Two rescued yachties on a slow boat to law to demand payment for rescues...the Beaufort Scale - what does it mean to you? choked North West Passage...and much more...

06 Aug 2009

Diary Dates


Saddest thing at the boat show

Journalists line up to interview Jessica at the Sydney Boat Show  BW Studios
The saddest sight at the Sydney International Boat Show this week was a sixteen-year-old girl beside a lolly-pink boat being mobbed by reporters, valiantly trying to cope with the kind of media pressure that has driven many a movie star to drugs and worse.

What had she done to deserve these trappings of fame? Nothing.

Nothing yet, because she's sixteen-year-old Jessica Watson, who has the IDEA of sailing around the world, alone, non-stop and unassisted.

Those who surround her maybe have indulged in the media hype for a good reason – after all, the parents of Zac Sunderland (who has just become the youngest alone - not non-stop or unassisted) are reportedly in deep debt after supporting Zac's trip, and are now trying to recoup with the sale of a DVD.

Jessica showing the pressure between interviews  BW Studios
But my sympathy is for a slim lass who is setting off in a lolly-pink boat in September (which seems a bit early anyway if she is to go round the Horn), and should maybe be thinking more about shroud strength, iceberg avoidance and engine maintenance than about what to answer a pod of circling reporters.

As for the rest of the boat show, for a difficult year it was a smashing success. The sun shone, the crowds over the weekend and even on Monday were plentiful and enthusiastic, and the tempo was upbeat.

The halls occupied a smaller space this year, but the pace was busy with interested sailors, and for the stars of the stage show, which included Pete Goss who has just sailed here on a faithfully built Cornish lugger replication of a boat some of his ancestors used, the reception was overwhelmingly warm.

Pete Goss Spirit of Mystery and the lolly-pink Jessica Watson Youngest Around  BW Studios

Outside in the marina, Pete's boat, The Spirit of Mystery, gained more attention on a consistent basis than any other boat on show, and his neighbour, Jessica Watson's lolly pink boat, Youngest Around, was hardly less popular.

Sydney International Boat Show - a great show  BW Studios

There's a great smorgasbord of other news again this week – the much vaunted Around Australia Yacht Race and Rally is well underway for 2011, with almost 50 slot reservations in the bag already.

This edition is also full of news about the newly formed Marine Rescue NSW and you'll want to read about the newest offerings from Martens and Seawind.

On a more practical level, as we don't use the Beaufort Scale in Australia, you might like the article on that method of measuring seastate (not wind), there's another in the Incident Series to test your ability to identify the lessons, and the newest trick on iPhone is a sailing simulator. Internet statistics can also be confusing if you're not 'in the business' and Sail-World's Rob Kothe here explains the difference between Hits and People (Sail-World had 32 million 'Hits' last month)

In International news, Tony Bullimore, now 70, is up to new tricks, sailors attempting the North West Passage this year are finding it choked with ice, and a trimaran has just crossed the Atlantic in three days, a new record for the books. Read about the newest sailor who is using his sailboat for 'oil-free' food deliveries, and the world's largest yacht, the Maltese Falcon, has been sold, but owner Tom Perkins has kept a small memento.

It's all good fun – so much information you'll never read it all - so scroll through the stories to see what interests you.

Read on, have a good week, and...

