Phillip Bay Blitz...midnight bulldozer raid destroys yacht club...Pete Goss in Melbourne... Louisiades Cruising Rally this August...Lazy Jacks or Dutchman - the argument for the Dutchman...and much more...

12 Mar 2009

Diary Dates


The boom in yacht rallies

Is it the bonhomie? Australian crew of La Boheme are welcomed to Salvador in the World ARC Rally  .
There is always much happening for the cruising sailor both here and on the oceans and anchorages of the world, and this week was no different.

Rallies are becoming ever more popular, both in the spread, number that operate and the ever increasing participation rate. It is fascinating to ponder the reasons for this.

While rallies take nothing from the responsibility of the skipper, and the concept of their adding safety to your journey is mostly an illusion, there are other allures. It could be the thrill of sighting the rare feather of a sail on the horizon and the resultant VHF conversation, maybe it's the sharing of information before and after the rally, perhaps it's just the bonhomie of spending time with like-minded yachties.

Or is it other allures? Gray Lady's crew celebrate an enroute catch during the rally  .. .

Just this week, the World ARC fleet are finishing their circumnavigation, the Blue Water circumnavigating rally celebrates its uneventful transit of the Gulf of Aden (WITH insurance cover), and there's to be a repeat of the amazingly successful inaugural rally from Cairns to the Louisiades later this year. No matter which seas of the world you sail, these days you'll probably find a rally to join.

There's been not much sailing along the eastern Australian seaboard this week with Hamish dominating the waves. Sailors on the move are hiding in holes anywhere they can, or anguishing about boats left in marinas in Hamish's path. As ever, good forecasts are lifeblood to the cruising sailor.

If you can be anywhere near Melbourne on the 19th March, don't miss the tales that Pete Goss will tell after his sail from the UK to Melbourne in a Cornish lugger. Members of his family made the trip with him, but they received more publicity than they needed when one of them broke his leg in knock-down.

The news that the Panama Yacht Club was bulldozed overnight was a shock to those who know its value in the Panama Canal transit, but unbelievable to those yachties who had already paid for their berths in advance.

Read about the two sailors who had a lucky escape when a gas canister exploded; in the Caribbean the Treleavens are making their glad way through the islands; and a whale-study group is offering a great experience for a skipper with yacht for a project out in the Pacific this August.

In more practical news, one harbour authority is taking a stand on the use of toxic cleaners, there's an eco-friendly mooring system profiled, and we discuss the advantages of using the Dutchman main furling system over the use of Lazy Jacks.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Smooth sailing!

Nancy Knudse, Cruising Editor

Talisker Tales with Pete Goss - 19th March in Melbourne
Sail-World Cruising,
An unmissable event for any sailing enthusiast, when Pete Goss - World renowned yachtsman and 'hero of the high seas', shares stories from his adventures. Fresh off the boat from his latest voyage, will host an intimate one-off talk in Melbourne.... [more]

Phillip Bay Blitz yields 1000 fines
Herald Sun,
The Herald Sun has reported that water police fined more than 1000 boat and jet-ski users over summer for poor safety equipment, and speed and licensing offences... [more]

How much a life? US$1.6 million? Rescue authorities tell
BW Roundup,
The US Coast Guard spent $1.6 million searching for four men lost in the Gulf of Mexico last month when their boat capsized on a boating trip. The men did not have an EPIRB on board. The Coast Guard was quoted as saying the three-day search over more than 20,000 square miles of water required 230 combined hours of Coast Guard aircraft and boats.... [more]

Louisiades Cruising Rally 2009
Event Media,
The Louisiades Yacht Rally will be held again in 2009. After a very successful inaugural Rally last year both the yachties and locals are getting ready for this years event. The rally departs Cairns in September, taking around 4-5 days to make the crossing to these remote islands at the tail of New Guinea... [more]

Sailing for the planet - the adventures they seek
Nancy Knudsen,
David de Rothschild, a sometime polar explorer and all-round adventurer, and one of the Rothschild banking family, is in good company as an environmentalist who makes his point dramatically with his latest sailing project.... [more]

