Around Australia Rally best small sailing gadget, the iPhone...Line 7 Sale...Pete Goss arrives Sydney...New single rescue organisation for NSW...and much more...

09 Jul 2009

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Keeping you up to date...

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Keeping you up to date with what's going on in the non-competitive sailing world is one of the most important of Sail-World Cruising's goals.

...and that includes everything from the practical to the dreamy to the quirky.

If you are anywhere near Sydney this Friday 14th July, it's not to celebrate Bastille Day, but you could do that too. No, it's the end-it-all super-of-all-super liquidation sales of Line 7 gear, and it's happening at Rosebery. Take the day off, tell the boss to go sailing, and get sailing bargains you may never see again.

How would you like to circumnavigate Australia? Seem like an impossible dream? – Sail-World tells you how. It's not until 2011, so you have plenty of time to plan a year away from the rat race to have the experience of a lifetime.

There's more too: This week Mark Cherrington tells you how you can make use of your iPhone for some distinct sailing advantages; and how exactly DID this superyacht(above) end up on the rocks? The question is still hanging.

Pete Goss has arrived in Sydney. If you haven't been following Pete's career - he's the guy that turned his boat around in the Southern Ocean and beat to windward in a downwind boat to save a fellow French competitor. Now he has sailed a Cornish lugger from Britain to Australia, and will be at the Sydney International Boat Show to talk about it.

Stern anchors are in the news this week, and Des Ryan gives you four good reasons why you should make sure you have one on board.

Word comes from those adventurers trying to circumnavigate both the America's – they're stuck in Nome in Alaska.

That hardy quad female sailor Hilary Lister has 'done Ireland, on her way to Scotland' and Crystal Blue's Australian crew Ley and Neil give us some very cruisy bread recipes.

How on earth DID that couple end up on a sandbank in the Conwy River in the Shetland Islands? - HE said she did it, and SHE said he did it, but isn't that always the way?

Read on, have fun, and

Smooth Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

It's happening - the Great Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally
Nancy Knudsen,
Cruising rallies are growing in popularity round the world, so that almost anywhere the cruising sailor wants to go it's possible to join an organised rally, enriching the voyage for the participants, and adding much local knowledge to ease the passage-making. Now there's a new one, one of the most interesting rallies every to be created – the 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race and Rally.&nlid=<:nlid:>&tbl=<:tableName:>&pwd=<:password:>'>more]
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Line 7 One Day Liquidation Sale - this Friday!!!
Media Services,
With the boating icon Line 7 in receivership, there is a one day Liquidation sale this Friday. 10th July - 10am to 6pm Unit 2/3 Mentmore Avenue Rosebery, NSW (near Epsom road) Line 7 Liquidation Sale and everything price to clear... [more]
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Epic voyager Spirit of Mystery arrives in Sydney
NSW Maritime,
Spirit of Mystery, the 37ft replica wooden lugger that has voyaged 12,000 miles from Cornwall to Australia this year, is due to sail into Sydney Harbour today at 8.30am.... [more]
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Volunteer chiefs applaud $3 million to start Marine Rescue NSW
Ken McManus,
'It's the most important advance in marine safety for the recreational boating public in Australia since the Volunteer Coastal Patrol was established in 1937', said Commodore Peter Phillipson, Officer Commanding, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol.... [more]
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Perfect all-in-one sailing gadget, the iPhone - Part 1
Mark Cherrington,
Apple's much-hyped iPhone has attracted much attention since the global release of the 3G in 2008, with tens of thousands of applications, and more coming. Buried among the many, some of which are rubbish, are others that are excellent and purpose-designed for sailors, as Mark Cherrington describes. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.... [more]
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2011-2012 Around Australia Rally - Bob Williams talks about the Rally
Media Services,
Bob Williams, from Ocean Events talks about the 2011-2012 Rally and the optimum times of the year for cruisers to be on various places on the Australian coastline.... [more]
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Investing wisely to save the Great Barrier Reef
A decision support process facilitated and designed by CSIRO, Australian Government Reef Rescue team and the Bureau of Rural Sciences informed the Australian Government's decision about how it allocates more than $50 million between reef natural resource management regions.... [more]
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Child Radio Hoax Costs Rescuers Tens of Thousands