Smooth Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Rescued sailors on a slow boat to China
Nancy Knudsen,
Two Australian sailors who set off to sail in a rally from Darwin to Ambon in Indonesia never dreamed that they would end up sailing to China. While they were returning home from participating in this year's 'Sail Indonesia' yacht rally they sounded the alarm when they found the integrity of their catamaran had failed and the two hulls were in danger of coming asunder.... [more]
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Flag Etiquette Afloat at the CYCA Parade of Sail
Andrea Treleaven,
Everyone was watching their flag etiquette last Sunday when the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia held their 16th ‘Parade of Sail' on Sydney Harbour. (See the end of this article for some guidelines). They were continuing their long history of tradition with the Blessing of the Fleet by the RAN Chaplain Barrie Yesberg and the use of flag etiquette during the Salute to the Commodore.... [more]
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2011-2012 Around Australia Ocean Rally planning well under way
Ocean Events,
Planning for a big fleet in the 2011-2012 Around Australia Ocean Race & Rally to visit ‘outback Australia' is well underway.' reports Event Director Bob Williams.... [more]
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Are Sailors Cheap?
Tom Lochhaas,
What a question! But I've been wondering about this since a powerboating friend joined me a on a sail recently and he sort of made an accusation to that effect.... [more]
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Ice choked North West Passage stops sailors
Randy Boswell, Canwest News Service/Sail-World,
While the 'Around the Americas' project sloop Ocean Watch waits for the ice to clear in Tuktoyuktuk on the north eastern coast of Canada, the news is not good for them, or the other yachts that are trying to transit the North West Passage this year - the ice is not clearing as expected.... [more]
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Beaufort Scale - sea state, not wind speed
Nancy Knudsen,
' there we were in a Force 8..' 'A what?' '..a Force 8, and the winch jammed...' 'What's a Force 8 mate?' 'It's a bloody big wind - where do you come from?' 'Australia.' 'I see old chap - that explains it. Now can I get on with my story?'... [more]
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Tony Bullimore - trying for another record
BW Media,
You can't keep a good 70-year-old down. Tony Bullimore, 70 this year, the British sailor famous for having survived five days capsized in Antarctica and been finally saved by the Australian Navy, is about to try for another sailing record... [more]
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Two serious weekend emergencies show vital importance of lifejackets
Ken McManus - Marine Rescue NSW,
Two separate marine emergencies on the weekend involved men overboard in extremely cold water and highlighted the critical need to wear lifejackets at sea.... [more]
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Maritime online alert service launched
Marine Business News,
The bar continues to rise, as innovative new online services are being provided to improve boating safety. One of the leaders in this area is NSW Australia. NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi today launched a first in Maritime safety – an on-line alert system to help boat owners and rock fishermen prepare and plan a day out on or near the water.... [more]
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Sold the Yacht, kept the Sub
Sunday Times/Sail-World Cruising,
Tom Perkins, American venture capitalist and owner of the world's biggest sailing yacht the Maltese Falcon, has sold the yacht, but kept the submarine that it carried on board... [more]
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Melbourne's Sandringham Yacht Club new AUD$12.7 million premises
Di Pearson,
Conceived 10 years ago, the new world-class Melbourne facility, costing $12.75 million, is already causing a stir with its contemporary facade and interior. On completion, it will be the most modern yacht club in Australia.... [more]
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Oil-free food by sailboat - a tiny reality
Mary Rothschild, Pacific Northwest/Sail-World,
There are small signs the world over. Over in Europe there's a sailor who is delivering wine by sailing boat, down in the Gulf of Mexico another attempt to convey goods by sailing boat came to a sad end when the boat sank, but now in USA's Puget Sound there's a sailor who has a weekly food order - to be delivered by sailing boat and without using a drop of oil... [more]
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Internet 101 - Hits are not people - understanding basic web stats
Rob Kothe,
While the internet is now 20 years old, confusion still abounds about the basic recording of visits to websites. When you are being told about the wonderful traffic a website receives, check to see if the claimant has been impressed by the hits, the page views or the unique visitors.... [more]
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Buried treasure trove uncovered for trailer sailers
Media Services,
John Crawford Marine at Manly Road, Tingalpa, Brisbane, has created a valuable trailer sailer reference library for the boating public, based on information gathered by the dealership and customers over the past 45 years. It has released digitally reworked marketing brochures, boat tests, reviews and general information and uploaded it ( for free public access.... [more]
