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06 May 2009                              To reply to this email click here

Editorial May 6th 2009

Welcome aboard, here is the the latest news on boating and boats from across the Asia Pacific region.

For boating enthusiasts, the forthcoming Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (May 21-24) is a wonderful show .

Goes without saying that this is one of the premiere events on the boating calendar and it's almost hard to believe we'll be attending the 21st staging of the show.

Now is a good time to take advantage of the lower air fares on offer around the Asia Pacific and spend a few days ‘swanning around' the Cove. There are more new product launches here than anywhere across the year

On the competition front, it has been action all round – Tasman ‘Cure Kids' has claimed the NZ Rayglass Offshore title, ‘Simrad' has taken out round five of the Offshore Superboat Championships off Newcastle, ‘Anarchy' has dominated the Bridge to Bridge powerboat race with outright and Superclass victories.

All the results, accompanied by some great action images are right here.

Needless to say, boating enthusiasts are always keeping a weather eye on fuel prices – up and down like the proverbial yo yo, we know.

On the horizon, however, there's a chance that marine algae, often cursed by boaters, could become an ongoing source for fuel!

I probably don't need to point out that anchoring correctly often proves a problem for the inexperienced and sometimes experienced skipper – take a look at an NZ-designed and built ‘pick' that can make boating that much easier.

On that making life easier subject, we can report on a major breakthrough in marine radar, some say the biggest and best to emerge since World War II.

I know I don't have to point this out to our loyal readers, but here is where it's all at.

If it floats, if it is powered, if it is of interest it's right here. Enjoy your visit and come back soon.

And to the mothers of the world, a Happy Mothers Day to all from the Powerboat-World team

Bob Wonders

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show poised for 21st anniversary
Jeni Bone,
With just 16 days to go, the SCIBS team says the transformation of the Sanctuary Cove Village into the crucible of marine exhibition is well underway.... [more]

New radar technology brings sweeping change

Emitting less radiation than a mobile phone, a new radar system which is about to be released in Australia is destined to revolutionise the country's $7.8 billion recreational marine industry.... [more]

Six Near new luxury Sunseekers auctioned - Prices here
Media Services,
Under instructions from Ian Hall and Paul Kirk of PricewaterhouseCoopers last Saturday 2nd May 2009 at the Rivergate Marina Complex, in Brisbane, Australia six Sunseekers were auctioned.... [more]

Oil from Algae as close as ten years
Media Services,
It's a case of 'back to the future' for scientists researching extracting oil from algae. Petroleum that we pump from the ground today, is actually composed of ancient algae that mulched over millions of years in to the oil we use for cars and boats and planes. Now we are close than ever to harnessing the power of living algae and replacing fossil fuels with a cost-effective, green alternative.... [more]

Northern Territory rangers keen to learn from local marine managers
Indigenous sea rangers and Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) representatives from Northern Territory recently touched down in Townsville to learn and share knowledge with marine managers and Traditional Owners.... [more]

Manson - making anchoring safer for you
Richard Gladwell,
Anchors have two uses - the most frequent is to give safe holding in your favored bay or fishing spot. The other is your last line of defence when all else has failed and you have to stop your boat drifting onto nearby rocks, until help arrives. Read this if every you have to anchor a boat; check your anchoring gear against the chart, and check out the awesome video on anchoring at Cape Horn.... [more]

Superyacht refits and refurbs are bouyant
Azzura Marine Media,
The depreciation of the Australian dollar and tighter economic climate have sparked an increase in superyacht refit and repair enquiries in Australia, according to Azzura Marine, one of the country's top superyacht specialists.... [more]

‘Anarchy' claims the Bridge to Bridge double
Bob Wonders,
Outright victory and a class win make for a grand day out for Simon McMah. McMah's Bannister Marine hull with a 1400hp turbocharged powerplant, raced over the 112km Hawkesbury River course in a very quick 34 minutes, 13 seconds.... [more]

‘Simrad' turns the tables on team mate ‘Maritimo'
Bob Wonders,
Newcastle a triple victory for Maritimo Offshore Race Team. ‘Simrad', with Peter McGrath on throttles and Luke Durman at the wheel charged over 14 laps of the course in 61 minutes, 26 seconds at an average speed of 138mph (222km/hr) to defeat ‘Maritimo' by more than two minutes.... [more]

Race record shattered in Australian Bridge to Bridge one-up ski race
Mick Kelly,
Record run sets Chris Stout on target for a world title. With Noel Griffin and Bernie Simpson still bleary eyed after working on mechanical gremlins late into the night as well as getting up early to test, they drove the perfect race to take the win.... [more]

