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Editorial, Jan 13 08

So here we are, it's 2009 (hard to believe!) and we're primed to present another year of all the powerboat news that matters. Come along and enjoy the ride.

Course for the 2008 Round Britain Powerboat Race - changes will be made to the 2012 course, including a London start and finish coinciding with the London Olympiad and a extension right round the top of Scotland  RYA Round Britain
This week we deliver a brief preview of next weekend's World Grand Prix Hydroplane championships in New Zealand and reveal Bill Barry-Cotter's plan to return to the offshore circuit when it moves to Williamstown and Geelong as weel as panned changes for the 2012 Round Britain race.

NSW Maritime has been particularly active. Apart from a major program to deliver improvements to Sydney Harbour, there are also programs in place to target dangerous ski towing, a new code of conduct for jet boats and, beginning from June 1, a totally re-vamped boat licence situation demanding that applicants must prove boat handling experience.

King tides have caused some major problems along the eastern seaboard, with the Queensland Gold Coast and the NSW Central Coast among the areas most affected. Its a remind of what will lay ahead if we don't change our ways, globally.

Anglers have been doing it easy, with water temperatures in the 24 deg C region ensuring good catches, but swarms of bait fish have also attracted predators in the form of great white, tiger, whaler and bull sharks.
It's very much a case of swimmer beware at present.

First of the major boats shows kick off at the end of the month with the Melbourne Summer Boat Show, an exhibition which will hopefully give some indication that there is plenty of life in the boating industry.

Plenty more to come, so call by regularly for all the new that matters afloat and ashore.

Bob Wonders

Win a Southerly Offshore Jacket, a Seabrake or an inflatable PFD
To celebrate the season, Burke Marine are running their first ever Sail-World online competition. You can win a Southerly offshore jacket, a Seabrake or a Burke Marine Inflatable PFD in the latest Sail-World online Competition... [more]

NSW boat licences ‘get tough'
Bob Wonders,
Practical experience demanded from boat licence applicants. Applicants must travel a minimum of three times aboard a boat with an experienced skipper and be able to demonstrate they have acquired certain standards.... [more]

Wanted: Explorer/Caretaker for Whitsunday Paradise
Oliver Duff,
There won't be any office watercooler moments and the successful applicant will have to put up with Aussies complaining about the occasional brisk breeze and winter temperatures dropping to 16C.... [more]

King tides – a glimpse of future sea level rise
Beach-goers will get a glimpse of what our coastlines may look like in 50 years, when New South Wales and South East Queensland experience the highest daytime ‘king tides' forecast for 2009.... [more]

Rayglass supports NZ Offshore Powerboats
Bob Wonders,
NZ's largest boat manufacturer to sponsor offshore series. The event will be marketed as the Rayglass NZ Powerboat Series and will be contested at eight venues around New Zealand's North Island, beginning later this month and concluding in May.... [more]

Hydroplanes ready to rock and roll in NZ
Bob Wonders,
World GP hydroplane championships set to rumble. E.C.Griffith Cup winner, Warwick Lupton, will be keen to pilot Annihilator to a victory, while Brett Niddrie, at the wheel of Warlord, will be Australia's main hope.... [more]

Round Britain Powerboat Race is on again
Bob Wonders,
World's toughest powerboat race to coincide with London Olympiad. Unlike previous events, staged in 1969, 1894 and last year, in which competitors navigated through the Caledonian Canal, the 2012 race will involve a complete circumnavigation of Britain.... [more]

WA Recreational fishers reminded of new fishing rules
Department of Fisheries Western Australia,
The West Coast Bioregion, extends from Black Point, east of Augusta, to the Zuytdorp Cliffs, north of Kalbarri and is the Western Australia's most popular fishing zone, attracting around 80 per cent of the State's recreational fishers.... [more]

Bill back behind the wheel
Bob Wonders,
Maritimo Offshore team owner Bill Barry-Cotter back in the cockpit for Victorian rounds of Offshore Superboat Series. He will be at the wheel of one of the new Maritimo-built catamarans with the dual 790hp naturally aspirated engines, the new design pushed through by Barry-Cotter in an attempt to entice more competitors into the sport.... [more]

Operation Ski Safe targets dangerous towing
NSW Government Media Unit,
NSW Maritime will clamp down on dangerous towing practices from boats in a State wide safety campaign this weekend. Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi said Operation Ski Safe will target towing activities such as waterskiing, aquaplaning and wakeboarding on bays, rivers, lakes and dams throughout NSW.... [more]

