Cruising couple arrest...Pete Goss to help bushfire victims...Gold Coast's sailing secrets...Sydney Harbour Week...Channel 16 'chatters' endanger sailor's life...and much more

26 Feb 2009

Diary Dates


From high seas rescues to great recipe books...

After 40 days, crew of the Sara finally accept a rescue  .
Keeping you up to date with the world of the cruising sailor takes us at Sail-World Cruising to some pretty strange and contrasting places.

This week is no different as we found ourselves involved in everything from great light-hearted recipe books to the story of the scamming cruising sailors who just might be off to jail very soon.

Pete Goss, renowned sailor and rescue hero of the Southern Ocean, is coming our way, the slow way by hand-built lugger from Britain to Melbourne, and will be helping the bush fire victims by giving talks next month at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.

Up in Sydney they are preparing for Sydney Harbour Week – read how you can be involved; and further north still, Robin Roots tells us what we are missing if we don't sail our boats in South East Queensland.

When are sailors going to respect Channel 16? Coast Guard this week is complaining that they were hampered by 'chatting' on Channel 16 during a rescue to save a sailor's life, and had to repeatedly plead for silence. Must we go to penalties? Is there something lacking in training? Do unqualified radio operators have too much access? If you have an answer let us know.

If you fancy a sail in the Caribbean any time soon there's an article that you must read in this issue, and also the harrowing story of a couple (photo above) who tried for 40 very long days to bring their boat safely to shore from the middle of the Atlantic. They finally had to be winched onto a passing freighter.

Many other tales too – we hear from the Treleavens in the Spanish Virgins, Iridium is offering you the chance to change from Globalstar if you need the coverage that Globalstar cannot provide, and there's a review of a book by one of India's long range sailing heroes, Gulshan Rai.

More too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Cruising couple arrested after two year scam
Nick Britten, Telegraph/Sail-World,
For two years, Jeffrey Coles and his partner Shashi Bacheta sailed on their yacht, sun-kissed and living the carefree life of the cruising sailor. Able to indulge in a passion for scuba diving, Bacheta and Coles occasionally docked their 66ft yacht the Kismet, meeting other cruising yachties and drawing admiring glances from passers-by. That was until they reached the Canary Isl... [more]

Stimulus package - Significant Boost for New Charter Boat Ownership
Jamie Millar,
The Treasurer recently announced a business tax break applying to small and general business as part of the stimulus package. ...We can see no reason why this tax break should not apply to the purchase of new yachts for hire in the charter industry. A new boat will consequently generate an added tax advantage for your business in the first year of ownership – good for you, good for the economy... [more]

Talisker Tales with Pete Goss: Unmissable event for sailing enthusiast
Media Services,
Pete Goss - World renowned yachtsman and 'hero of the high seas', shares stories from his adventures. When he docks in Melbourne at the Royal Yacht Club in March he will have been at sea for five months, travelled 11,800 miles. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the 2009 Red Cross Bushfire Appeal and the Australian Volunteer Coastguard Association.... [more]

Rediscover Sydney Harbour during Sydney Harbour Week March 7 - 15
Sydney Harbour Week media,
Sydney Harbour Week will make a splash 7–15 March, with more than 30 exciting events taking place on and around the water – many of them FREE!... [more]

Destination of the week: Gold Coast to Moreton Bay
Robin Roots,
'What, cruise in the Broadwater and in Moreton Bay' exclaimed old Salty,' It's fine if you are a turtle on a sailboard. Don't you know the Broadwater is a sandpit and Moreton Bay the Devils cauldron?' Listening to old Salty one would think that there is no pleasure in cruising here at all. Yet these two areas can be the most beautiful sailing areas for those who know... [more]

Injured sailor's life endangered by 'chatting on Channel 16'
Blackwattle Studios roundup,
A seriously injured yachtsman's life was further endangered during a rescue operation near the Isle of Wight last weekend because of other sailors ignoring the 'Mayday Silence' during the rescue attempt.... [more]

