Yachts burn on Pittwater...iPhone as a sailing gadget Part 3...Sydney Boat Show featured...Around Australia Rally with 70 registrations so far...

23 Jul 2009

Diary Dates


Fire on Pittwater

Newport Anchorage Marina fire  David Bray
Tragedy fire on Sydney's Pittwater heads the news, and the Sydney International Boat Show is bringing some of the cruising people in the news that you've been reading about for months onto centre stage – Pete Goss, Jessica Watson, just to name a couple. Read the story to see where to find them at the show.

Great news that NSW Marine Rescue has been flooded with expressions of interest since the announcement of the amalgamation of the three NSW rescue organisations. Worse news is that of the yacht that collided with a trawler this week – guess who came off worse??

Californian Zac Sunderland is no doubt having a well-deserved rest after becoming the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo – see the photos, while British Mike Perham, who is very likely to break that record in the near future, is stuck fast in Panama, waiting for the bureaucracy of the Panama Canal Authority to give him a transit slot.

If you can't sail away into the sunset yourself, the next best thing is to enjoy the tales from Balvenie, sailing in the Greek Islands, or the Eileen Ogintz tales of taking the kids sailing in Tahiti.

Delightful innovation in this week's best product – Keybuoy, the amazing Danbuoy sort of keyring (what does THAT mean? - read the story), and weather guru Lee Bruce offers some good websites for passage planning when you don't want to pay him for the service.

Over 70 registrations for the Round Australia Rally have been received, and there's more good news about the rally on the way, so....

Scroll down, find the news that interests YOU, and here's wishing you..

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Boats burning on Pittwater
Five large motor cruisers were ablaze this afternoon on Sydney's Pittwater A boat caught fire at Newport Anchorage Marina on Beaconsfield Road, Newport, at 2.30pm and that blaze spread to two boats in the next marina pens.... [more]
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Perfect all-in-one sailing gadget, the iPhone - Part 3
Mark Cherrington,
Apple's much-hyped iPhone has attracted much attention since the global release of the 3G in 2008, with tens of thousands of applications, and more coming. Buried among the many, some of which are rubbish, are others that are excellent and purpose-designed for sailors, as Mark Cherrington describes. This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series.... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie - Saronic Gulf Islands and Athens
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue their tales of sailing through the Greek Islands on their 47ft yacht Balvenie. As we approached the eastern entrance to the island of Poros after a fast beam-reach sail across the Western Aegean from Sifnos, a procession of large and extremely large launches crossed our path.... [more]
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Boating adventurers to star at Sydney Boat Show
Bob Wonders,
Exciting line-up of guests at the Sydney International Boat Show. Over the last week or two we have ‘waxed lyrical' at the multitude of attractions and new releases scheduled to make the show an absolute must on your agenda, and today we can reveal the exciting line-up of guest speakers scheduled to appear on stage in the Better Boating Lounge.... [more]
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Solo teen Mike Perham,stuck in Panama, congratulates 'Youngest around'
Lisa Mylchreest,
Mike Perham, that British teenager who is a little younger than Zac Sunderland, but, like Zac, circumnavigating the world solo, is stuck in Panama waiting for a transit slot. The Panama Canal Authority is heedless of the dilemma of a yacht that wishes to cross the Atlantic before the hurricane season, or even to get home to secure his record as the youngest ever to circumnavigate the world.... [more]
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Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally - the Melbourne Sydney Trophy
John Curnow,
Bob ‘Freight Train' Williams delivered his first Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally participant information session the other night at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. All was on plan. The technology had all been checked and was working. The meetings beforehand had been completed and a nice meal consumed.... [more]
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New NSW Marine Rescue flooded with expressions of interest
Sail-World Cruising,
On Tuesday 21July 2009, the 2,000th Expression of Interest was registered on the website of MARINE RESCUE NSW, the new, single, unified volunteer marine rescue organisation in NSW. “This is very encouraging and indicates a very high level of interest in the new organisation” said Michael Seale, Chairman of the Board of Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol.... [more]
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Second yacht/trawler collision in two months
Roslina Mohamad, The Star/Sail-World Cruising,
The importance of keeping a proper lookout was again underlined this week when a fishing trawler collided with a yacht off the east coast of Australia. It is the second such incident in two months. In May an American citizen lost his life when his yacht collided with a fishing trawler of the east coast of Malaysia and sank... [more]
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Sailing Incident Series No. 3 - Can you identify the lessons?
MAIB/Sail-World Cruising,
Judgment is for God, but the best mistakes to learn by are other people's. This is especially so with sailing. In this anecdote, the third in the series, we present a real sailing situation which was investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), and some lessons deduced. Can you identify the lessons? (Find answers at the end of the story)... [more]
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Coast beckons during the Sydney Boat Show
Jeni Bone,
With commanding views over the marina, Coast restaurant may well be the best vantage point to observe this year's boat show, talk shop or escape from the crowds below. And with an exclusive Boat Show special of a 5-course tasting menu for just $55, it offers value as well as visual appeal.... [more]
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Win $5000 worth of Marina Berthing at any d'Albora location!
Natasha Jacobs,
Don't miss out on your chance to win $5000 worth of berthing at any of our seven d'Albora Marinas located on prime waterways throughout Sydney, Port Stephens and Melbourne. Akuna Bay, Sydney, Cabarita Point, Sydney, The Spit, Mosman, Sydney, Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Pier 35, Melbourne, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney and Victoria Harbour Docklands, Melbourne... [more]
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Keybuoy - how never to lose your keys in the water.
Nancy Knudsen,
Dropping your keys in the water or any other small valuable object is the nightmare no sailor wants to happen. With this new invention by Davis, you can not only drop them in the water and they will float, you WILL BE ABLE TO FIND THEM EASILY. How? Read on...... [more]
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Marathon Sail (Part 2) - Can one man make a difference?
Rob Dowling/,
Rob Dowling is a man who believes 'one man can make a difference'. Driven by his passion and desire to help the children of the Amazon River basin and his love of sailing, Rob undertook on the 3-4th July, a marathon sail around an estuary in Northern Ireland. Here Rob writes part two of his marathon sail and the reasons behind it.... [more]
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Taking the kids sailing in Tahiti
Eileen Ogintz,
Eileen Ogintz, well known American journalist, writes about the trials of travelling with young children. From their home in Connecticut, Ogintz travels with her husband, their three children, Matt, Reggie and Melanie, and other young children in the extended family who serve—not always graciously—as Taking the Kids' special team of experts. Here she describes their sailing holiday in Tahiti... [more]
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He's done it! See the pictures of Zac Sunderland's arrival
Nancy Knudsen,
Zac, eldest of six Sunderland children, son of Marianne and Laurence, and 17-years of age, has become the youngest person to sail solo round the world. See the pictures of his arrival by photographer Lisa Gizara - [more]
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CYCA Associates Annual Parade of Sail and Blessing of the Fleet
Janey Treleaven,
Some of the grand old dames of Australian sailing will play a starring role in the spectacular CYCA Associates Parade of Sail and annual Blessing of the Fleet on Sydney Harbour on Sunday, July 26.... [more]
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2011 Around Australia - Grab a slot reservation now!!
The Sail-World Team,
Start a Good Idea and nothing can stop it!! West Australian Bob Williams launched the 2011 Around Australia Race and Rally with an online newsletter to Sail-World's audience. Its not just a walk in the park, its a 7500 nautical mile race or rally, a major time commitment.... [more]
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Naughtical mishap - American Eagle bites the -er- rock
Blackwattle Studios,
Nobody knows why it happened, but in a naughtical mishap that could have spelled the end of the 92ft American Eagle, the magnificent windjammer sailing boat went aground... [more]
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Managing Your Boat

