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Not on an even keel...

Yacht attempting a bar crossing this week  .
The world's eastern hemisphere seems to be having some exciting sailing – or non-sailing – this week, which has provided those on shore with everything from amusement to horror.

Over in the beautiful Chalong Bay in Phuket some normally excellent sailors had an embarrassing moment or two. The moral of the story is that it's not a good idea to turn turtle in a catamaran if the water isn't quite as deep as your mast is high.

However, the prize series of photos of the week was the so-called 'sailor' who tried to cross a bar seawards in some of the worst conditions experienced this year. These photos sit more at the horror end of the spectrum.

Back to serious sailing news.

Keep up to date with what's relevant to you by by flicking through the various news items.

This week we bring you a wide range of news to inform and entertain: Among the subjects are, for instance, sailing tales from Belize and the Greek Islands; What's new or upgraded in sailing boats; Piracy news; One of the world's most famous and expensive boats for sale.

Worth noting is that there's also more on one of the 'new generation' anchors. Whichever brand you choose, Spade, Rocna, Manson or some other copy, these should soon replace all previous anchors, such is their superiority over the older designs.

Read on, enjoy, and.....

Smooth sailing.

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Sailing with Balvenie - Heading North through Greece
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Amanda and Mark are sailing their yacht Balvenie in the waters between Greece and Turkey, and share their experiences with us: Our plan is to thread our way north through the Dodecanese and Eastern Sporades, trying to zig-zag our way up depending on the winds. Good plan, just not always so easy to put into practice as the wind gods always have the last laugh!... [more]
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Images from 'Bourne End Week'
Lisa Mylchreest/Thames Sailing Club,
Not long after the idea of leisure sailing came to be accepted as a fine thing for English gentlemen to indulge in, the Thames Sailing Club came into being in 1870, and the Thames Rater was born... [more]
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Sailor lost - the hazard of fishing vessels at sea
Roslina Mohamad, The Star/Sail-World Cruising,
The lack of proper lookout on many fishing trawlers was underlined this week when a fishing trawler collided with a yacht and continued without stopping. An American citizen is lost at sea presumed drowned after the collision.... [more]
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Manson - making anchoring safer for you
Richard Gladwell,
Anchors have two uses - the most frequent is to give safe holding in your favored bay or fishing spot. The other is your last line of defence when all else has failed and you have to stop your boat drifting onto nearby rocks, until help arrives. Read this if every you have to anchor a boat; check your anchoring gear against the chart, and check out the awesome video on anchoring at Cape Horn.... [more]
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No advance info goes to Somalis - IMB
Sail-World Cruising,
Rumours have been circulating in the long range yachting fraternity for some time that the whereabouts of vessels is relayed in advance to Somali pirates, and this has given cause to sailors to avoid calling in at ports near the pirate zone, for instance in Eritrea, Oman or India. This was today denied by the International Maritime Bureau in a press release primarily aimed at commercial shipping... [more]
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What's in the news - yachts and yacht shows
Nancy Knudsen,
Out and about looking at what's on, what's new, what's going around and what's coming back - a look at four new products and updates and the shows where they are appearing: a new Marten at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Passports first time appearing at the Helsinki Boat-Afloat, the Bavaria Cruiser 55 at the Palma de Mallorca Boat Show, and the Lagoon 500, winning awards in Shanghai... [more]
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48 hour arrival notification requirement now for Panama

Yachts contemplating being in Panama or wanting to transit the canal any time soon should know of a change in regulations. Joining other countries of the Pacific like Fiji and Australia, Panama is now requesting that yachts notify their arrival into Panama at least 48 hours before their arrival.... [more]
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Study finds surprising new pathway for North Atlantic circulation
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
Oceanographers have long known that the 20-year-old paradigm for describing the global ocean circulation – called the Great Ocean Conveyor – was an oversimplification. But while the conveyor belt paradigm establishes the melody, the subtleties and intricacies of the symphony of global ocean circulation largely remain a puzzle.... [more]
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Yacht departs Southport - see the pictures and believe
Sail-World Cruising,
This 'sailor' decided to commence a passage from Southport in south east Queensland in Australia to Yeppoon, a small town on the central Queensland coast, yesterday. The forecast was seas 9 to 10 mtrs with a storm warning with winds that had at times been recorded at 61 kts at the seaway. He attempted to go out the seaway at 3pm yesterday.... [more]
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Letter from the Indies: Belize, north-west Caribbean

Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue with their tales of sailing in their yacht Cape Finnisterre:From West End on Roatan, Honduras, to the outer atolls of Belize, we have a perfect 80nm daylight sail and manage to hook two beautiful Dorado. As provisions have not been easy, we have become hunters not gatherers.... [more]
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World's most famous yacht is for sale
BW Media,
One of the most amazing superyachts ever built is for sale. Built by Perini Navi for American venture capitalist Tom Perkins in 2006, the clipper sailing luxury yacht Maltese Falcon has been listed for sale on 'JamesList', a global online luxury marketplace.... [more]
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Today's the day that Hilary starts her 'Dream Sail round Britain'

Today's the day when Hilary Lister, 36 year old quadroplegic, will recommence her journey in an attempt to become the first disabled woman to sail solo around Britain... [more]
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Flip Cat - all at Sea (Living)
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
And how deep is the bay just there? 'Er, not quite deep enough.'We don't really have a good story to go with this, but thought you'd like it anyway. And we know that Peter Dyer (owner), and Mike Downard (driver) both have a good sense of humour and are still on speaking terms.... [more]
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Rules proposed to save the world's coral reefs
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
An international team of scientists has proposed a set of basic rules to help save the world's imperiled coral reefs from ultimate destruction. Their proposal is being unveiled at the World Ocean Conference 2009 in Manado, Indonesia... [more]
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