Missing sailors found - 'We didn't know...' product safety recall...neat trick to balance your mast...Panama Canal - the story of the dopey Labrador...and much more

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Too much information on the Internet - and much is WRONG

'..but I thought I was doing the right thing.'  .
There's TOO much information on the Internet, and much of it is wildly inaccurate. That's why we at Sail-World Cruising serve a valuable role for the cruising sailor, in bringing you responsible, up-to-date news, gathered into one easy to read format.

..and that news is sometimes vital to your interests (this week a product recall), sometimes merely amusing. There are stories of heroism and idiocy on the high seas, and everything from rally news to the latest technological advances, new inventions, stories of the ocean environment.

This week is no different. If you're interested in non-competitive sailing – just being out there in all that freedom and loving it – then you'll be interested in some of the tales of others doing the same.

Highlights this week include stories of sailors setting out to sail the North-West passage, some Filipinos in a traditional craft setting out for a circumnavigation and the hedonistic Treleavens with more gorgeous tales of their Caribbean experiences.

How to balance your mast the easy way, some mystery deaths of some cruising sailors in a well-known anchorage, the heroism of a quad female sailor doing things never been done before; ... and then there's the story of the Labrador – they were never renowned for their high IQ.

Read on, enjoy, and.....

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Missing sailors found: 'We didn't know what we were getting into..'
Amber Lee, KSBY/Sail-World Cruising,
Two novice Californian sailors who set off from California's Avalon Beach in a 27ft Coronado sailing boat on Thursday 4th June and triggered a search at sea covering over 22,000 miles and involving one aeroplane and two helicopters say they don't plan to stop sailing, and will set off again as soon as the citations against them by coast guard are satisfied.... [more]
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Product Safety Recall: Garmin® BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision v2009
Media Services,
Garmin, a global leader in satellite navigation, announced today that the company is conducting a voluntary product safety recall of the 2009 version of its marine cartography data card known as BlueChart® g2 and g2 Vision. The affected data cards have been sold between April 8, 2009 and June 3, 2009.... [more]
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It's Official: UN declares 'World Oceans Day' for June 08
Nancy Knudsen,
It didn't get the locals all steamed up around my way, but it's a start. The United Nations has declared June 8th as World Oceans Day, and organisations world wide are being encouraged to celebrate the day to preserve our oceans. Maybe World Oceans Day will make more of a 'splash' in 2010.... [more]
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Ocean Watch - the big adventure-with-a-mission starts
Nancy Knudsen,
Ocean Watch, the Sailors for the Sea's Bruce Roberts sailing boat, long in preparation, has left on its voyage to circumnavigate the Americas. See previous http://www.one.sail-world.com/Cruising/Around-the-Americas--High-Adventure-with-a-Mission/51770!Sail-World_story. The steel cutter-rigged sailboat is on a one-of-kind mission to raise ocean awareness and spread environmental activism across tw... [more]
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A neat trick to balance your mast
Nancy Knudsen,
Getting in the dinghy and eyeing off your mast is not the most accurate way to ensure that your boat is properly balanced, but balancing the mast is important to ensure that you go equally well on both tacks.... [more]
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Brave quad Hilary rescued from Force 5 winds
Quad sailor Hilary Lister has had to be rescued when she and her support boat were caught in Force 5 wind against tide conditions, the Royal National Lifeboat Instititute announced today. Hilary is trying to become the first quad sailor to circumnavigate Britain... [more]
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Mystery Deaths of Cruising Sailors in popular anchorage
La Estrella/Sail-World Cruising,
Authorities are mystified by the deaths of two cruising sailors on their yacht Advayta at Amador, an anchorage at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal.... [more]
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Yacht Silent Sound sets off to transit the North-West Passage
BW Media,
Today is the day that yacht Silent Sound is to depart from Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, to transit the North West Passage and bear witness to the signs of climate change. The name of the expedition is the Open Passage Expedition, and they want to reach the Beaufort Sea as the ice opens, which normally occurs in mid- to late-July.... [more]
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Panama Canal Transit - the 'Flats' are open again

Just as it is for ship traffic, the Panama Canal is a vital link for yachts wanting to transit between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Since the overnight demolishing of the long-standing Panama Yacht Club, which catered to the needs of transiting yachts, in March this year, Shelter Bay Marina on the far side of the bay has had a virtual monopoly - until now... [more]
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Dominican Republic - changed regulations to stop bribery
Sail-World Cruising,
Dominican Republic, that 'other half of the Caribbean island of Haiti and long infamous for the bribery necessary for cruising sailors to check into the troubled country, has changed its rules to allow local marinas to carry out the procedures. This has been the result of a long campaign by marinas in the country.... [more]
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Butuan boat ready to circumnavigate the world
On June 5 after 40 days of construction, the now famous Balanghai (pronounced as Ba-la-ngay) Boat is complete, and will soon be transferred to Manila Bay on June 12, 111th Independence Day Celebration, after it finally sets sail on June 24 in time for the Araw ng Maynila.... [more]
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'The Plastiki' on target for recycle journey
Jeni Bone,
As written about in Sail-World Cruising before, there are sad garbage patches in the the oceans of the world, the worst of which is the North Pacific gyre – detritus from the world's habit of throwing rather than stowing its non-biodegradable junk caught in the circular currents of the ocean. The resourceful Plastiki expedition to highlight the problem is on target to leave.... [more]
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Letter from the Indies: Rio Dulce and Guatemala
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven finish their tales for the season of sailing in the Caribbean in their yacht Cape Finisterre: Our entrance over the shallow sandbar into the Rio Dulce is unexpectedly dramatic and the captain's blood pressure rises. Twelve yachts assume the spring high tide to be enough water to cross but three of us don't make it.... [more]
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Graduates of Yacht Restoration School sail their creations
IYRS/Nancy Knudsen,
June 06 is 'Launch Day' for the non-profit International Yacht Restoration School in Newport Rhode Island, when graduates of the school will launch and sail the boats they have restored over the year to see how their workmanship fares under sail.... [more]
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Hybrid remotely operated vehicle reaches deepest part of the Ocean
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
A new type of deep-sea robotic vehicle called Nereus has successfully reached the deepest part of the world's ocean, reports a team of U.S. engineers and scientists aboard the research vessel Kilo Moana. The dive makes Nereus the world's deepest-diving vehicle and the first vehicle to explore the Mariana Trench since 1998.... [more]
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The tale of the Yellow Labrador - loyal, brave, but not very bright

Labradors were always renowned for their bravery, loyalty and friendliness but never for their Mensa standard IQ, and a yellow labrador has just proved the reputation beyond all doubt by protecting his master's runaway yacht so well from coastguards that it ended up on the beach... [more]
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