Watch that Spanish sailor - but don't copy...sail locally celebrate globally, it's Sailstice again... four months jail for firearm on yacht...emergency shrouds, a must-have...and much more...

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Watch that Spanish sailor - but don't copy...

We received so many letters about the Southport bar incident that I thought it worthwhile posting them with the letter, but then so many more arrived I gave up – sorry to those who missed out....

From all over the world we again bring you tales of cruising yachties doing their thing, events happening to celebrate sailing, adventurers young and old setting off across oceans - and some of them getting into all sorts of trouble.

This week there are inspiring events happening, like the young quad sailor Hilary Lister, who is sailing solo round Great Britain with her mouth. There are warning events happening, like the skipper that ended up four months in a Mexican prison for having firearms aboard, and there are structured events featured - like the Blessing of the Fleet happening tomorrow in New York, and the Summer Sailstice, celebrated in 20 cruising nations of the world these days. So are YOU celebrating it?

Finally, if you have a diving and marine biologist background then there's a great sailing experience waiting for you in the South Pacific – in Vanuatu, helping OceansWatch in their reef saving ambitions.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Smooth sailing.

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Spanish sailor's accidental adventure - more photos to believe or not
Nancy Knudsen,
If you thought that the Southport skipper had a difficult time trying to cross the Southport bar last week, spare a thought for the Spanish sailor who was caught trying to return to the harbour in Zumaia, in the Basque country of northern Spain.... [more]
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Four months jail for firearms discovered on yacht
nfw Daily News/Sail-World,
The question of whether to carry a gun on board a yacht for protection has been answered for one American citizen, when he was released from a Mexican jail after more than four months in custody.... [more]
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Rescuing Impy
Asian Yachting/Sail-World,
Over in Rawa Island Resort, 16 km off Mersing Johor in Malaysia, gawking guests have, for the last eight years, been provided with a discussion topic: What was a big racing yacht doing buried up to its proverbial neck in sand?... [more]
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Hilary Lister, quad sailor, about to reach Wales, but short on cash.

Hilary Lister the inspirational quadriplegic sailor will arrive in Wales on Wednesday 3rd June. She will set off from Bude in Cornwall at 14:00 Tuesday afternoon for what is the longest sail of her solo round Britain sail.... [more]
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18th WoodenBoat Show - on again at Mystic Seaport
Nancy Knudsen,
The 18th Annual WoodenBoat show to be held at Mystic Seaport is expected to draw wooden boat enthusiasts from all over both the USA and Europe. It's on June 26-28, just enough time to plan a visit... [more]
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Sailing on Balvenie - north along the Turkish coastline
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue with their tales of sailing northwards along the coast of Turkey on their yacht Balvenie, a 47foot fractional-rigged centre-cockpit sloop:... [more]
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Spanish for Cruisers - a must-have for roving yachties
Capt. Pat Rains/Sail-World Cruising,
As a very large section of the world's favourite cruising grounds are Spanish speaking, having a little book that translates the TECHNICAL terms for cruising is sure to be a winner. From Spain to the Canary Islands, across the entire Caribbean, and much of northern South America - even across as far as Galapagos, the language of choice is often Spanish, with English running a poor second.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Emergency Shroud Kit
BW Media,
Do you have a spare shroud on board? Every yacht owner going on a journey needs to strike a balance between loading the boat so much that it becomes sluggish and slow and being caught in a remote location without the part that you really need. This makes every decision about what to carry a critical one. That's why we've made Colligo Marine's Emergency Shroud Kit the product of the week... [more]
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Five BoatUS tips for the Hurricane season
Even though a tropical storm system weakens significantly as it moves over land, it will often continue to carry a significant punch over a wide area inland -- possibly hundreds of miles from landfall.... [more]
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Spring Blessing for the New York fleet
BW Media,
If you are anywhere near New York and come down to the harbor Friday night you're in for a big surprise, because Friday's the night the sailor have their blessing. All vessels in NY Harbor are invited for a spring blessing, a time honored tradition among mariners to help ensure a safe and prosperous boating season.... [more]
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Diver/sailor wanted for Vanuatu experience
Sail-World Cruising,
If you are a diver/sailor and have some background in marine biology or similar, a dream experience awaits you in Vanuatu in the South Pacific, AND you'll be helping the survival and health of coral reefs and the coastal communities that depend on them... [more]
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What do you do with a captured pirate?
Defence Web/Sail-World,
As navies from around the world confront Somali gangs off the Horn of Africa, a small legal issue is turning into a major problem for the mission and the governments involved: what do you do with the captured pirates?... [more]
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Sail Indonesia Rally - then Sail Bunaken
Antara News,
The Sail Indonesia Rally, which departs Darwin in Australia on July 18 and already has 130 registered yachts, will see an amazing maritime spectacle when they arrive in Bunaken, located at the north of the island of Sulawesi.... [more]
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Sail locally, celebrate globally: it's Summer Sailstice again
Blackwattle Studios,
In the face of tough economies right across the sailing world, the Summer Sailstice celebration for the longest days of the summer that began in California nine years ago is now celebrated almost globally, with all American states and 20 other countries participating worldwide. They are also expecting a greater than usual participation... [more]
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Can you help to save Lively Lady?
Barry Pickthall,
The June issue of Boat News, highlights the sorry story of Lively Lady, the iconic yacht that pioneer sailor Sir Alec Rose, sailed solo around the world back in 1968. The famous yacht has been the subject of a legal dispute since completing a second highly publicised circumnavigation in 2005... [more]
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