2009 Masport NZ UIM World Grand Prix Hydroplane Championship
NZL Hydroplane Media,
Less than two weeks to go before the first round of the 2009 UIM World Grand Prix Hydroplane Championship we can report that the Warlord boat has arrived safely in New Zealand from Australia and is presently stored in Auckland awaiting for the team to arrive next week... [more]

Volunteer Marine Rescue Safety Net 5 Point Checklist for safer boating
Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol PR,
The annual January holidays will see everyone who can, get out on the water to enjoy boating on Australia's finest coast. But the more boats there are on the water, the more risk there is for something to go wrong. This 5-point checklist will help ensure you enjoy safe boating this summer.... [more]

Changes to Code of Conduct for jet boats on Sydney Harbour
NSW Maritime Media,
Changes to the Code of Conduct covering harbour jet boats or so called 'commercial adventure vessels' will increase the distance they have to keep from Sydney Ferries, Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi announced today.... [more]

Scientists Probe Enigma of Coral Death
Australian Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
With corals currently dying en masse in Indonesian waters and a significant risk of large scale coral bleaching deaths on Australian reefs in 2009, scientists are racing the clock to unravel the causes of these devastating global losses.... [more]

Melbourne's Mega Summer Boat Show
Sandman PR,
The 2009 Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Show is shaping up as the fastest-growing lifestyle event of its type in Australia with more than $100 million of boats expected to be on the water. To be held at Docklands, 30 January to 1 February, some of the largest and most luxurious boats in the country will create a spectacular on-water display.... [more]

Celebrate Australia Day at the National Maritime Museum
Australian National Maritime Museum,
The National Maritime Museum, at Darling Harbour, will be offering several special attractions on Australia Day, Monday, 26 January.... [more]

Wooden Boat Craftsman Works in a Sea of Yanmar
Connexion Pr,
Highly respected Wooden Boat Shop owner Tim Phillips could well be mistaken for taking brand loyalty too far with his wooden boat restoration facility loaded to the hilt with Yanmar powered boats.... [more]

Team CruiseCraft Gears Up for a Big 2009
Connexion PR,
Team CruiseCraft is calling all CruiseCraft boat owners around Australia to get out their diaries and start planning their participation in the 2009 Team CruiseCraft fishing tournament program.... [more]

Museum team finds historic shipwreck off North Queensland coast
Australian National Maritime Museum,
Australian National Maritime Museum archaeologists have almost certainly found the site of an intriguing 1829 shipwreck on the Great Barrier Reef some 20 km off the coast of North Queensland.... [more]

Marine algae shows promise as bio-fuel option
Jeni Bone,
In response to the challenges of global warming and dwindling fuel supplies, within 10 years we may be fuelling our cars and boats with a blend of marine algae, which is easy to grow and doesn't require fresh water for irrigation.... [more]

Jay Price leads Qatar Team to a dominating 2008 F1 Title
Steve Michael Reporting - Philippe Stiernon F1 Pre,
It took him over twenty-five years to find his place in racing history, but Jay Price kept his dreams alive while his determination to make it to the top level of the sport paid off after only 21 career race starts.... [more]

Marina Profile: Wooden Boat Centre Marina, Franklin TAS
Fiona Harper,
Located on the Huon River south of Hobart, and bounded by the rugged peaks of the Hartz Mountains National Park, the Wooden Boat Centre Marina is in a tranquil location that few cruisers get to visit... [more]

Indonesian reefs on the road to recovery
Jeni Bone,
Scientists from the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have reported a rapid recovery of coral reefs in areas of Indonesia, following the tsunami that devastated coastal regions throughout the Indian Ocean four years ago.... [more]

JetCat route to be replaced by private service – some day
Jeni Bone,
The last JetCat ferry left Manly at 10am on NYE 2008, destined to be replaced – eventually – by a privately run service. In the meantime, northern beaches commuters are left with half the number of peak services to the city.... [more]

Earthrace – the incredible voyage nears its end
Bob Wonders,
Amazing trimaran continues its Australian voyage. I was able to catch up with Pete on the weekend after ‘Earthrace' docked at the Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast after a rain-soaked trip down the coast from Redcliffe.... [more]

'Earthrace' – around the world in 60 days
Bob Wonders,
The world's 'greenest' vessel is now the world record holder. In June, 2008, ‘Earthrace', with owner/skipper Pete Bethune and a volunteer crew circled the globe in 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes, slashing the previous record for a powerboat by an astonishing two weeks!... [more]

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship 2008
The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship is an exhilarating spectacle....
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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