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28 Apr 2009

Why are advertisers moving to the Internet? Value for money!

Advertisers move on link for accountability abd value  
For the last five years advertising on the Internet has powered ahead of any advertising form. The Internet has swept all before it; special interest magazines were first to be affected, then mainstream magazines, radio and now newspapers.

Why? The Internet is an affordable option for small and medium size organisations that want to target a very specific market segment. It delivers value for money.

Guy Phillipson, chief executive of the IAB UK, says advertisers wanted a 'clear return' on their money. 'Accountability is Online's trump card,' he comments.

Of course, the Global Financial Crisis is accelerating the trend as value for money advertising is the only kind that companies can justify. In Australia online advertising has recorded a 27 percent year-on-year growth according to figures released recently by IAB Australia in its Online Advertising Expenditure Report compiled by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

So what does this mean for Marine advertisers?

There is only one Australian marine media group that can deliver serious audiences and accountable online options for advertisers large and small.

Tetra-Media's, and have a monthly circulation of 125,000 boaters, it is easily the largest online marine news source in the Asia Pacific. It provides an unmatched mix of local and international news.

These sites between them run more than 900 stories each month. They have reached such significance that many Marine Events,Clubs and Classes routinely upload all their news direct to our news sites. Over 200 sites take our news feeds, delivering extra exposure for our advertisers.

Developing a wide range of advertising features and options over the last decade, with proven and robust data capture, it allows the Marine Industry to gain visible, measurable ad campaign responses that cannot be found in any other media. Campaigns can be high impact nation wide packages or much lower cost local programs. Either way the emphasis is on delivering value for money.

Recently, one of our advertisers has become so overwhelmed with hot leads, they need a special database just to handle the volume. What a problem to have!

NOW is the time to switch more of your advertising expenditure online. Its quite an easy process, the TetraMedia team helps with ad design and press release content.

You can start an online add package for as little as $195 per month and we deliver high impact custom packages for high end products for $5000 per month.

The most popular packages are in the $300-$1000 per month range.

To find out more, pick up the phone and call Brendan Maxwell on +61249772116 or email

Brendan Maxwell

Can you run a campaign like this in a Magazine? Not in a Million years
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To celebrate the 2009-2010 season, Performance Sailcraft Australasia, the ‘down under' Laser builder has teamed with Sail-World to launch an online interactive competition. Chris Caldecoat, CEO of PSA said this morning he is ecstatic with the response so far. 'We could not get the amazing response we are having from the Sail-World online competition from any sailing magazine advertising campaig... [more]

If we want to start advertising on-line, what do we have to do?
Brendan Maxwell,
Not very much actually... Our graphics team will produce your online banners Good content is the key factor for online marketing, we know many companies don't have the time or staff to produce good content, we can overcome that problem, with our large team of experienced marine journalists. .... [more]

Changing of the Guard as Internet takes over
Brendan Maxwell,
As consumers spend more time on the Internet than in front of television, online marine news have long passed boating magazines as the preferred marine news and information sources. While there are still more than 70 marine print magazines published across the Asia Pacific, their influence continues to wane.... [more]

Keep costs down – you can run local advertising online
Brendan Maxwell,
If most of your customers are in one city or region, don't pay for national advertising. World class sites like TetraMedia's Sail-World, Sail-World Cruising. Powerboat-World and Marine Business News site can set up you advertising so it's only seen by your target audience and you only pay for that target audience... [more]

Online Banner advertising - High impact and brand awareness campaigns
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Online marine audiences are much larger than marine magazine audiences and with the much greater flexibility in interactive online media, advertisers can run different types of advertising campaigns.... [more]

Demand for local and international marine news NOW fuels growth
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As consumers spend more time on the Internet than in front of television, online marine news have long passed boating magazines as a marine news and information source.... [more]

Make sure you choose the right online media group
Jeni Bone,
We have received copious feedback from readers and advertisers regarding the benefits of online vs print, most calling for a closer look at the interesting claims by some magazines and sites of reach and circulation to justify ad rates.... [more]

Internet 101 - Hits are not people - understanding basic web stats
Rob Kothe,
While the internet is now 20 years old, confusion still abounds about the basic recording of visits to websites. When you are being told about the wonderful traffic a website receives, check to see if the claimant has been impressed by the hits, the page views or the unique visitors.... [more]

Online traffic audits will make advertising decisions easier
Brendan Maxwell,
Australia's online marketplace will benefit with the web traffic statistics being reported through the ABA's new Web Audit Service. The service will verify the correct placement and number of tags per page by online publishers and ensure that the web measurement system is capturing web traffic data accurately and reporting in accordance to industry agreed standards.... [more]


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