Excalibur verdict...New world sailing speed records set in Victoria...$5,500 fine for creating a wash...fitting out a new cruising boat...flares - only the best...pirate murder, body now found...and much more

02 Apr 2009

Diary Dates


Knowing your flares...

Are the new generation of laser flares the way of the future?  .
The story about flares this week has a particular poignancy for me. A few years ago while sailing in the Maldives I had occasion to let off a parachute flare when our boat had hit a reef.

Back home we two crew had done all our SOLAS training and let off all the flares we were permitted under controlled circumstances (which does NOT include parachute flares) and thought we were pretty smart.

The parachute-flare recoil in the dark threw me backwards across the cockpit, hitting the back of my head on the coaming, giving me a second degree burn along one arm. The recoil also embedded a deep crescent of bloody imprint of the aft end of the flare on my chest.

Shock and urgency made these injuries merely minor disturbances until the boat was rescued, but they took many weeks of treatment to repair, and the memory has meant I now know all too well that you cannot be too familiar with the operation of the flares on your boat. I also learned that 'it CAN happen to you'.

Whether the boat you sail on is yours or not, be as familiar as possible with the operation of your flares, and, most importantly, keep a pair of leather gardening gloves in the locker with the flares.

A great collection of other news, information and several quirky stories this week.

A guilty verdict was handed down for the chief engineer, but not the keel welder, of the yacht Excalibur which capsized when its keel fell off drowning four sailors in 2002.

No more violent rocking every time a big power boat goes past we hope, since the penalties in NSW for creating a wash in a 'no-wash' zone, have just been increased to a whopping $5,500!

Two of our own Aussie sailors have this week broken the 50 knot barrier, while a British land sailor has hit a new record over 100 knots. The ice sailors have also reminded us that THEY are the fastest sailors on earth, hitting speeds well over 100 knots when they're not even trying to break records!

Peter Salisbury gives us another down-to-earth article on fitting out a new cruising boat – this time on the all-important question of power generation, 'bad anchoring' has been found to have been the cause of three deaths in the Gulf of Mexico, there's a great new competition to win your own Laser sailing boat!

....and don't forget, we love to get your comments, be they positive or negative, and particularly if they are informative!

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

New World Speed Record: Macquarie Innovation breaks 50 - hits 54 knots
Australian sailors Simon McKeon and Tim Daddo leapt back into the history books Thursday night when Macquarie Innovation powered down the Sandy Point speed course, near Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, at an average speed of 50.43 knots... [more]

Excalibur builder guilty of manslaughter

The builder of a racing yacht which capsized off the Australian east coast, after its keel fell off, drowning four delivery crew has been found guilty of manslaughter.... [more]

NOT April 1st Story- 'No wash' zone penalty now $5,500
Sail-World Cruising,
The rules for boating speed and safety are about to be enforced with stiff new penalities in New South Wales, including an increase in the penalty for violating a 'no wash' zone from $40 to a staggering $5,500, with the 'on-the-spot' fine for creating a wash set at $250.... [more]

Win a Laser sailing boat!! - value AUD$9,200 - NZ$11,495
To celebrate the 2009-2010 season Performance Sailcraft Australasia, the ‘down under' Laser builder has teamed with Sail-World to launch an online competition. http://www.laser-sailing.net/sweepstakes_form.cfm?SSid=32!Enter_online_now!new to win a choice of a Laser 4.7, a Laser Radial or a Laser Standard sailing boat, built by Performance Sailcraft Australasia in its Australian factory.... [more]

NSW Shark Meshing Program review placed on public exhibition
NSW Media Services,
The New South Wales State Government's draft review of its shark meshing program has gone on display today with Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald urging interested members of the public to make submissions.... [more]

Distress beacons critical to saving lives
Glen Stanaway,
Yachting Australia recently attended the AMSA AUSSaR Consultative Forum and discussions focussed on the importance of distress beacons in times of emergency.... [more]

New volunteer marine rescue group goes on-line
NSW Maritime,
Preparations for the State's new volunteer marine rescue organisation, Marine Rescue NSW, are well underway with the launch of the group's website.... [more]

