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Better Business, trimming at Brunswick, Barrier Reef in peril

In his synopsis of this year's Sydney to Hobart, Sydney Morning Herald journo, David Lockwood, points out that the event certainly highlighted the popularity of sailing and marine pursuits, as well as the relationship Sydneysiders have with their waterways.

“The send-off for the Sydney to Hobart fleet was rousing, and it was a perfect Boxing Day in stark contrast with successive previous wet and windy years. Put it all together and these will be remembered as high times afloat. The marine industry should take comfort from the fact that boating is very much on the radar and, I'm going so far as to say, more attractive than ever for Sydneysiders. Good weather means everything.”

And as temps tip into the 30s (and in some places, the 40s) around the country, this year's season will go down as one helluva scorcher, but it remains to be seen whether that will translate into sales.

In the next few weeks, we will be doing the rounds of dealers and asking them for their assessment of the summer – sales, trends, consumer feedback and expectations for the show circuit this year.

On that note, this issue we caught up with Domenic Genua of the BIA of NSW, who is already making headway for marketing and logistical plans for SIBS, as well as innovations and initiatives for members to grow their businesses in 2009.

We also feature news of further trimming at Brunswick USA, research into marine algae as an alternative bio-fuel, the latest initiative to attract the next generation of marine recruits to the industry ( and two very different viewpoints on the future of the natural wonder of the world - worth more than $5.1 billion in annual tourism to the economy - the Great Barrier Reef, suffering from the impact of warmer waters and pollution. Will it be wiped out in 40 years, or simply migrate south into cooler waters?

Enjoy this week's batch of global news and features, and keep in touch with your own.

Jeni Bone, Editor

Brunswick sheds staff, idles plants and 'mothballs' one facility
Jeni Bone,
Brunswick Corp has announced a series of production cuts, layoffs and one plant closure in response to the global downturn in consumer spending, or as a spokesman put it: “the challenging marine marketplace”.... [more]

BIA NSW supports better business in 2009
Jeni Bone,
The BIA of NSW is already planning the Sydney International Boat Show, with some modifications and adjustments given the economic slowdown, but there are many other initiatives in the pipeline for 2009, aimed squarely at advancing members' businesses.... [more]

Boat builders up there with car salesmen!
Jeni Bone,
Australia's list of the top 10 most vulnerable industries for 2009, according to a report by research house IBISWorld, includes car sales, boatmaking, real estate, catering, international airlines and prawn fishing.... [more]

George W. Bush declares green zone in the Pacific
Jeni Bone,
In his final days as US President, George W. Bush will announce the creation of the world's largest marine protection area spanning some 195,000 square miles (505,000 sq km) in the Pacific Ocean.... [more]

London Boat Show tempts the top end
Jeni Bone,
This week's London International Boat Show (LIBS) is aiming to tempt millionaires from Europe and the Middle East, as the UK's top builders exhibit more large luxury boats than ever before.... [more]

Marine algae shows promise as bio-fuel option
Jeni Bone,
In response to the challenges of global warming and dwindling fuel supplies, within 10 years we may be fuelling our cars and boats with a blend of marine algae, which is easy to grow and doesn't require fresh water for irrigation.... [more]

Gunns must deliver marine report
Jeni Bone,
Federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett has imposed new conditions on the approval of the $2.2bn Gunns pulp mill in Tasmania, including a detailed hydrodynamic study to prove that it will not impact adversely on Bass Strait marine life.... [more]

Get aLife!
Jeni Bone,
With research revealing that 82 per cent of young Australians have 'no idea' what they want to do with their careers, various industries around the country, including the marine sector, decided 'it's time to get aLife'.... [more]

Sydney to Manly ferry route poised for new service
Jeni Bone,
The 'dark horse' in the private sector tender process for the Circular Quay to Manly ferry service, Bass and Flinders would be delighted to take over the route, according to Chief Executive, Richard Ford.... [more]

What's the future of the Great Barrier Reef?
Jeni Bone,
Tourist attraction, livelihood for many, habitat for thousands of species and the source of massive revenue and state pride for Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is facing the threat of annihilation, given a life expectancy of just 4 more decades, if new evidence is reliable.... [more]

Coastal Patrol welcomes Earthrace to Coffs Harbour
Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol PR,
Earthrace was welcomed and escorted into Coffs Harbour on New Year's Day by Coffs Harbour Coast Patrol Lifeboat CR2. Earthrace, the record-breaking bio-diesel vessel that circled the world in 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes last year is on a promotional tour of the east coast of Australia.... [more]

“Log On” for safer holiday boating: Volunteer Marine Rescue Safety Net
Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol PR,
Every year NSW volunteer marine rescue organisations go to the assistance of up to 2,000 boats carrying between 4,000 and 5,000 mums, dads and kids who need some kind of help on the water. Smart Skippers can reduce the risk to themselves, their friends and families when they go boating, with the Volunteer Marine Rescue Safety Net.... [more]

Boaters reminded to Say Under the Limit
NSW Maritime Media,
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has reminded boaters to ‘stay under the limit' as they head out onto Sydney Harbour for New Year's Eve celebrations. More than 3000 vessels are expected to take to the water to see in the New Year, with a further 1.5 million people gathering to see the fireworks from vantage points around the harbour.... [more]

Win a Southerly Offshore Jacket, a Seabrake or an inflatable PFD
To celebrate the 200-20098 sailing season, Burke Marine are running their first ever Sail-World online competition. You can win a Southerly offshore jacket, a Seabrake or a Burke Marine Inflatable PFD in the latest Sail-World online Competition... [more]

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