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Editorial: It's the eccentric....

Jessica Watson is happy - read on to find out why..  .
It's the eccentric in human nature that fascinates – that colours our world and inspires great biographies.

This week there's a couple of eccentric yacht owners who will both probably end up in the Guinness Book of Records.

Imagine having your yacht stuck on a reef for three years, staying with the boat all that time, trying continually to free it and never giving up.

You like the sea? Imagine sailing for more than two years without seeing land, and expecting to sail for another year yet.

They are both featured this week, along with another issue of hot news and tales from the sea - hedonistic, aspirational and bizarre.

For the practically minded, how's YOUR anchoring etiquette? Do you drive the others around you crazy? Find out in this issue.

Are you mostly cruising but still sporting sails which have to be raised and lowered by hand? When it's time to change to furlers, you'll want to check some tips on how to make the change.

It's all there, from all quarters of the world, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Skipper Jessica Reaches New Zealand
Abi Thomas, Northern Advocate/Sail-World,
Jessica Watson was pretty wobbly when she docked at Marsden Cove Marina in Whangarei Harbour on the north island of New Zealand. Not surprising, considering the 15-year-old Australian had just spent nearly 13 days skippering a boat from the Australia's Gold Coast to Whangarei, on a practice trip towards her goal of being the youngest person to sail solo around the world.... [more]

Pirates Drowned as Boat sinks with Ransom Money
Breaking News online,
In a weird development, six members of a group of Somali pirates, who released the Saudi Super tanker, MV Sirius Star after receiving the ransom of $3 million, were drowned with the money, when their boat overturned off Kenyan coast... [more]

Spirit of Mystery for Island of St Paul
Stuart Elford,
You could make its location a $64,000 question and get very few answers, as few sailors have even heard of the remote Island of St Paul, let alone sail to it. However, that's where the intrepid crew, skippered by Pete Goss, are heading when they leave Cape Town.&nlid=<:nlid:>'>more]

Vendee Globe: Musings of a Naive Sailor
Jimmy Cook,
Sailing out here on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying the sunny breeze, watching for the squall that has been promised, and thinking about sailing, as I often am, I can't help wondering about that Vendee Globe.... [more]

Letter from the Indies - Anguilla
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
At Latitude 18 degrees North and Longitude 63 degrees West, Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands and on the most outer extremity of the arc of the Caribbean Islands. Only 8nms to the north of St Martin, it is a very easy passage to this low lying island. It looks like an eel, and was so named by Columbus, Spanish for eel.... [more]

Sailing Around Australia – sailors design event -Complete the Survey
West Australian Bob Williams has sailed all around the world, now he is busy designing a new event, with the help of hundreds of sailors. 'Building an ocean sailing event from scratch is a challenging enterprise. Its one thing to arrive at an event concept it's another for that concept to appeal to the yachting community at large.'... [more]

Win a Southerly Offshore Jacket, a Seabrake or an inflatable PFD
To celebrate the season, Burke Marine are running their first ever Sail-World online competition. You can win a Southerly offshore jacket, a Seabrake or a Burke Marine Inflatable PFD in the latest Sail-World online Competition... [more]

Wanted: Explorer/Caretaker for Whitsunday Paradise
Oliver Duff,
There won't be any office watercooler moments and the successful applicant will have to put up with Aussies complaining about the occasional brisk breeze and winter temperatures dropping to 16C.... [more]

Superyacht Stuck Three Years - Now it's the Keel
Sail-World Cruising,
For the last few years, Sail-World Cruising has been following the bizarre story of the megayacht Legacy, marooned four miles off Florida's Key West since she was deposited there by Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Owner Peter Halmos has stayed close in a houseboat ever since, trying to free the 160ft yacht. Now there's a new barrier to her salvage... [more]

Going Cruising - Time to Change to Furling Sails
Nancy Knudsen,
Furling sails are ideal for the cruising sailor, easy to handle, easier to reef, good for short handed crewing. If you're changing from primarily racing with the occasional cruise, to primarily cruising with the occasional race, then it's time to consider furling sails. Here are eight good tips for when it's time to make the change:... [more]

Rescuers call an SOS
Brian Forsyth, Arbroath/Sail-World Cruising,
It sounds like a REAL disaster, but it's just the UK's magnificent volunteer rescue organisation calling for help to keep their organisation's spinnaker flying. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution charity is aiming to raise £1 million on its largest annual fund-raising day (RNLI SOS day) on January 30 to help provide training and equipment to its lifeboat crews.&nlid=<:nlid:>'>more]

A Secret Life for the greatest Navy Sailor?
Rory O'Keeffe, The News/Sail-World Cruising,
History says that Horatio Nelson, the great naval hero of the Battle of Trafalgar was unconventional - in his novel attack strategies and his hidden love life - but did he also have maze of secret chambers and escape tunnels? If so, they may have just been discovered...... [more]

No 'Land Ahoy!' for 1000 Days
Sail-World Cruising/Adam Nichols, Daily News,
Is he crazy? Or is he inspired? Is he the greatest adventurer of all time? Or is he just a nutty fame seeker? Whichever is true, Rick Stowe, who has been at sea for over 600 days now, and is going for achieving 1000 days without sighting land (except for once) is pressing on regardless.... [more]

Another Teen Solo - 15 year-old Jessica is on her way
Jane Pares,
On December 30th 2008, 15 year old Jessica Watson departed Brisbane as skipper of the 34' Sweden sloop Magic Roundabout, bound for Whangarei, New Zealand. This trip is part of Jessica's preparation for her solo around the world attempt that she will undertake later this year.... [more]

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