Flares - when only the best will do
Chris Edmonston,
How are the flares on the boat that you sail on? Maybe they are in service, but are they the best that could be had? Even more importantly, do you know exactly how to use them? ... and which are appropriate for different purposes? No matter which country you are in, some things stay the same, and here BoatU.S. Foundation, worthy non-profit organisation for boating safety, tells all... [more]

Malacca Strait NOT notorious for yacht piracy
Nancy Knudsen,
Sail-World Cruising would like to point out that, in the interests of providing correct advice to sailors, and contrary to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald (see link in story), the Malacca Straits have NOT been notorious for piracy against yachts for about the last 15 years, and the area is heavily travelled by cruising yachts, both local and international.... [more]

Fitting out a new cruising boat - Part Two, power generation
Peter Salisbury/Sail-World Cruising,
So, after much research, many discussions and a reasonable amount of anguish, you have bought the new cruising boat, and now you have to fit it out. Peter Salisbury here gives the new owner a starting check list of how to decide what to do next, and this week he considers the question of power generation on the yacht, in all its forms. This is Part Two... [more]

Bavaria Yachts Economy Boost - Discount Program
Jamie Millar,
Bavaria Yachtbau has recently announced considerable discounts across their range of production yachts with immediate effect and available until 31 May 2009 (excluding Bavaria 55).... [more]

When doing it better can save your life
Theres Winslow,Hometown Annapolis/Sail-World,
They do it all over the world -they do it in South Africa, they do it in the Mediterranean, they do it in the Caribbean, and they do it in Australia. But nowhere in the world do they do it better than in the sailing-mad city of Annapolis.... [more]

Letter from the Indies - Sapodilla Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue their cruising life around the Caribbean, and spend a week in Turks & Caicos enjoying some of the luxuries of the island and cleaning and maintaining their boat Finnisterre before their journey next week to Cuba.... [more]

109.57 knots makes Richard the fastest sailor on earth
Claire Bates, Mailonline/Sail-World,
While on water Australian sailors Simon McKeon and Tim Daddo have just broken the speed barrier of 50 knots in their sailing boat Macquarie Innovation, a British engineer has become the fastest human on earth powered by the wind alone, in a land sailing boat.... [more]

Bad anchoring results in three deaths - Gulf of Mexico.
Des Ryan,
A 21ft boat carrying four men capsized last month because it was improperly anchored, a Florida agency reported Friday. The four men were on a fishing trip when they went overboard on February 28, only one surviving until rescued. The latest report enumerated a number of errors in the way the boat was handled at anchor that caused the capsize.... [more]

Win a Laser sailing boat!! - value AUD$9,200 - NZ$11,495
To celebrate the 2009-2010 season Performance Sailcraft Australasia, the ‘down under' Laser builder has teamed with Sail-World to launch an online competition. Enter online now to win a choice of a Laser 4.7, a Laser Radial or a Laser Standard sailing boat, built by Performance Sailcraft Australasia in its Australian factory.... [more]

Thai pirate murder - the aftermath (updated)
Nancy Knudsen,
The ragged teenagers who bludgeoned a cruising sailor to death in Thailand may never be tried, and British sailors with the dream of sailing the world are thinking again. This is the aftermath of the latest 'pirate' attack which resulted in the death of British sailor Malcolm Robertson.... [more]

What IS a yacht club? snotty doorman? yuppie larva?...ask the judge.
Nancy Knudsen,
When Judge Herman Cahn ruled that Club Nautica Espanol de Vela (CNEV) was not a real yacht club, and therefore couldn't challenge the America's Cup, he gave us a judge's eye view of 'What is a yacht club'.... [more]

World ARC finishes in the Caribbean's St Lucia
Peta Stuart Hunt,
It was a case of 'follow my leader' as the World ARC fleet gathered together for one last time for the journey from Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay, St . Lucia, for the official finish of World ARC 2008/09. Having cruised up through the southern Caribbean to rendezvous at St.Lucia's Marigot Bay last week, the final 10 nautical miles of their 23,000nm round the world voyage were covered in a spirit of fe... [more]

Have you got the BRIDGE? What? Where?
Des Ryan,
Have you got THE FISHING BOAT? What? Where? Port side under the genny. Fine okay right yes thanks, got it now. Have you got THE BRIDGE? What? Where?...oops... [more]


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