Sailing for the catamaran models specials in the Whitsundays...Charter specials in Pittwater for Easter...fitting out the new cruising boat... piracy waning as Yemenis join the fight...and much more

19 Mar 2009

Diary Dates


New catamarans, new adventures, new whale science...

Disentangling the sedated whale  .
The news coming in to Sail-World Cruising for the leisure sailor is buzzing with interest and variety again this week, and it's exciting just to write about it all.

Keen opportunists for sailing products should be watching at the moment. Read details here of charter specials in Pittwater, Whitsunday holidays to be won, boat bargains everywhere, and for Sydney-siders, The Sturrock Boatique has good news.

On the world's oceans there's interest everwhere.

Over in the Gulf of Aden the Yemenis, once notorious for their own brand of piracy, are leading in the international effort to make the shipping channel safe for ships and yachts. What good news is that!

Down in Tasmania, two young men have crossed the notorious Bass Strait in a 14ft skiff – to help raise money to save the endangered Tasmanian Devil. You can help too - read the article!

Up in Hawaii traditional sailing vessel Hokule'a has set off on a 1000 mile journey to Palmyra Atoll; it's a fascinating craft, and it's gearing up for the big one - that's right, a circumnavigation!

Hokulea-diagram  .. .

...and out in the Atlantic east of the USA a team of marine experts are breaking open the champagne after having successfully sedated a North Atlantic right whale to remove net entangling it.

Speaking of whales, a controversial project to give iron to the Antarctic Ocean has met with much applause and criticism. The group of German and Indian scientists insist that their project will counter the effects of CO2 emissions, giving the waters more of the much needed plankton that whales live on.

This week read of three new exciting models that are being launched by Fountain Pajot, and of the new Lagoon 421 which has some surprises – all evidence of the continued surge in popularity of the cruising catamaran over the single hulled yacht.

Sailing the notorious Bass Strait in a 14ft skiff to save this little guy  .. .

Back to the practicalities of sailing, and Peter Salisbury starts a multi-part article on what to consider when fitting out a new cruising boat, while Tim Knight has helped Sail-World Cruising put together the 12 design tips to make the best sail-cover in the world!

Finally, our remote destination of the week is the Comoro Islands, off the east coast of Africa, a potential stop for cruising sailors taking the round Africa route from Asia to the Med. Harriet and Martin Ottenheimer, who spent 18 months in the islands, describe their entrancing experiences.

Read on, enjoy, and here's wishing you...

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Sailing for the Devil - in a skiff across Bass Strait
Sail-World Cruising,
Two sailors who planned to cross Bass Strait, one of the most difficult crossings in ocean racing, in a 14ft skiff to raise awareness of the near extinction of the Tasmanian Devil, have made it to the other side.... [more]

The Classic Yacht Association of Australia launches new Website
Mark Chew,
The CYAA has relaunched its website. It now provides an elegant, simple tool for owners to monitor activity in Australia, share information about their craft and browse past editions of its quality magazine. The news section covers such subjects as the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, The Southern Trust Regatta in Auckland as well as the Classic Series on Port Phillip, Sydney Harbour and Pittwater... [more]

Win a holiday in the Whitsundays from Whitsunday Rent a Yacht
Whitsunday Rent A Yacht,
Whitsunday Rent a Yacht, the charter specialists, are offering you the chance to win a 'Skipper Yourself' Boat Charter Holiday package, including a food a food and Australian wine package, valued at $2,500. WRAY also have a great Easter special.... [more]

New Marten 49 Debut at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Azzura Marine Media,
The internationally acclaimed Marten 49 will make its Queensland debut at the 2009 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show to be held on the Gold Coast from May 21st – 24th. The uber-stylish cruiser-racer, constructed by Australian yacht builder Azzura Marine, has attracted clients from across the world including London, Germany and the Mediterranean through to Auckland, Sydney and Perth.... [more]

Pittwater charter specials for April - four days for two!
Bw Media,
If you get in early there are some great specials in charters for April in Pittwater. Smart Boating Group are making waves by offering some great deals, and the best news is that they cover the Easter holiday period.... [more]

This week's remote destination: Living in the Comoro Islands
Harriet and Martin Ottenheimer/Sail-World Cruising,
The Comoro Islands are a potential cruising stop for cruising sailors who opt to avoid the Red Sea route from the Pacific to Europe, and Harriet and Martin Ottenheimer lived there for 18 months. They described their experiences to EscapeArtist:... [more]

Boat bargains are beginning to surface
Helena Heidenreich,
As you trawl through the various trader websites, you'll find there are some real bargains on offer in the boat market right now. Certain brands are offering generous cash back deals, while in the pre-owned market there is a good choice of boats available.... [more]

