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19 Feb 2009

Diary Dates


Why this may be the time to buy your new boat!

The growing deafness of whales - Sperm whale after ship strike  .
As well as dangerous economic conditions, there have been dangerous sailing conditions on our east coast this week, with many of the New South Wales bars looking all but impassable. This will probably reverse itself next week, but not so the economic conditions. Yachts are not selling, manufacturers are putting off staff, and we carry a story this week of a sailing club that has met its demise after 135 years - while down Cronulla way it's the bureaucracy that's sinking their yacht club.

It's not all bad news. It's a very good time to buy a boat, and if you've been putting it off for years, now is your chance, with some excellent information on how to go about getting finance for a yacht in a tough economy.

Jeppesen is adding value to their already invaluable C-map technology, and there's an informative story on the growing deafness of whales, with some new technology to prevent collisions at sea with these marine giants.

It's significant that those sailors least affected by the tumultuous economic world around us are those that are already sailing. Read how in Cape Town this week there was the most extraordinary coincidental meeting of three sailors – three inspiring solo circumnavigators in the midst of their journeys – the youngest and the oldest in the world.

The Circle Van Diemen's Land cruising rally has just begun, with an excellent roll-up of 43 yachts ready to circumnavigate Tasmania, and read how our own homegrown catamaran manufacturer is doing well in tough times.

As ever, keeping you up to date with the latest news in the world of the cruising sailor...

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Jeppesen to add thousands of photos to C-Map Max Charts
Marine News Wire,
Jeppesen Marine, the navigation experts in marine electronic chart technology, announced today plans to add more than 2,000 photos to its C-Map MAX electronic chart database, samples of which are demonstrated here.... [more]

Weather – take care - you're the skipper, you're responsible
Bob Wonders,
Boaters warned of tough conditions off Australia's east coast. Beaches have been closed at popular surfing spots, bars have become treacherous, rivers are swollen and despite what may look like interesting boating conditions to those ashore, good advice would be to stay ashore.... [more]

Marina Profile: Marina Mirage Port Douglas
Fiona Harper,
The tropical resort town of Port Douglas is the closest mainland access point to the Great Barrier Reef, with Marina Mirage Port Douglas a great base for reef and island exploration.... [more]

Cronulla Sailing Club sinking under bureaucracy
Mark Barbeliuk, The Leader,
It has been anything other than plain sailing for Cronulla Sailing Club as a second storey addition remains unoccupied following a dispute with Sydney Water... [more]

Galley Gourmet - throw away the boring food and get adventurous
Lisa Mylchreest,
Planning a sailing trip? How many cans of baked beans Spam do you still have in your galley because you 'thought they might come in handy when stocks were low?' Have you checked just how old those cans are? The truth is that it is so rare that you actually run out of something more exciting to eat that those tins just might rust away.... [more]

Maritime alert: Dangerous boating conditions
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime advises that heavy rain has created dangerous boating conditions in many rivers and creeks along the NSW coast and that conditions will stay hazardous for days to come.... [more]

How to get a boat loan in a tough economy
BoatU.S./Sail-World Cruising,
For boat buyers, getting a loan to finance a new or used boat is much tougher these days as many banks and finance companies have dropped out of the market. However, that doesn't mean money is not available. Here BoatU.S., as a provider of finance for yachts, gives tips from the inside view on how you should go about getting finance from your bank or other financial institution, no matter which... [more]

Fleet of 43 set sail for circumnavigating Tasmania Cruise
Peter Campbell,
The Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation, the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania's biennial cruise around the island state, set sail from Hobart on Wednesday with the fleet of 30 boats making good progress up the east coast in excellent sailing conditions.... [more]

Seawind celebrates new models, strong exports and successful shows
Jeni Bone,
Fresh off the back of a sensational Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Show, Seawind Catamarans is looking ahead to a hectic year of boat shows and steady exports.... [more]

Award winning whale technology protects against collision
Julian Cribb, University of Technology, Sydney,
Once prey to an industry that hunted them almost to extinction, whales today face a new threat – violent encounters with ships and pleasure craft. French biologist Michel AndrĂ© has pioneered a groundbreaking system to prevent collisions between whales and sea-craft.... [more]

Wreck of the Pretty Jane found on beach
Press Release,
A shipwreck missing off Victoria's Ninety Mile Beach for 127 years has re-appeared at Loch Sport, with remnants of its frames and boiler now visible to beachgoers. Heritage Victoria archaeologists believe the wreck is the Scottish-built, iron steamer Pretty Jane, which sunk in 1882 following a collision with the Magnolia.... [more]

US unmanned 'drone' leads to arrest of nine Somali pirates
Andrew Njuguna,,
A safe Gulf of Aden for the passage of both yachts and ships may be coming closer. A drone or unmanned aerial vehicle from the US Air Force has led to the arrest of nine Somali pirates in the 'pirate zone' waters of the Somalia. Now that Britain and the USA have come to an agreement with Kenya that Kenya will accept and try those accused of piracy, more will surely follow.... [more]

Sailing club sinks - world financial collapse 'the death knell'
Nancy Knudsen,
The world's press is full of stories of marine sales falling, yacht manufacturing companies reducing staff and sailing companies merging or closing. But spare a thought for your local yacht club... The Knickerbocker Yacht Club was 135 years old, a club unknown to most of the world, but important to its members, a strong community entity and a place for the youngsters to learn the sport of sail... [more]

A simple lunch for three - the solo circumnavigators
Nancy Knudsen,
It was just a simple lunch for three sailors in Cape Town, a lunch which came about because they just happened to be there at the same time. If they seemed to have a lot to talk about it might have been because they are three solo sailors, currently circumnavigating the world. The extraordinary thing (not that the fact of three solo circumnavigators meeting accidentally in Cape Town isn't extraor... [more]

Rio Dulce: heading for safer waters
Nancy Knudsen,
Appalled by the tragic killing and robberies occurring last year in the magnificent waterways of the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, local businesses have been taking action since November to rid themselves of the criminal element on the river and make it safe for the long range sailor.... [more]

Win a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo or a Line 7 jacket or pants,
Enter online now to win a choice of a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo, a Line 7 Force Jacket ,or Line 7 Force Vest, a Line 7 Gulf Jacket or Line 7 Gulf pants, or a Line 7 GP Microfleece.!Enter_here_NOW!new!... [more]

First Indian sailor to make circumnavigation on yacht Mhadei
DNA/Sail-World Cruising,
India's maiden mission to solo circumnavigate the globe will be attempted on a sail boat made on the island of Divar and named ‘Mhadei'. No boat flying the Indian flag has undertaken a solo circumnavigation under sails. Mumbai-based Commander Dilip Donde, 41, of the Indian Navy casts away on August 15 from Mumbai, on a journey estimated to take nine months.... [more]

Brisbane Waters Offshore safety equipment checks
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime and Gosford Police are joining together this Saturday to conduct safety checks on offshore equipment in Brisbane Waters. The boating safety officers will also check to ensure any vessel required to carry an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) has switched to a 406MHz beacon or has ordered one.... [more]

First Discovery yacht rounding Cape Horn
When one produces a yacht suitable for hard ocean sailing and any weather conditions, and not simply for cruising in gentle or protected waters, it's always good to hear that one of the yachts has been chosen by an extremely experienced skipper to do what it was designed for. So it is no wonder that Discovery Yachts is quick to tell the story:&nlid=<:nlid:>'>more]


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