Searching for Nirvana in 2009

01 Jan 2009

Diary Dates


Searching for Nirvana in 2009

A Million Dollar View - photo by BW Media  .
So what will the New Year bring to we cruising sailors? The news is that we haven't much to look forward to.

The scientists tell us that many of the coral reefs of the world are unsaveable, already lost to global warming. The hurricane and cyclones are getting stronger, the world's oceans are acidified, and the Pacific Ocean has an island of rubbish the size of Texas giddily spinning in its centre.
The fish in many of our seas are so seriously depleted you'll be unlikely to catch one soon, and there are pirate hotspots peppering the world's waterways.

Then there's the economic meltdown, still melting, which may mean you can't afford to go sailing anyway.

But there are still people out there with spectacular million dollar views, so rich they have little need to work, and neither do the rest of their fortunate families. They live in constant holiday mode in climes so far from industry that their air is clean and fresh. They go sailing and fishing almost every day. They are little touched by the economic disasters of the world, leading a life full of harmony and devoid of the hassles and stresses of the working lives of most of us.

Who are they? Why they are many of the coastal populations of the world who live, by subsistance farming and fishing, rich harmonious lives. You can find them anywhere from the Maldives to Turkey, from the Canary Islands to the Marquesas. One day they may fall victim to the gradual loss of the world's resources, but they didn't contribute to it, and most of them don't know about it yet.

Sometimes Nirvana is just not where you expected it to be.

Wishing you health, happiness and everything in 2009 that you wish for yourself.

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

900 Nm Journey North to Hobart for Disabled Yacht
Nancy Knudsen,
When Canadian Derek Hatfield started his circumnavigation in Les Sables D'Olonne in France on November 9 this year, he was a grand prix racing sailor. Now, just a few short weeks later, he is a 'normal' sailor, doing what he can to get his yacht Spirit of Canada back to port, the hard way, with a damaged mast.... [more]

Tall Tales but True from the Dry Tortugas
Mark Wheeler,
The Wheeler Family - Mark and Susan, with their children Marshall and Amy - left Idaho almost a year ago to pursue a longtime dream of sailing the Caribbean on their yacht Mima. Sail-World has followed their progress, which has taken them northwards from Panama to Guatemala, where they had an unfortunate experience in the Rio Dulce. That behind them, they return to idyllic times.... [more]

Happy Hooking, the Art of Anchoring - Book Review
Nancy Knudsen,
If there's one thing that the cruising sailor needs to know well, it's how to anchor! When overnight at anchor, you'll sleep well if you know that the anchor is secured and you're not going to find yourself out to sea or, worse (the nightmare scenario), be woken in the dark by the noise of the rudder bouncing on a rocky shore.... [more]

Yacht Abandoned in Indian Ocean

Sailors in the Indian Ocean now have another potential hazard to worry about, the unlit hulk of the $6 million yacht Generali, from which French sailor Yann Elies was rescued on December 20 by the Australian Navy ship the HMAS Arunta 800nm south west of Perth.... [more]

Predict Wind Offers 30% Discount - Lifetime!
Nancy Knudsen,
Predict Wind, just six months old, is offering cruising sailors a 30% lifetime discount if you take up the offer by the 15th January. The weather forecast system has been widely accepted and used by the international racing community, but while the feedback from cruising sailors is excellent, the cruising community has yet to take it up in big numbers percentage-wise.... [more]

Yacht arms with Yemeni 'Ship-Riders' for Pirate Zone

From the murky seas of the Gulf of Aden news about the piracy crisis slips out by newswire, report, gossip, rumour and whisper. On the 17th December, word was out that a yacht had been attacked by the heroes of pirate towns of Somalia, the ever more audacious pirates who bring home riches from the sea. Now the truth is now at hand, and that truth is more amazing than a story of hijack and kidnap... [more]

Incident Prompts Advice: Beware of Norfolk Island

Last week we reported how Kiwi naval architect Rewi Kemp had been shipwrecked off the coast of Norfolk Island while trying to find safe haven there. In a miraculous escape he swam ashore, being rescued 12 hours later by Norfolk Island authorities who had found pieces of his boat washed up on surrounding islands. Now a local Customs Officer offers a timely warning on the dangers of Norfolk Island.... [more]

Sailors Leap for their Lives from Doomed Yacht
The Log/Sail-World,
Two sailors escaped their 44 foot cruising sailing boat by jumping into the surf just as it was pounding ashore this week at Imperial Beach near San Diego, California. The Log reported that the 1979 ketch Aurora was blown up onto the beach at approximately 3.45am.... [more]

Miracle Survival - Shipwrecked Yachtie Found
BW Media round-up,
A New Zealand yachtie sailing from Fiji to the Bay of Islands clung to rocks and clambered ashore, injured but alive, after his yacht struck a remote uninhabited island off the coast of Norfolk Island in the South Pacific. In an amazing story of disaster and survival, Rewi Kemp was thought to be lost when pieces of his yacht were discovered on several islands in the area.... [more]

“Log On” for safer holiday boating: Volunteer Marine Rescue Safety Net
Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol PR,
Every year NSW volunteer marine rescue organisations go to the assistance of up to 2,000 boats carrying between 4,000 and 5,000 mums, dads and kids who need some kind of help on the water. Smart Skippers can reduce the risk to themselves, their friends and families when they go boating, with the Volunteer Marine Rescue Safety Net.... [more]

New Year Thoughts to Sail-World from an Anonymous Sailor, or..
...what I learned in 42,000 nautical miles. To me 42,000 miles would have once seemed a lot of miles. Now I am not so sure.... [more]

Lost: One Round World Sailing Dream Cruising,
For 25 years, Larry Beane dreamed of sailing around the world in his yacht Carmina Mare. 2009 was to have been the year it was to happen, but instead the boat is lost and the dream has gone with it.... [more]

Winter Buzz - Ice Sailing on the Hudson
Doyle Murphy, Times Herald-Record/Sail-World,
Down, far below the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, up-river from New York city, the vessels skittered across the frozen Hudson River like giant praying mantises. Bob Wills turned to his friend. 'What are those?' he asked. Ice yachts.... [more]

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