Spirit of Mystery arrives Melbourne
Sail-World Cruising,
Yesterday skipper Pete Goss, better known for his international racing exploits of the past, and his son Eliot, Andy Goss and Mark Maidment (who completed the last of the trip by ambulance with a broken leg) finished their recreation of the 11,800 nautical mile voyage to Port Phillip by seven Cornishmen on the Mystery in 1854... [more]

Algae could fuel cars and jobs
The production of biodiesel from algae could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help to address future fuel shortages and create jobs in rural areas. Dr Tom Beer and his team discovered the humble organisms' green credentials during a detailed life-cycle analysis of the benefits of algal biodiesel.... [more]

Lazy Jacks or Dutchman? - The argument for the Dutchman
Des Ryan,
Most cruising sailors sail short-handed, and there is many a sailor who rejects in-mast or in-boom furling. Here we look at alternatives, and give the argument for the Dutchman Sail Flaking system over Lazy Jacks.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: Dominican Republic
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue with their photo-tales of cruising Caribbean seas in their yacht Cape Finnisterre: The Dominican Republic (DR) port entry is a bureaucratic nightmare and quite expensive. Every port requires reentry and with our timeframe it limits the choices. We also have a short window of good weather and decide to make the most of that opportunity. Our sail of 250nm... [more]

Whale study group needs volunteer yacht for 3 weeks in the Pacific
Nancy Knudsen,
If you 'have yacht, will sail', this might be a whale project worthy of your consideration. Oceans Watch, well known for undertaking marine conservation projects in conjunction with coastal communities in developing countries, has been approached by the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium (SPWRC) for assistance... and are looking for a volunteering yacht for three weeks in August/September.... [more]

Exploding gas canister destroys yacht - two escape
Duncan Eaton, Hampshire Chronicle/Sail-World,
A gas canister which exploded, shooting flames into the air, caused a luxury yacht to burst into flames in the Solent in the United Kingdom this week. The two sailors on board had an amazing escape... [more]

Midnight raid destroys 81-year-old yacht club
Marijulia Lloyd, Panama Star/Sail-World,
Cruising sailors wishing to transit the Panama Canal know the Panama Yacht Club almost as an institution, their home from home while waiting to transit the canal, or a welcome respite when reaching the Atlantic. But it was all history in a matter of minutes at midnight last week when the Panama authorities staged their surprise raid.... [more]

Sturrocks Boatique - North Sails nautical fashion exclusive
Media Services,
The Sturrocks Boatique located in Mosman, Sydney is proud to announce the new season's collection of highly sought after Italian nautical fashion brand North Sails. March is the month that sees the famous Sturrocks's Military Road windows transform to bring this high street fashion brand to life and is the feature brand for the month.... [more]

New law to encourage bio-degradable cleaners
Ambrosia Sarabia, The Log/Sail-World,
In your local harbour or anchorage, what prevents yachts and powerboats from using toxic cleaning materials - soaps, detergents, spirits etc? Is the sealife increasing or decreasing? In one harbour on the west coast of the USA waterfront officials have just taken a stand.... [more]

Product of the Week: Eco-friendly mooring system
Blackwattle Studios,
The moving parts (particularly the heavy chains) of conventional mooring systems can damage or destroy seabeds which serve as vital marine habitats. With no moving parts to come in contact with the seabed floor, the EzyRider Mooring System from Global Moorings Pty Ltd has virtually no impact on the marine environment.... [more]

World ARC Fleet headed for St Lucia
Peta Stuart Hunt/Sail-World,
The choices we make! While the Blue Water round world rally has just been celebrating their uneventful transit through the pirate infested Gulf of Aden, the World ARC cruising fleet is nearing the end of their journey, having circumnavigated via Africa's Cape of Good Hope to avoid the pirate issue... [more]

Win a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo or a Line 7 jacket or pants,
Enter online now to win a choice of a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo, a Line 7 Force Jacket ,or Line 7 Force Vest, a Line 7 Gulf Jacket or Line 7 Gulf pants, or a Line 7 GP Microfleece... [more]

Cyclone Hamish weakens and doubles back and,
The threat posed by the tropical cyclone is continuing to reduce as the Category 3 system moves slowly away from the southern Queensland coast. Cyclone Hamish is expected to be downgraded to a Category 2 storm tomorrow morning and track back north.... [more]


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