The crew that panicked...Med mooring made easy... desperate sailors throw children overboard...Gold Coast's Broadwater to be dredged...and much more

23 Apr 2009

Diary Dates


What made these dimwits think they could cross the ocean?

Just being a sailor you are doing a little for the planet  .
The rescue authorities do a fantastic job and there's many a sailor out there who probably owes their survival at least in part to one of the world's worthy rescue organisations.

It therefore saddens me greatly to hear of the stupid or the na├»ve who demand rescue services because they get a little scared or cold when they hit some bad weather – witness this week's story of some dumbums trying to sail from Queensland to Auckland in a perfectly sound boat that wasn't sinking, but had a damaged sail.

Ever heard of needle and thread? Every heard of a jury-rig? What about using the damned bed sheets? O yes the engine was still working, and they were making 50nm a day, and were only 150 miles from shore, but they refused the offer of fuel, which had been kindly helicoptered out to them.

No, the three crew insisted on being air-lifted off the boat, which they abandoned. The Kiwi rescue helicopter pilot who had to perform what is always a testing manoeuvre commented, 'We'll get them to a warm shower.'

On a distinctly lighter note, not many self-respecting Australian sailors like - or even know how to - med moor a boat, specially with lots of people looking on (and specially with a boat that won't reverse where you want it to). Rob Gibson gives his hilarious version of this particular skill.

Great news for Gold Coast sailors - at last they are going to start dredging the Broadwater! If you are a fair skinned sailor there's some good advice by Lynne Fitzpatrick, and this week's featured product is the sailing boat that also... waterskis!

There is a great mix of news from around the world too – that wonderful 75 year-old sailor Minoru Saito, on his eighth solo circumnavigation, has had some bad luck – he is as awe-inspiring as the above crew of three are offensive. Also a little awe-inspiring to this tropical sailor are those weekend cruising sailors who are so keen they keeping sailing when it's snowing – see the pictures!

Finally, Earth Day happened this week, so all of you who sail – along with bicycists, hikers and other non-motorised sports people – can congratulate yourselves that at least in your leisure time you are not harming the planet. Here's a challenge: How many powerboat junkies can you cure this year and convert them to sailing?

Read on, enjoy, and...

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Yacht crew demands rescue - did they panic?
BW Media roundup,
New Zealand rescue resources were used twice this week to go to the aid of the three crew of a yacht in the Tasman Sea, who sited 'sail damage' and 'the fear of running out of fuel' for their demand to be airlifted off their yacht.... [more]

Sail Indonesia Rally is on again - with a changed route
Sail-World Cruising,
The Sail Indonesia Rally is on again for 2009 and will depart from Darwin for Indonesia on July 18. So far an amazing 88 boats have registered their interest for this valuable rally, which introduces yachts as seamlessly as possible to Indonesia and the Asian cruising grounds beyond. The organisers are still taking registrations of interest, and judging by those who missed out in previous years,... [more]

Practical boating tips: Mediterranean mooring
Rob Gibson,
MED MOORING! This is the art of reversing into a space at high speed, while wrapping your anchor cable around the nearest superyacht... right? In this first excerpt from the RYA's 'Practical Boating Tips' series, Coastguard Education shows the easy way of handling this manoeuvre. See links at the bottom of the story for more on Coastguard Education's services and facilities and RYA publications.... [more]

Skin Cancer - the Reality of being a Fair-Skinned Sailor
Lynn Fitzpatrick,
'One of the first skin cancer screenings that I did at a regatta was during the 2001/02 Miami stopover for the Volvo Ocean Race,' said Dr. Steve Horwitz. Steve is sailing's skin doctor. He has been practicing dermatology in Miami for over three decades and has been sailing on Biscayne Bay for longer... [more]

This week's product: The sailing boat that waterskies
Nancy Knudsen,
What a good idea! One of the most interesting and flexible sailing boats in the world is this week's product - a sailing boat that skies. If you are both a sailor and a water skier or wake-boarder, this 26ft sailing boat could be just the thing.... [more]

Whitsunday Sailing School Rallies - new dates
BW Media,
There's no better way to improve your sailing skills than spend a season in the Whitsundays, sailing whenever you can. Take a few lessons, take some more, but THEN you need miles and miles of sailing, and that's where a Sunsail Rally comes in - AND/OR they're great for getting experience before you charter a yacht for a holiday.... [more]

