Scarier than Somali pirates - the ocean gyres...yachtsman murder arrest...where oh where shall I keep my yacht...242 on doomed sailing trip...and much more

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Diary Dates


Bizarre bedfellows...

Writing it all - from the frivolous to the desperate, from the tragic to the idyllic  .
News from the world of the cruising sailor packs together some bizarre bedfellows.

Frivolous accounts of the extravantly hedonistic realm of the superyacht sit side by side with heroic adventure, scientific research expeditions, great cruising rallies, or tragic scenes of crime, deprivation and loss.

This week's edition is no different. At the same time as superyacht owners, seemingly unaffected by the still boiling cauldron of the world economy, are seeking new destinations to berth their yachts, hundreds of destitute and desperate Haitians have been rescued from a 50 ft yacht that set out on a hopeless mission.

At the same time as that yachting mecca of the Caribbean, Antigua, grieves with anger at the shooting death of an Australian yachtsman, Southern Ocean hero Pete Goss and his family crew spend idyllic days crossing the Indian Ocean.

At the same time as all of these, sailing historians, like the Phoenicians before them, have decided to wait a full six months for the wind (six days and I am pacing the deck) in their recreation of a 2500 year old expedition round Africa.

Destination to dream of this week is the tiny island of Saba, there's a product that might just save a sailing marriage or two, and an essay from Sailors for the Sea on the world's gyres and what you can do help our oceans.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Forget all and - just go sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Scarier than Somali pirates - the real danger in our oceans
Sailor for the Sea/Sail-World,
Imagine the size of France. Now imagine every milli-inch of France piled high wtih trash. Now take that image, double it, and plunk it into the water. That's what's floating round in the 'North Pacific subtropical gyre', and there IS something you can do about it.... [more]

Abu Dhabi - cruising destination par excellence
Servizi Nautica/Sail-World Cruising,
Tired of the Mediterranean? Want to go for a charter holiday, but can't think where next? Can't find a berth for your superyacht? Abu Dhabi is the new hotspot for chartering a yacht, and especially attractive to superyacht owners who can't find a spot for their yacht... [more]

Where oh where shall I keep my yacht?
Des Ryan,
'Everywhere on the French Riviera is so packed! It's impossible to get a berth for a super yacht! It's the same in Italy, and Croatia is not much better.' Yes, the super-wealthy around the globe have serious problems too.... [more]

Phoenicia Expedition - Six months waiting for wind
BW Media,
'Just like the Phoenicians, we will have to secure the ship and wait for the prevailing winds which will turn in August 2009.' These are the words of Philip Beale, leader of the Phoenicia Expedition which is recreating the first circumnavigation of Africa, believed to have taken place some 2500 years ago.... [more]

Australian sailor's Antigua murder - 21-year-old arrested
Nancy Knudsen,
21-year-old Sylvester Lindsey, an Antigua resident, has been arrested and charged for the murder of Australian yachtsman Drew Gollan, which occurred in English Harbour in Antigua on 22nd January 2009.... [more]

Halcyon days for Pete Goss and Spirit of Mystery crew
Stuart Elford,
The hum of the sea and the flight of the Albatross, pancakes on Sunday and a phone call home. Most stories of the sea ignore these halcyon days and nights. More frequently they involve great adventure, tragic mishap or adrenline charged rescues. Life at sea most of the time is just not like that - Pete Goss and his family crew on Spirit of Mystery, heading across the Indian Ocean for Melbourne... [more]

242 set sail on doomed search for a better life

This is the 50ft sailing boat in which an amazing 242 desperate would-be migrants set off from Haiti to cross 1700 nautical miles of unknown waters seeking an imagined better life in the USA. Among the passengers were children, an infant, and a eight-month pregnant woman.... [more]

Remote destination of the week: Saba
Nancy Knudsen,
Tropical breezes wafting around a high volcano that juts from the ocean like a whale leaping, some of the best underwater scenery in the world, an inspiring people who have carved their unique lifestyle from the rich jungle mountainsides. This week's remote sailing destination is all of these.... [more]

Product of the week: Alcohol heater-cum-stove
BW Media,
'We can't have run out of gas - you filled the bottles last week in port!' 'No I didn't. I said I was short of time, and you volunteered!' 'Short of time? You weren't short of time, you had plenty of time to have drinks on the next boat' 'Well when I got back I thought you had already done it!' 'You thought? O no, no, no. Look at this - we really have run out of gas!'... [more]

'The storm that sent us back to Haiti': Survival Story
Nicki Cruickshank, Barrie Examiner/Sail-World,
Fighting for survival at sea was not how professional skipper Capt. Rick Moore planned to spend his Christmas after delivering gifts to Haiti. What began as a simple mission to bring Christmas to a poor Haitian village ended with him and his crew being slammed by a ferocious storm at sea, and forced back to Haiti.... [more]

New NOAA leader a win for all sailors

For sailors who are environmentally aware around the world, there's a clear win with the recent appointment the new head of NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration). A member of Sailors for the Sea's advisory board, Dr Jane Lubchenco, has just been announced as the new head of that very influential body.... [more]

Louisiades Rally On Again for 2009
Guy Chester,
The inagural Louisidaes Rally was held in September - November 2008, taking yachts from Cairns Australia to the Lousiades Archiplelago in PNG. It was judged a huge success by the yachties and the locals hosts. Louisiades Rally will be held again in 2009 with yachts leaving Cairns on 12 September and then cruising through the paradise of islands with welcoming local people for a month or more.... [more]

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