E-passports for yachts - sign of things to come?...mystery yacht found floating...pirates release seven yachtsmen...what to check when buying an outboard...and much more...

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Zac Sunderland set back but bashing on...

Zac Sunderland arriving Puerto Vallarta in Mexico  www.jenedney.com
Zac Sunderland, that intrepid teenager on a boat by the same name who is bashing his way up the coast of Mexico, hit a wave a couple of nights ago which has cracked the chain plates securing his port shroud and threatened his rig.

Intrepid as he is, he has jury-rigged a fix and made it to the holiday resort of Puerto Vallarta where he will make repairs. As he nears the end of the voyage that will make him the youngest sailor ever to circumnavigate, the tension rises, as do the good wishes of the many thousands who now follow his journey.

The dramatic photo on the left is by his camp-following photographer, Jen Edney, as he arrives Puerto Vallarta.

It's never dull on our oceans, and this has been a good news/bad news week. The good news is that seven sailors who had been kidnapped with their yacht while sailing near the Seychelles have been released and are on their way home, and that brave quad sailor Hilary Lister is sailing successfully up the Irish coast on her way round Britain.

Much sadder is the mystery surrounding the French yacht L'Actuel, found drifting without crew in the Atlantic. The story of the bogus yacht purchasers murdering the cruising couple who merely wanted to sell their boat made my hair stand on end when I first heard it.

Two interesting practical articles this week – 'String' sails and whether they have – or will ever have – an application for the cruising sailor; and some very sound advice from Martin Peters for when you acquire that new outboard for the dinghy.

...and that's not all, so skip through the headlines to choose what interests you.

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Mystery yacht found floating without crew
Globe and Mail/Sail-World,
There was just a light breeze by the time the Belgian yacht Genesis spotted the white-hulled sailboat adrift in the middle of the Atlantic. The drifting boat, a French vessel named L'Actuel, was upright, the mainsail still on the mast. The headsail was torn and partly furled. Lines trailed in the water.... [more]
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'E-passports' for yacht safety - is Emirates leading the world?
Haneen Dajani, The National/Sail-World Cruising,
Abu Dhabi's new and revolutionary boating regulations that require all yachts to carry an E-passport has run into trouble with local yacht-owners because of the battery-power the new system uses. Boat owners will be fined if they do not fit electronic trackers used to help coastguards find them in an emergency, security officials said yesterday.... [more]
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Pirates report seven yacht crew released
Alertnet/Sail-World Cruising,
Reports are rife from several sources in Africa that the seven crew of the yacht Indian Ocean Explorer, kidnapped at the end of March this year, have been freed and are on their way home.... [more]
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Buying a new outboard - warranties and maintenance
Martin Peters/Sail-World Cruising,
Having your outboard break down just when you're in the middle of a cruising adventure is likely to spoil your day, if not your whole holiday. So when the time comes to buy a new outboard for your dinghy, you certainly want to have some assurance that it is going to work as the manufacturer promised..... but you have some responsibilities too..... [more]
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Quad sailor Hilary Lister - North along the Irish coast
Sail-World Cruising,
Hilary Lister is aiming to be the 1st disabled sailor to sail solo around Britain. She started in 2008, but mechanical delays caused a delay over winter. She has begun again this year, sailing from Plymouth on the 21st May 2009. Hilary is currently sailing northward along the Irish coast reaching Howth on 21st June. Here is her account of the testing sail across the Irish Sea to Arklow... [more]
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Yacht crew thrown overboard, yacht stolen
The chic Posilippo district in the Bay of Naples was the unlikely scene of a 'pirate' attack this week. An armed gang stole a yacht in the Bay of Naples Thursday night after ramming the vessel and throwing its occupants overboard, police said.... [more]
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Expedition ship Phoenicia sails into the pirate zone
Blackwattle Studios,
The Phoenicia Expedition, Captained by Philip Beale, an English ex-Navy sailor, is attempting to recreate the first circumnavigation of Africa, accomplished by Phoenician mariners in 600BC, in a replica Phoenician/Mediterranean vessel, called, appropriately enough, Phoenicia. They have just completed a four day sail from Hodeidah on the Red Sea coast of Yemen to Aden on the southern coast.... [more]
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135 yachts gather in Darwin for Sail Indonesia Rally
Nancy Knudsen,
There's a lot of painting and cleaning and boat repairing going on in Darwin at the moment. As July 18 gets closer there'll be much partying as well, as 135 yachts gather in the northern port. They are gathering to join the Sail Indonesia Rally that allows them to enter and sail the magic coastlines and islands of Indonesia with a minimum of fuss - they hope.... [more]
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Whale visitor causes alarm for spectators' safety
The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
The Log has reported that a 25ft whale has taken up residence in such a busy channel in Marina del Rey in Los Angeles that it is impossible for boats and ships to obey the '100 yard' separation regulation, and it has been causing marine mammal experts concern for spectators safety.... [more]
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Selling your yacht? Careful who wants to test sail...
Crimesider/Sail-World Cruising,
It was the most natural thing in the world. Tom and Jackie Hawks had spent four years of idyllic cruising together, and now wanted to sell their boat. Some people wanted to buy it, and therefore wanted a test sail. The 'test sail' was to cost them their lives.... [more]
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String sails - Can they be good for a cruising sailor?
Butch Ulmer/Sail-World Cruising,
Many racing sails today are made with 'strings', either continuous, or non-continuous. The question for the cruising sailor is: Can I benefit from this technology - or is it just suitable for racing sailors?... [more]
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Venezuela - check your insurance for war-risk policy removal
Eric Watkins, Penn Energy/Sail-World,
Cruising sailors who have the intention to transit Venezuelan waters or spend the hurricane season there, should check with their insurance company after the announcement this week about London's withdrawal of war-risk policy for the country.... [more]
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Gear Bans can help save reefs
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Banning or restricting the use of certain types of fishing gear could help the world's coral reefs and their fish populations survive the onslaughts of climate change. Around the world corals have been dying at alarming rates, due to unusually warm water events resulting from global warming.... [more]
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Zac Sunderland runs for cover from tropical storm
Pete Thomas, LATimes,
A disturbance in the eastern Pacific is expected to develop into the season's first tropical storm and it's forcing Zac Sunderland to sail for shelter at the Mexican port city of Manzanillo.... [more]
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