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12 Feb 2009

Diary Dates


Dreaming of halcyon days

Sandy Spit in the Virgin Islands - wouldn't you like to be here?  Ian & Andrea Treleaven
It's difficult for most Australians to think of anything except the tragedy-struck families of Victoria this week - and give money or help in kind. However it also brings home the transcience of life and the vulnerability of us all.

Between the financial woes facing Australia and the rest of the world, the floods in Queensland, and more and more evidence coming to life about the threat of global warming, it's not hard to find the glass half full at the moment.

Maybe it's just time to go sailing and enjoy the moment, while it may last.

For Sydney-siders there's a worthwhile exhibition at the National Maritime Museum featuring Charles Darwin's expeditions on his yacht The Beagle, when he first found evidence for his world-shaking theory of evolution.

Thinking of buying a new yacht while the prices are low? You can't make a choice without at least considering the range of yachts that won 'European Yacht of the Year', profiled in this issue.

If you don't yet know how to make fun of a sailor, you'll find all the pointers if you read on, courtesy of one seasoned salt; and there's lots of other news, as widely varied as how to make your evenings on the water more romantic to the new technology that will make boat generators quieter.

The Treleavens send stories of their last days in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and New Zealand has a new Captain Calamity... read on, enjoy, and...

Sail happy

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

European Yachts of the Year - judged on fitness for purpose
Des Ryan,
Thinking of embarking on a yacht purchase? Sail-World Cruising brings you the European Yachts of the Year for 2009. They were judged by a panel of journalists from some of Europe's leading sailing magazines, and not just on length, but on fitness for their purpose.... [more]

Catalina Yachts Lake Macquarie Rendezvous 4
Greg Cockle and Rod Mackay,
Catalina Yachts held their annual Lake Macquarie rendezvous over the weekend of January 10th – 11th. The event, as in past years was hosted by Catalina's Lake Macquarie dealer, Rod Mackay of RA Mackay Yacht Brokerage and the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Toronto. This year the event attracted 16 Catalina yachts ranging in size from 27' through to the flagship of the fleet, the Catalina 470.... [more]

Let Whitsunday Rent-A-Yacht manage your charter vessel
Media Services,
Have you ever thought of letting Whitsunday Rent-A-Yacht manage your boat in order to earn extra income from your investment? We have demand to charter our vessels in excess of the capacity of our present fleet.... [more]

National Maritime Museum exhibition takes you with Darwin on Beagle
Bill Richards,
A major exhibition coming to the Australian National Maritime Museum will take visitors on the sea voyage that inspired Charles Darwin's great theory of evolution.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: Farewell to the British Virgins
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue their tales of sailing in the West Indies. This week it is farewell to the British Virgin Islands: Regrettably we leave the BVI's after another week cruising in her waters. I wrote in an earlier letter, on our arrival, that the BVI's are the most asked about cruising ground in the world and now in our opinion, we would have to agree.... [more]

Nemo won't be coming home as the world's oceans acidify
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Nemo, the lovable clownfish of movie fame, may be unable to find his way home as the world's oceans acidify due to human carbon emissions. Now, say the researchers, every time we start a car or turn on the lights, a third or more of the carbon dioxide we emit ends up in the ocean, turning its waters imperceptibly but inevitably more acidic.... [more]

Captain Calamity of the Antipodes
BW Media roundup,
Who said all New Zealanders were good sailors? A yacht bought on Thursday in Napier New Zealand was on the rocks early the next morning after its inexperienced new skipper came aground at Clifton Beach on his way to Nelson.... [more]

Add romance to evenings on the water - with candles!
Lisa Mylchreest,
Do I hear you say 'Never!'? Flames on a sailing boat - or any kind of boat - are a no no! Too dangerous, no matter how careful you are...Ah, but that was until 'Ambiance' came along.... [more]

Quieter generators - coming our way with Next G

There's only one thing worse than the generator thrumming - the engine chugging, and the crew of every sailing boat with a generator wishes they were quieter. Designers and manufacturers have now produced the next G. Maybe it starts at the superyacht end of the spectrum, but Northern Lights promise all generators will soon have the technology, as their press release states:... [more]

How to make fun of a sailor
Edward Killeen,,
Sailors take themselves pretty seriously. The more pretentious out there call it 'yachting'; some even wear 'yachting' gear when not on the boat. In short, as a subculture, sailors are ripe to be made fun of. But you have to pick your moments, you need to know when they're doing something that even their own compatriots will laugh at. Here's a short list.... [more]

Pass Me Another Rice Pudding OR The Aegean Rally
John Brooks,
Okay, so it's not like winning the Sydney Hobart Race, but winning the first race of the Aegean Yacht Rally in our chartered Jeanneau 49DS is a brief moment of glory for us ageing playboy yachties. Brief, because it's also a huge mistake. Our handicap is savaged after that first result and now the other skippers are gunning for us. Any fool knows you should only win the last race!... [more]

Marina of the week: Marsden Cove in New Zealand

Located on the north island of New Zealand, half way between the cruising grounds of the Bay of Islands and the capital of Auckland, is Whangarei Harbour, and here you will find New Zealand's new port of entry, located in the new and luxurious Marsden Cove Marina.... [more]

Traditions of the sea - the names and times of sea watches
Bob Wonders(with some help from Peter Edmonds),
Sailors of today still adhere to shipboard traditions dating back centuries. The sea and its sailors boast a remarkable history over hundreds of years and many traditions followed by the men of Horatio Nelson, John Paul Jones and Christopher Columbus are still practiced on the ships of the 21st century.... [more]

Yachtie's nav mark Fort becomes a brewery - beware the French!
Cowesonline/Sail-World Cruising,
Spitbank Fort is one of the best navigation marks for yachts in the UK's famed waterway between the Isle of Wight and the mainland, the Solent. In 1859 Lord Palmerston wanted to build the Fort because he thought that France was about to invade the England. Obviously today's Brits don't think that the French are going to invade any time soon, because they plan to turn it into a brewery.... [more]

Vertical Yachts - What will they think of next?
Business 247, Reena Amos Dyes/Sail-World,
'I wish I could gladwrap it when I am not using it,' cracked an old friend jovially, talking about the yacht at the bottom of the garden,'Most of the deterioration happens when we're NOT using it, and THAT'S what costs the money.' Gathered friends laughed, but now he can at least dream about a solution.... [more]

Portuguese coastline claims yachts
BW Media,
There's nothing more salutary to the yacht owner than seeing a yacht where it shouldn't be - on a beach, or worse, on the rocks. Wild winter weather across Europe has been wreaking havoc on yachts on the Portuguese coastline.... [more]

Once-in-ten-years ice on the Hudson - time for a sail!
Blackwattle Studios,
It only happens when it happens. While traditional sailing is in recess for winter, conditions on the Hudson River in New York State in the USA are perfect right now for ice sailing, and enthusiasts claim that conditions as good as this come only about once in every ten years... [more]

Peter and Norman Islands - British Virgins
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
With islands only a few miles apart and the headsail pulled out we are meandering from island to island. Let me take you on a day in the BVI's. Waking in Great Harbour, Peter Island, in crystal clear water, a swim before breakfast is out of the question. The day before when we anchored a big fish looking like a shark came to greet us, taking up residence under the yacht and peering at me every... [more]

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