Yamaha's New Generation 25hp Four Strokes
Bob Carter,
Never one to rest on its laurels, Yamaha has raised the bar with the release of two new 25hp four stroke models, the F25D and the FT25F. Both engines are sleek and stylish, being easily distinguished by the new graphics and the Yamaha tuning fork emblem mounted on the sleek cowling.... [more]

Rayglass NZ Offshore Powerboat Champs - Round 8 (final), Gulf Harbour
Karen Smith,
Winds of 40 knots off Gulf Harbour caused racing to be postponed for a day, but it was worth he wait for Round 8, the final round of the Rayglass NZ Offshore Powerboat Championships series.... [more]

The 2010 Whyte Just & Moore, Geelong Wooden Boat Festival!
Bob Appleton,
There's no doubt that this Geelong Wooden Boat Festival assembly of well loved wooden boats, ranging from clinker built dinghies, large topsail cutters, putt putts, dories, classic speedboats, yachts, fishing boats, old ocean racers, harbour greyhounds and ex-pilot launches will satisfy the most critical connoisseur in the world of wooden boats and even delight the casual viewer.... [more]

Melbourne Boat Show
Greg Shoemark,
With fuel prices and interest rates at historic lows, the Boating Industry Association (BIA) of Victoria says the 2009 Melbourne Boat Show is perfectly positioned for consumers to buy a new boat or recreational gear to go with it.... [more]

GBRMPA clarification statement - Coral Sea and Zoning Plan review
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Dr Russell Reichelt, on 27th April moved to provide clarification around the agency's management role and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Zoning Plan 2003.... [more]

Windy weather -New Zealand Powerboat finals postponed,
With winds gusting to 45 knots predicted for Saturday afternoon on the Gulf Harbour race course,officials for the round 8, the final round of the 2009 Rayglass New Zealand Offshore Powerboat Championship have rescheduled the two major races until tomorrow when winds should have eased.... [more]

Internet 101 - Hits are not people - understanding basic web stats
Rob Kothe,
While the internet is now 20 years old, confusion still abounds about the basic recording of visits to websites. When you are being told about the wonderful traffic a website receives, check to see if the claimant has been impressed by the hits, the page views or the unique visitors.... [more]

Powerboat P1 World Championship kicks off in Valetta's Harbour
Powerboat P1 media,
Valletta's Grand Harbour will be the impressive setting for the start of the 2009 Powerboat P1 World Championship next week (8th – 10th May). Powerboating has a long and prestigious history dating back over 100 years, with an established following in Malta.... [more]

How cities mine fish stocks
Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
The state of coral reef fish stocks often depends how close they are to markets. Reef fishery stocks are under increasing threat from factors such as global warming, runoff and logging, and overfishing. With over 500 million people worldwide dependent on reef resources, it is crucial to understand what is causing declining stocks,” says Tom Brewer of CoECRS.... [more]

Offshore Superboat Series Returns to Newcastle this weekend
AOPC media,
The fastest Offshore Powerboats in Australia will return to Newcastle for the next round of the Australian championships on the 2nd and 3rd May 2009.... [more]

Marine industries applaud expert review of NSW marine parks
RecFish Australia,
Peak bodies representing recreational fishing, boating industry and the fishing trade industry voiced their strong support for a report recently published by environmental expert, Prof Robert Kearney. It seems that Aust fishing families are the soft target and governments are reluctant to tackle the real environmental threats of pollution, habitat destruction and unconstrained urban growth.... [more]

Greenland's ‘good news' methane finding
Ice core research has revealed that a vast, potential source of the potent greenhouse gas, methane, is more stable in a warming world than previously thought. Massive quantities of methane are locked away in permafrost and in the ocean floors as methane clathrate – an ice-like material which can return to gas if temperatures increase or pressures drop.... [more]

Practical boating tips: Mediterranean mooring
Rob Gibson,
MED MOORING! This is the art of reversing into a space at high speed, while wrapping your anchor cable around the nearest superyacht... right? In this first excerpt from the RYA's 'Practical Boating Tips' series, Coastguard Education shows the easy way of handling this manoeuvre. See links at the bottom of the story for more on Coastguard Education's services and facilities and RYA publications.... [more]

Boat Asia 2009 - a very 'hot property'
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Boat Asia 2009 wrapped up at Singapore's Marina at Keppel Bay yesterday after four days of visitor-melting heat and a tropical rainstorm of epic proportions. We don't have the official numbers yet, but the ‘quick-look-down-the-dock' measuring system suggests that visitor numbers might have been down a little on 2008.... [more]


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