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News from the desert...

Lake Eyre Yacht Club  .
News from the seven oceans doesn't normally include news from any deserts, but this week one of the world's largest desert lakes is filling up, and what must be one of the strangest yacht clubs in the world will start sailing again.

If you, or anyone you know, is heading for the Red Sea in the near future, there is some very good advice from a bunch of yachts who have just transited the Gulf of Aden.

If you are in New Zealand, you will be probably be making a bee-line for Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. Make sure you have a look at the Seawind 1160 cruising catamarans at Seawind on B arm. We've been rusted on cruising monohull sailors, but this is the catamaran that will give pause for thought. It has superb living space.

Read about how to save money on boat insurance, the wild range of solutions to how to keep people from chatting on Channel 16, and about the yacht designer with the penchant for the luxurious.

Asgard II sinking in the English Channel  .. .

Finally, Ireland grieved when its National sail training ship sank off the coast of France last year, but now, contrary to all expectations, a salvage attempt may come from a most unusual source.

There are tales of idyllic days in the Virgin Islands and a book review on a sailing tragedy in the Tasman Sea.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Letter from the Indies: Puerto Rico
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue their tales of sailing in the West Indies on their yacht Cape Finisterre: We are now on our way crossing the Mona Passage, an 80nm strait between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Renowned for its strong currents it is a very unpredictable stretch of water... [more]

Channel 16 - the dilemma of how to keep it clear...
Nancy Knudsen,
Last week we published a story which told of a Coast Guard's problems caused by 'Chattering' on Channel 16 during the rescue of a seriously injured yachtman. We asked for responses to how Channel 16 can be protected from irresponsible use. The result was a number of responses, and here is a sample:... [more]

The World's strangest yacht club to sail again
Tim Dornin, Independent Weekly/Sail-World,
They sail on pink oil, they fly from every corner of the world for the opportunity, they sail only catamarans, and they're delighted if they can get a sail at least every couple of years. It's the Lake Eyre Yacht Club, and they are looking towards a sail 'very soon'.... [more]

OceansWatch returns to Papua New Guinea
Jane Pares,
In close co-operation with the world's sailors, divers and academics, OceansWatch undertakes marine conservation projects and offers humanitarian aid to coastal communities in developing countries. Magic Roundabout, OceansWatch lead boat, spent August - October 2008 in Papua New Guinea successfully building relationships with coastal communities and government departments, visiting schools... [more]

Win a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo or a Line 7 jacket or pants,
Enter online now to win a choice of a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo, a Line 7 Force Jacket ,or Line 7 Force Vest, a Line 7 Gulf Jacket or Line 7 Gulf pants, or a Line 7 GP Microfleece.!Enter_here_NOW!new!... [more]

Asgard II - Salvage off again on again...
Blackwattle Studios,
It was only on 23rd February that the Board of Coiste, in discussing the future of Ireland's tragically sunken Asgard II sail training ship, decided not to pursue its salvage. This caused an angry reaction in Ireland, and now, already a solution might have been found... [more]

Gulf of Aden's Pirate Zone - how the yachts are getting through
Peter Seymour/Sail-World,
For yachts wishing to reach the Mediterranean from Asia, it's a vexed question - round the Cape of Good Hope, which normally then involves crossing the Atlantic twice to catch prevailing winds? or through pirate infested Gulf of Aden? If those who decide on the Gulf of Aden, there is some good news.... [more]

How to save money on boat insurance
Boat US,
Don't just pay the bill and forget about it, do some checking. No matter where in the world you live, here are eight great pieces of advice on how to save money on insuring your boat.... [more]

Yacht designer of the 21st Century
Lisa Mylchreest,
He is called Espen Oeino, and he is a Norwegian yacht designer, but not your ordinary run-of-the-mill yacht designer. In fact some call him a genius. He is also the designer that perhaps couldn't have existed at any other time in the history of the world except for the last 20 years. Oeino has very special talents.... [more]

How DOES a sailboat go faster than the wind?
Des Ryan,
One of the intriguing aspects of sailing is that a sailing boat can actually sail faster than the wind, given the right conditions. While even a novice sailor soons learns that this is possible, many a very experienced sailor can't really explain the physics of it. If this applies to you, read on.... [more]

Ten Degrees of Reckoning
Jessica Harrison,
In November 1995, Judy Sleavin, her husband, Mike, and their two young children, 9-year-old Ben and 7-year-old Annie, were sailing off the coast of New Zealand when a merchant ship altered its course 10 degrees and rammed their 47-foot bluewater sailboat, the Melinda Lee.... [more]

Caught whale blocks New York shipping channel
BW Media,
Last year a baby whale made world headlines by keeping Australian authorities and marine biologists busy for days trying to solve the problem of an orphaned baby whale in Sydney waters. Now New York has an adult whale caught in the main shipping channel into the port of New York, disrupting the shipping route. Ships are having to deviate to avoid colliding with the whale.... [more]

Fifteen years old and in training for the 'Big One'

Having sailed on the ocean racing catamaran 'Big Wave Rider' down the east Australian coast, 15 year-old Jessica Watson is getting some Antarctic experience before her attempt to be the youngest person to sail around the world, alone and unassisted.... [more]


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