If you have a marine radio, be it on your boat or at a home station, are you sure that small children cannot use it unsupervised? Shetland Coastguard in the UK reports that a suspected hoax call launched an intensive air and sea search which 'cost tens of thousands of pounds.'... [more]
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'Around the Americas', stuck in Nome - and enjoying it
Nancy Knudsen,
The Around the Americas Expedition, on the 64ft Bruce Roberts steel cutter Ocean Watch, making an attempt to circle both American continents, is stuck in Nome, Alaska. The expedition, whose mission is conducting scientific research as well as building local awareness of global warming, cannot proceed because of 'fast ice', blocking their way. Nome, they say though, is not a bad place to be stuck... [more]
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Stern anchors and four reasons you should have one
Des Ryan,
One of the favourite discussion subjects among cruising sailors in sundowners is about anchors. They, after all, are the little items that can give you a good night's sleep, or, if they give way, put you on the rocks. The lowly stern anchor is often forgotten, but a stern anchor can be an excellent addition to the bag of tricks that every cruising sailor needs for safe and pleasant cruising.... [more]
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Give us this day our daily bread - sailing style...
Neil and Ley Langford,
Ley and Neil Langford, long time cruisers on their yacht Crystal Blues, are embarked on serious maintenance on their boat in Thailand. This gives them time to think about the bread-making that has stayed a prominent part of their daily life as a cruising couple, and to offer YOU some good recipes:... [more]
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Skype now standard 'comms' for cruising sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
‘How long has this been going on?' that's what a cruising friend said to me recently when I showed her my Skype set-up. I had to admit I didn't know the answer to that, but it certainly must be every cruising sailor's dream.... [more]
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A day in the life of a coast guard volunteer
Blackwattle Studios,
She's on the bow, watching as they pass through the river delta. He is steering. 'Ok you're doing fine, good go to starboard - starboard!' pause 'Starboard I said. You're not going far enough to starboard. SEE MY HAND - THAT WAY THAT WAY. STARBOARD. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, S T A R B O A R D!'... [more]
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Sailing Incident Series - Can you identify the lessons?
MAIB/Sail-World Cruising,
Judgment is for God, but the best mistakes to learn by are other people's. This is especially so with sailing. In this anecdote, the first of a series, we present a real sailing situation which was investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), and some lessons deduced. Can you identify the lessons?... [more]
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Bright and brilliant, Sun Marine delivers the detailing
Jeni Bone,
The Sun Marine range was developed from experience gathered from over 25 years in the industry, created by Omikron, a company synonymous with the auto industry whose products are revered by people passionate about their precious possessions.... [more]
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Seven yacht crew released but boat burned

Last week there was rejoicing for the seven sailors who were released unharmed by Somali pirates and flew home to the Seychelles. However, celebrations turned darker when it was discovered that the pirates had burned their yacht because insufficient ransom monies had been paid.... [more]
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French Navy saves New Zealand family with six children
Des Ryan,
While French footballers may not be so popular in New Zealand after a French rugby player in New Zealand was recently found to be lying about his injuries, the French Navy has redeemed their nation with the New Zealand sailing fraternity after they came to the rescue of an Auckland family on a dismasted yacht.... [more]
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'Done Ireland, off to Scotland!' - it's Hilary
Nancy Knudsen,
'Done Ireland, off to Scotland, talk to you when I get there.' It sounds like an SMS to one's parents, but there's such a difference - Hilary is a quadriplegic sailor, and she's sailing solo!... [more]
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USA Ethanol argument heats up
Blackwattle Studios,
As the deadline in the USA for federal comment on the introduction of E15 - the putting of 15% ethanol into marine fuel - approaches, the lobbying heats up. BoatUS, the boat-owners association of the United States, is asking all boaters to speak out before the 20th June deadline.... [more]
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OOps! Who was NOT on watch?
BW Media,
At around 04:30 last Saturday morning, strong winds caused the pictured 39metre yacht Pari to drag anchor off Cap Ferrat, located on France's Riviera coastline. She was pushed up against the rocks, in spite of there being two guests and seven crew on board when the incident occurred.... [more]
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