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Incident 5:-A bitter 'taste of sailing'- Can you identify the lessons?
MAIB/Sail-World Cruising,
Judgment is for God, but the best mistakes to learn by are other people's. This is especially so with sailing. In this anecdote, the fifth in the series, we present a real sailing situation which was investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), and some lessons deduced. Can you identify the lessons? (Find answers at the end of the story)... [more]
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Five new safety patrol craft for NSW waterways
Brad Schmitt,
NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi said today the purchase of five new patrol boats at a cost of almost $750,000 will provide NSW Maritime safety officers with an increased presence on the State's waterways.... [more]
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Marten Masterpiece
Azzura Marine,
The wait is over. Marten Yachts has launched one of the world's most anticipated performance cruisers - the stunning Marten 67. This marks the beginning of a new era at the company. Based on the hugely successful hull and rig of the Marten 49, the 67 will undoubtedly prove itself on the race course and cruising on the ocean.... [more]
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907 nautical miles in 24 hours - a new record is set
Blackwattle Studios,
If you think you've had a good day when you cover 200 miles, it's hard to get your head around the numbers. French skipper Pascal Bidegorry and his Banque Populaire V trimaran on Saturday covered 880 nautical miles in 24 hours, to set a new record...then they set another and another... [more]
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Marine Rescue NSW Acting Chief Executive appointed
Marine Rescue NSW,
The appointment of Inspector Glenn Finniss, Manager of Marine Search & Rescue for NSW Police, as acting Chief Executive of the newly formed Marine Rescue NSW, was announced by the Premier of NSW, Nathan Rees, at the Sydney International Boat Show.... [more]
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View from the Marina: The girls' view of 'What's in a Name?'
Barb Hansen,
What's in a name? Actually, Juliet, a lot. If it's the name on a boat, you already know something about the man at the wheel. Some are funny. Some are sweet. And some -- Can we talk? -- are recovering from addictions or, worse, they are still chained to their self-medications.... [more]
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SailSim - worlds first dynamic sailing simulator for iPhone/iPod Touch
Jim Holland,
SailSim is a sail training application like no other. When used with the iPhone 3GS (with inbuilt fluxgate compass) it simulates how a dinghy operates in the real world. You physically turn the phone and see the sails, centreboard and speed very as they would in real life. You can set the wind direction, so the sim can be used outside with the iPhone reacting to the real wind!... [more]
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Don't annoy the crocs...
BW Media,
If you intend to cruise the popular cruising ground of the coast of Costa Rica in Central America any time soon, don't rap on the side of the hull with a stick while in the Tempisque River - or if you do, make sure someone has a camera...... [more]
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Mariner Boating Holidays announce the release of the 2010 brochure
Maggie Joyce,
Pick up a copy of our new brochure at the Sydney International Boat Show from July 30. We are in HALL 1, stand 186. While there enter your details for a chance to win Jim Murrant's Boating Bible CD, or one of 5 sail training and reference CDs. One lucky winner will also receive the Joys of Sailing DVD.... [more]
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New law to demand payment for rescues in 'dangerous' countries.
Nancy Knudsen,
If a new French law gains currency around the world, all cruising sailors who visit countries which are on a list of countries 'considered to be dangerous' could be faced with a bill if they get into trouble... [more]
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Ports Minister Tripodi - Progress Report
TetraMedia update,
NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi is generally regarded as an effective Minister who is delivering for the boating community. Here is his speech from the 2009 Sydney International Boat Show this morning in full.... [more]
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Sneak Preview of new 41ft Seawind 1250
Brent Vaughan,
Today Seawind officially announce the new 41ft Seawind 1250 in development, with plans and images being released for the first time.... [more]
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British woman rows the Indian Ocean in 124 days
Sail-World Cruising,
It's not quite sailing, but it's just as green, and those who seek excel always need recognition. Sarah Outen, a 24-year-old biologist from Britain has just become the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean.... [more]
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Newport Rhode Island - Mecca for yachting
Lisa Mylchreest,
If there was one place in the world that could justifiably be called the Mecca of Yachting, it would have to be Newport Rhode Island. Whether you want to see the venue for so many America's Cups, or explore the history of yachting, watch the restoration of wooden boats or just melt into the sailing atmosphere of the trendy foreshore, there's something for everyone.... [more]
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