New route and dates announced for Sailing School Rallies
Kim Lehmann -,
Improving your sailing skills in a fun, sociable environment around beautiful tropical islands might sound like a dream come true but thanks to Sunsail Yacht Charters it's a reality.... [more]

Sturrocks Boatique - North Sails nautical fashion exclusive
Media Services,
The Sturrocks Boatique located in Mosman, Sydney is proud to announce the new season's collection of highly sought after Italian nautical fashion brand North Sails. March is the month that sees the famous Sturrocks's Military Road windows transform to bring this high street fashion brand to life and is the feature brand for the month.... [more]

Fitting out a new cruising boat - What to consider, Part 1.
Peter Salisbury,
So, after much research, many discussions and a reasonable amount of anguish, you have bought the new cruising boat. And that is only the beginning, because now you have to fit it out. Peter Salisbury here gives the new owner a starting check list of how to decide what to do next. This is Part One of a two-part series... [more]

Yemenis lead in the challenge to make the Gulf of Aden safe
Nancy Knudsen,
When Yemeni Coastguards figured in a heroic fight against Somali pirates last week, one can't help thinking how times have changed in the Gulf of Aden. Just three years ago, cruising sailors had to watch for Somali pirates to the south and Yemenis pirates to the north. As the Somali threat swiftly became an international crisis, the Yemeni pirates have just as swiftly vanished.... [more]

12 Design tips for the best sail-cover in the world.
Sail-World Cruising,
Having a great sail-cover for your boat makes life at sea so much more comfortable. A sail-cover that offers too much windage, is hard to handle or has to be replaced often through wear, can take some of the fun out of a day's - or a month's - sailing. Here are 12 design tips to remember when having your next sail-cover made:... [more]

First ever whale sedation enables rescue effort
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI),
For the first time ever, a North Atlantic right whale that had been severely entangled in fishing gear, was administered a sedation mixture that made it possible for rescuers to remove 90 percent of the entanglement.... [more]

Booked a Sunsail holiday in Turkey? - important information

Sunsail's yacht charter and flotilla programmes in Turkey are operating full steam this summer, but not Sunsail Clubs. All programmes in Greece, including the Sunsail Beach Club programmes are operating as usual.... [more]

Sailor's strange disappearance now called murder
Sail-World Cruising,
The family of a missing Hobart yachtsman are hiring a private security firm to try to solve a mystery that's still baffling police. It's been seven weeks since Bob Chappell went missing from his yacht Four Winds in Hobart. The yacht was found sabotaged and sinking but there's been no trace of Mr Chappell. And although nobody has been found, the police are treating Mr Chappell's disappearanc... [more]

Hokule'a departs - a tradition restored
KHNLHD/Sail-World Cruising,
After a nail-biting ten day delay to her departure caused by bad weather forecasts, the historic Hokule'a has finally set sail from Sand Island in Honolulu on its latest journey.... [more]

Fire-fighting and fast response boat on Sydney Harbour
Brad Schmitt,
NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has announced a $1 million boost to port safety with the recent purchase of new equipment to help respond to incidents and emergencies on Sydney Harbour.... [more]

Being a bit 'fat' may spell the difference between life and death
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Being a bit fat may spell the difference between life and death if you're a coral facing a bleaching crisis. With the world's coral reefs facing bleaching almost every year by the middle of the century as the oceans warm, a team of international scientists has revealed for the first time how corals can survive or perish in the face of the climatic onslaught.... [more]

'So long and thanks for all the plankton,' say Antarctic whales

The flagship German research vessel of the European Union and her science crew of 50 scientists from Germany, India, and around the world have just finished a controversial project to give iron to the Antarctic Ocean, which they claim has been depleted from the world's oceans by CO2 emissions. Here they tell the story... [more]

Largest ever ARC Europe fleet prepares for transatlantic rally
Peta Stuart Hunt,
May 7th is the start for 36 yachts to enjoy fun and ocean cruising, sailing from the Caribbean to Europe. It was 21 years ago that the concept of ARC Europe first came to fruition when the inaugural event, then named 'TransARC', set off in 1988. In 2000 the rally was re-named 'ARC Europe' to better reflect its association with the world-famous ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers).... [more]

European regulations to cover insurance, AIS
Des Ryan,
The 11 March package approved by the the European Parliament for maritime safety has two ramifications for leisure sailors who visit European ports. The first is mandatory anyway in many European countries, but the second will affect all yachts over 15 metres. This will affects not only European sailors, but those who charter or sail in from other parts of the world.... [more]


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