Iridium announces 'Trade-up' from Globalstar
Blackwattle Studios,
It's no secret to the long range sailing fraternity who have experienced it personally that Globalstar does not reach many parts of the oceans of the world. Now Iridium Satellite has announced that it is launching to the general public its 'Trade-Up to Iridium' program, which provides pricing incentives for customers trading up from Globalstar to Iridium handsets and service... [more]

Recipes from the Squiggly Line
Lisa Mylchreest,
What do cruising sailors do when they stop cruising? Some of them never stop, some of them write books of their mis-adventures, some are just glad not to have had any, and some write recipe books. When Jacqueline and Malcolm Holt on SV Aeolus XC finished their sailing and returned to landed life, Jackie wrote her book.... [more]

Fancy a sail in the Caribbean? Read this.
The Triton/Sail-World Cruising,
With two recent Caribbean sailing murders, including that of Australian sailor Drew Gollan in Antigua, sailors considering a visit in their own boat or a charter holiday to the Caribbean are wondering 'Were they isolated? Or is is too dangerous to go there?' Here one experienced captain gives the inside view to The Triton... [more]

Win a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo or a Line 7 jacket or pants,
Enter online now to win a choice of a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo, a Line 7 Force Jacket ,or Line 7 Force Vest, a Line 7 Gulf Jacket or Line 7 Gulf pants, or a Line 7 GP Microfleece.!Enter_here_NOW!new!... [more]

Letter from the Indies - Spanish Virgin Islands
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Firstly let me explain what the Spanish Virgin Islands are. Belonging to Puerto Rico, they consist of Culebra and Vieques 12nms off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the USA. Given the name for marketing reasons it's very Spanish in all ways including language, food and this makes a refreshing change.... [more]

Survivor tells his story after sailing tragedy off Madagascar
Robert Themer, Daily Journal/Sail-World Cruising,
Last month Sail-World carried stories(see links in article) of the tragic loss of a highly experienced sailor and one of his crew off the coast of Madagascar after their catamaran was pitchpoled and capsized. We also told of the rescue of the third crewman from the rescuers point of view. Now that surviving crewman, Leo Sherman, tells his story to Robert Themer... [more]

Rescue after 40 days adrift in the Atlantic
Nick Pisa, Sky News,
A British couple who, between them, have sailed the Atlantic Ocean a total of 11 times, have been saved from the middle of that same ocean by an Italian tanker after spending 40 days disabled and drifting.... [more]

Bird-free boating with Gullsweep
Sandman PR,
The innovative Gullsweep® bird scarer is a cost-effective and convenient means of ridding your boat of sea birds and their messy deposits. Available throughout Australia from vessel protection specialist Marine Solutions, the unobtrusive and effective Gullsweep® acts as a deterrent which makes gulls uncomfortable enough to select another roosting site.... [more]

The SSS - Now that's REAL sailing
Nancy Knudsen,
The photo here looks like a normal crowd of sailing boats out for a sail, maybe a race, on a grand sunny day. That's all true, except for one thing - 'normal' it is not, as every single boat in the picture is being sailed - singlehanded.... [more]

Calling all reclusive royals - the yacht for you!
PHilippa Kennedy, The National/Sail-World,
Are you a reclusive royal, a discreet duchess or a shy superstar? Yes? Then do we have a deal for you! Suddenly it's not cool to flash your wealth around, as the media are making mince meat of those who turn up to meetings in their private jets or other inappropriate splashes of decadence. This makes a dilemma for the mega-rich. Where does one go for the ultimate luxury holiday away fro... [more]

Book by India's first circumnavigator - Gulshan Rai
Nancy Knudsen,
Last week the Indian Navy announced that one of the members of the Navy will depart on India's first solo sailing circumnavigation of the world, and Sail-World published the story. Thanks to reader Tom Scarff in Thailand, we were reminded that amateur yachtsman Gulshan Rai, had in fact circumnavigated the globe in 1987-88, and 'Sailing the Oceans' is the story of his journey.... [more]


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