Over the years, the Whitsundays has emerged the leader in bareboat charter holidays in Australia, with a handful of large fleets that have stood the test of time and gained strong reputations for quality sailing holidays. Many of these fleets in recent years have moved towards catamarans as their preferred boat of choice with Seawind maintaining the lions share of the charter catamaran market.... [more]
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COGOW etc for passage planning - and why you need them
Lee Bruce,
When passage planning, one needs all the help one can get to choose the right time to go, and the right winds to depart in. Next time you're planning a passage, try these websites for the help the can give you. Here Lee Bruce, of OceanMet (a division of Tactical Weather LLC) tells you why these sites can improve your planning:... [more]
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Seawind at Sydney Boat Show
Brent Vaughan,
Seawind Catamarans are looking forward to an exciting Sydney Boat Show with a brand new Seawind 1000XL and Seawind 1160 on display located in berths 57 & 58 of the marina at Darling Harbour (near Pyrmont Bridge).... [more]
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DataDotdna – the most efficient way to deter thieves
Bob Wonders,
Clever technology now offering specific advantage to the marine industry. A DataDotdna marine kit is now available for individuals to easily apply to boats, trailers, outboard engines and general marine equipment.... [more]
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Six attitudes to ocean and climate change - read the survey result..
Bill Mott/Sail-World,
The United States of America is arguably the most influential nation on earth, and climate change is arguably the most vital subject on earth. When the Oceans Project, an organisation dealing with a subject arguably the dearest to a sailor's heart, The Ocean, conducts a survey on what Americans think about the Ocean and Climate Change, the results are illuminating... [more]
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