Kidnapped sailor returns to Somalia to repair to sleep well when at anchor...polar yacht rescued after 3 knock-downs in 70knots...and much more

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Sailing - the perfect escape....

Could this be you?  .
The woes of the world naturally seep into the world of sailing.

Manufacturers are finding the going tough, boat shows are cancelled and one isolated Pacific island this week decided to turn away yachts for fear of contracting Swine 'Flu.

However, from informal reports to Sail-World Cruising the number of people actually sailing hasn't diminished – rally numbers are holding up, twilights are booming and familiar waterways are just as crowded as ever.

The conclusion must be that sailing is providing the perfect escape from the pressures of landed living.

Perhaps this is even the time to go long range cruising? One could check back in a year or so to see if life on land had improved at all – and if not.... why just keep sailing.....

This week's edition is bulging with cruising news from around the world again, so flick through to see what interests you. There are several useful practical advice stories, the USA's latest top ten boat names to amuse you, and the welcome publication by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) of piracy advice for sailing boats wishing to transit the Gulf of Aden.

Basically they are telling boats to: go in a convoy, sail up the median strip of the transit zone(keeps you away from the ships), keep your AIS on and pretty much everything else off, and let everyone know what you're doing.

Read on, enjoy your week, and...

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Kidnapped yachtie returns to Somaliland to claim his yacht
Nancy Knudsen,
What would you be prepared to do to go sailing? Many people give up their jobs, their families, their homes. But the most extraordinary story of all must be that of one German sailor who has braved a return to Somalia, where he had been kept a prisoner for 52 days by pirates, to mend and retrieve his boat.... [more]

Navigational charts - the easy way
Nancy Knudsen,
Wanting charts? Finding original charts expensive? Tempted to forget paper and rely soley on electronics? Don't forget about Bellinghams. While electronic navigation makes life simple, you only have to have one lightning strike to find out that paper charts just might be a better insurance policy than Lloyds of London.... [more]

Polar yacht crew rescued - three knock-downs in Force 12
Robert Booth, Guardian/Sail-World Cruising,
The British crew of a 'carbon neutral' polar expedition sailing across the North Atlantic have been rescued by an oil tanker after their yacht was caught in a Force 12 (64kts+) storm and knocked down three times in towering north Atlantic swells.... [more]

2009 Earls Court Boat Show cancelled
BW Media,
In what appears just another indicator of the state of the economy in Britain, the 2009 Sail, Power & Watersports Show (formerly the Earls Court London Boat Show) which normally takes place in November each year, has been cancelled, with the next show now scheduled for 2010.... [more]

Phoenicia Expedition - the continuing journey
BW Media,
'Just like the Phoenicians, we will have to secure the ship and wait for the prevailing winds which will turn in August 2009.' These are the words of Philip Beale, leader of the Phoenicia Expedition which is recreating the first circumnavigation of Africa, believed to have taken place some 2500 years ago.... [more]

ISAF publish Guidelines for Prevention of Piracy
The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) announced today the publication of Guidelines for yachts considering a passage through the Gulf of Aden, Yemeni and Somali waters. The International Regulations Commission has been established in accordance with Regulation 41 to provide advice on matters related to the regulation of recreational boats or craft by government actions or otherwise.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: Cienfuegos to Cayo Largo, Cuba
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue with their intriguing story of cruising in Cuban waters and mingling with the Cuban people on their yacht Cape Finnisterre, accompanied by their visiting friends, Pip and Geoff... [more]

Manson - making anchoring safer for you
Richard Gladwell,
Anchors have two uses - the most frequent is to give safe holding in your favored bay or fishing spot. The other is your last line of defence when all else has failed and you have to stop your boat drifting onto nearby rocks, until help arrives. Read this if every you have to anchor a boat; check your anchoring gear against the chart, and check out the awesome video on anchoring at Cape Horn.... [more]

Evidence says French sailor killed by his own commandos
Henry Samuel/Sail-World,
While the French government has not fully admitted it, all the evidence now available tends to confirm that the French sailor held hostage by pirates was shot dead by his own country's special forces.... [more]

1000 Days at sea, and only eight months to go!
Sail-World Cruising,
Reid Stowe has been at sea so long it's easy to forget he's there at all. His goal is to stay sailing out of the sight of land for 1000 days. While the round world sailing record has been bettered, round world cruising rallies have started and finished, and dozens of crew have been air lifted off yachts when the going got too tough, Reid has been sailing, and sailing, and sailing.... [more]

Top 10 boat names - and then the funniest
BoatU.S./ Sail-World Cruising,
How do you go about choosing your boat's name? -and what does a boat name tell you about the boat's owner? The latest list of most popular boat names has again been collected by that non-profit boat owners organisation, BoatU.S., together with suggestions about the boat owner's thinking. What do these names reveal to you?... [more]

Pitcairn Island restricted entry because of Swine 'Flu - update
Sail-World Cruising,
Amendment: The residents of the tiny Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific Island, descendents of the mutineers of the Bounty, have now changed the 'closure' of the island to all incoming yachts for fear of Swine 'flu to a 'restriction'. If readers are aware of any yachts headed for the island, please notify them... [more]

Pirates Ahoy - latest pictures
Paul Gilbert,
If you are cruising the Big Blue Pacific, destination Opua in New Zealand's Bay of Islands, you should be aware of the Pirates that you may encounter.... [more]

Internet 101 - Hits are not people - understanding basic web stats
Rob Kothe,
While the internet is now 20 years old, confusion still abounds about the basic recording of visits to websites. When you are being told about the wonderful traffic a website receives, check to see if the claimant has been impressed by the hits, the page views or the unique visitors.... [more]


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