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Quick thinking an ingenuity saves sinking catamaran
Nancy Knudsen,
Quick thinking and ingenuity on the part of some rescuers has saved a catamaran from sinking after a collision. The lifeboat crew, called to the rescue scene, quickly inflated the liferaft of the catamaran and shoved it inside the cockpit of the sinking boat, thus keeping it afloat... [more]
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Sail Bunaken - What a Spectacle!
Sail-World Cruising,
What a spectacle, but no photos yet! 163 yachts took part in the 'Sail Bunaken 2009' festivities, which celebrated the Republic of Indonesian independence 64th anniversary last weekend in Manado, North Sulawesi province.... [more]
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