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Another day, another breakthrough

"I got it!" New innovations keep the world exciting  .
I find the changing world of the cruising sailor forever astonishing as our scientists push the limits of knowledge and expand technology.

More and more cruising information is online and up-to-date, new innovations are introduced every day, navigation is getting easier and safety improving.
(Sadly, however, I must add that often they are trying to solve problems that earlier technological 'advances' have caused.)

Just this week is an example. Sailing information for the English Channel has just gone live, there's a another article about the long struggle to introduce ethanol into fuel, there's a nice small innovation for berthing your boat, and also a new antifoul discovery which may be 100% effective AND 100% green!

There's lots of other interest in this edition too:
The reasons why Ellen MacArthur may never race again.
The moving story of the Sea Jade and its skipper's tragic loss at sea.
The Japanese sailors setting out on a recreated reed sailing boat to prove their ancient origins - very awe-inspiring.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Why Ellen MacArthur won't be racing any time soon
Emily Benammar/Sail-World Cruising,
'It would seem hypocritical to continue competitively sailing.' These are the words of Dame Ellen MacArthur, who is currently on a sailing voyage around the British Isles. The 32-year-old says she now has a far more important role to play, with the focus of her attentions on the issue of resource sustainability.... [more]
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Almanac for English Channel now online and free
Des Ryan,
Cruising sailors who wish to sail the English Channel now or in the future will be delighted to learn that the Wiley Nautical Almanac, for years a hard copy publication, can now be downloaded to your computer, completely free.... [more]
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E-15 Gasoline for All? 'Not So Fast' Says Boat Owners Association
Blackwattle Studios,
The ethanol boxing match continues play on the world's centre stage as various lobby groups get into the ring. Now the influential Boat Owners' Association of the United States is putting on its gloves by urging individuals to get involved.... [more]
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Lessons from tragic loss of yacht Sea Jade's skipper
Melania Gosling/Sail-World,
Trying to learn from others' mistakes - and hopefully as a result not making the same mistake oneself - is part of the continuous learning curve that is the life of an ocean sailor. British ship the Gold Rover sailed from St Helena this week to search for the abandoned Cape Town yacht Sea Jade, after an earlier sighting suggested the story of the skipper's tragic end.... [more]
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Sailing the 'Black Current' to find ancestors
Christine Tjandraningsih, Japan Times/Sail-World,
We had no sooner recovered from the sad news of the Chinese sailing boat the Tai Ping, which was sliced in half by a hit-and-run freighter when it was one day from completing its double-trans-Pacific crossing, when another traditional craft has begun a history-proving journey.... [more]
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Whose recession? - Yacht slip sells for US$4 million
Nancy Knudsen,
No, it wasn't the YACHT that sold for a cool four million dollars - it was just the slip. A berthing slip that has just sold for US$4 million at Key Largo's prestigious Ocean Reef Club has set a new record for slip sales... [more]
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New antifoul discovery - 100% effective AND green
Nancy Knudsen,
A spectacular new study has shown there to be a natural fungus that, when added to hull paint, may completely solve the barnacle problem on the hulls of boats in the future.... [more]
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What you need to know about buying an outboard
Martin Peters/Sail-World Cruising,
Unless you are one of those purists (observable along the coasts of most sailing nations) who row their dinghies between shore and sailing boat, then the acquisition of an outboard a must for every yacht owner. Buying a new outboard requires a considerable financial commitment, and you want to get the most value by taking advantage of every promotion, sale, deal, rebate or warranty... [more]
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Product of the Week: Boats need balls for better berthing
BW Media,
Whether you are berthing at a floating dock or not, this product of the week will allow you to walk away from your boat with confidence, knowing TideMinders will prevent chafing in choppy seas or cope with the local tides. Adding convenience and eliminating extra work, a set of TideMinder balls is an inexpensive and efficient way to control dock/mooring lines to better care for your boat... [more]
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Yacht Boundless washed up on beach after crew rescue
BW Media roundup,
A yacht abandoned by three panicked crew after encountering heavy seas between Brisbane in Queensland and Auckland last month has washed up on a beach in New Zealand's north.... [more]
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New Antarctic seabed sonar images reveal clues to sea-level rise
British Antarctic Survey media,
Motorway-sized troughs and channels carved into Antarctica's continental shelves by glaciers thousands of years ago could help scientists to predict future sea-level rise according to a report in the journal Geology this month (May).... [more]
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Largest ever ARC Europe rally fleet starts from Nanny Cay
Peta Stuart Hunt/Sail-World,
In the largest-ever ARC Europe rally, 28 yachts from 12 different countries, crossed the start line off Tortola, British Virgin Islands this week, headed east across the Atlantic.... [more]
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Ask the Experts: Course to Steer - RYA Navigation Handbook
Sail-World in conjunction with Coastguard Education presents another extract from the RYA Navigation Handbook. Here we look at course setting for both short trips and long, plus how to allow for tidal flows when course setting.... [more]
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