Minoru Saito - Disaster follows Cape Horn triumph
Nancy Knudsen,
Minoru Saito, that legendary 75 year-old Japanese sailor on his eighth circumnavigation has just rounded Cape Horn – for the fifth time – but his glee has been tempered by a storm which has disabled his yacht and driven him back to Punta Arenas under tow.... [more]

Clearing the waters: Council begins dredging Gold Coast Broadwater
Jeni Bone,
The Gold Coast is blessed with plenty of attributes, including its much-promoted golden beaches, World-Heritage listed rainforest reserves and more than its fair share of outstanding businesses, brands and enterprises. But there is no doubt the Broadwater, just north of Surfers Paradise and part of a stretch of water that stretches to Moreton Bay, is the jewel in the region's crown.... [more]

Desperate sailors throw children overboard Cruising,
A disaster was narrowly missed last Sunday when desperate parents on a trimaran threw their children overboard to save them when a collision with launch seemed unavoidable. Their quick action, combined with the fact that they all wore lifejackets, probably saved themselves and the children seconds before their trimaran and a launch collided in the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand.... [more]

Today is Earth Day - sailors for the planet!
Sail-World Cruising,
Sailors help Earth Day, 22nd April. Every moment of every day you sail a boat or ride a bicycle and DON'T drive a power boat or a motor car, you are helping the planet to recover. Here are a few of the facts about global warming from the Earth Day Network:... [more]

Beneteau First 40 replaces the iconic Beneteau 40.7 cruiser racer
Jardine Media,
When the Beneteau 40.7 burst onto Australian Racing scene, she quickly demolished all available competition, winning the IMS Division at Hamilton Island Race Week in both 1999 and 2000. A few years later a 40.7 went on to win both IMS and IRC Divisions of the 2003 Rolex Sydney Hobart. With great handling and an attractive handicap, the 40.7 quickly became the weapon of choice for serious racers... [more]

Major breakthrough in recreational marine radar
Sandman PR,
Lowrance has introduced revolutionary Broadband Radar for use with its innovative High-Definition System (HDS) multifunction displays. The greatest breakthrough in radar since 1940 and the world's first recreational marine Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome, the Lowrance BR24 Broadband Radar represents the next generation of radar safety, affordability and ease of use.... [more]

Seven Sailors' Secrets for NOT gaining kilos in winter.
Nancy Clark/Sail-World,
Winter is fast approaching and the sailing season drawing to a close. Whether you will sail during winter or not, that's the time one tends to gain weight. Here nutritionist Nancy Clark shares Seven Secrets all sailors should know if they want to drop some kilos.... [more]

A Cruising Holiday aboard Raja Laut – Borneo
Maggie Joyce,
Raja Laut sets her sights southwards to the magnificence of Indonesia and Borneo, the third largest island in the world. Malaysian Borneo is blessed by Mother Nature, with imposing mountain ranges, lush rainforests, swollen rivers, a smattering of idyllic islands, and a smorgasbord of natural charm and friendly locals!... [more]

How to extend your sailing season
Nancy Knudsen,
Winter is on the way, but does that mean you will shun sailing? It might be cold on deck, but with the right heating inside, winter sailing, with the steady winds that are so elusive in summer, can be the best sailing of the year. If you think it's cold to sail in Sydney, look at the sailing that hardy Norwegians are loving...with a little help from a diesel ducted heater..... [more]

Will Earthrace become a Whale-saver?,
The next challenge for the bio-diesel fuelled 78 foot trimaran wave piercer Earthrace could be helping to save whales in Antarctica.... [more]

Sailor Students build robot yacht to sail the Atlantic
Science Daily/Sail-World Cruising,
Eight young Swiss sailors - who are also mechanical engineering students - have taken on something big: in the context of their focus project, they are designing a sailing boat to sail autonomously across the Atlantic. They are determined that their creation will be ready to enter the International Microtransat Challenge, which is the first Atlantic crossing race for unmanned yachts, later this y... [more]

Three yacht pirates charged in France
BW Media round-up,
The three surviving pirates who kept four cruising sailors and a three-year-old hostage for a week have been charged with hijacking and false imprisonment in France... [more]

Round the World by sailing boat in 40 days? Is it possible?
Simon Bradley,,
That is what a revolutionary Franco-Swiss 'flying yacht' project aims to achieve, and the project has entered a new phase. So far, the solo record is held by Francis Joyon at 57 days, and the fastest crewed round world record is 50 days by Bruno Peyron. These are both Frenchmen, so it seems if anyone is going to cut 10 days off the current record, it just might be the French.... [more]


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