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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Needless to say, a quiet week for the Powerboat-World team, with most boaters lolling about for the duration of the festive season.

Nevertheless, we have been chasing down interesting copy, none more so than colleague Jeni Bone and myself catching up with Pete Bethune, owner/skipper of the radical trimaran ‘Earthrace.'

Pete's two and a half-year voyage, which culminated in establishing a new world powerboat record for circumnavigating the world last June, ends in just six months, after which ‘Earthrace' will be offered for sale.

We also tempt you with a piece on the boating paradise that can be found around our nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea.

And for NSW boaters, take care – it's Operation Lights On, and NSW Maritime has already caught eight neglectful skippers and handed out official warnings to 16 others for failure to display correct navigation lights.

Finally, take a look back at more than 80-years of boating history through the pages of ‘The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly', a magazine dated July 1, 1925, that came into my possession recently.

As we bid farewell to 2008, all at Powerboat-World tale this opportunity to wish all a happy, prosperous and enjoyable 2009.

Bob Wonders

Earthrace – the incredible voyage nears its end
Bob Wonders,
Amazing trimaran continues its Australian voyage. I was able to catch up with Pete on the weekend after ‘Earthrace' docked at the Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast after a rain-soaked trip down the coast from Redcliffe.... [more]

Boaters reminded to Say Under the Limit
NSW Maritime Media,
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has reminded boaters to ‘stay under the limit' as they head out onto Sydney Harbour for New Year's Eve celebrations. More than 3000 vessels are expected to take to the water to see in the New Year, with a further 1.5 million people gathering to see the fireworks from vantage points around the harbour.... [more]

'Earthrace' – around the world in 60 days
Bob Wonders,
The world's 'greenest' vessel is now the world record holder. In June, 2008, ‘Earthrace', with owner/skipper Pete Bethune and a volunteer crew circled the globe in 60 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes, slashing the previous record for a powerboat by an astonishing two weeks!... [more]

Boating – as it was more than 80-years ago
Bob Wonders,
Eighty-five year old magazine a mirror into the past. The magazine claimed to be 'the only aquatic paper in Australia' and was the official organ of the Motor Yacht Club of New South Wales.... [more]

Papuan Paradise
Jeni Bone,
The US and European yachting, fishing and diving fraternities have known for a long time: Papua New Guinea is home to some of the best marine environments in the world, boasting deep water and high visibility.... [more]

Teeming biodiversity discovered in extinct volcanoes off Tasmania
The CSIRO's Wealth from Oceans Flagship team has discovered hundreds of new marine species and dozens of undersea mountains, in a project to monitor the Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network off southern Tasmania.... [more]

Wash, remove and dispose to help protect abalone this summer
To reduce the risk of spreading the abalone disease this summer in Victoria, recreational anglers and divers are being encouraged to observe the closed area at Port Fairy and follow the biosecurity guidelines... [more]

Operation Lights On: Eight skippers fined
Minister's Office - Joe Tripodi,
A boating safety blitz on the weekend has resulted in eight skippers being fined for not displaying correct navigation lights at night, with a further 16 given formal warnings. Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi said nearly a thousand vessels were checked during the three day campaign known as Operation Lights On.... [more]

Boat maintenance Check List
Marine Safety Victoria,
Did you know around 82% of all boating incidents reported last year were due to boats breaking down on the water? Maintenance doesn't have to be a chore – get into the routine and maintain your boat. Marine Safety Victoria has put together a Vessel Maintenance Check List... [more]

Win a Southerly Offshore Jacket, a Seabrake or an inflatable PFD
To celebrate the 2008 offshore season, Burke Marine are running their first ever Sail-World online competition. You can win a Southerly offshore jacket, a Seabrake or a Burke Marine Inflatable PFD in the latest Sail-World online Competition... [more]

When is an Ocean not an Ocean? - When it has no Fish.
Blackwattle Studios,
Most cruising sailors love to troll for fish, or throw in a line when anchored. It's good fun, although sailing would still be sailing without the fish. However, many of the world's coastal populations depend on heavily fish as their main diet, and a lack of fish would spell disaster for the world. So when scientific studies show the fish are fast disappearing, it's understandably alarming.... [more]

Aussie built mega-trimaran destined for Oman
Jeni Bone,
Currently being built in Australia and destined to be the first ever modern ocean racing boat to be assembled in the Middle-East, the first Arabian 100' trimaran will, when she hits the water in the winter of 2009, become part of a select group of the longest sailing trimarans ever built.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: St Barts and St Martins

Andrea and Ian Treleaven, on their yacht Cape Finisterre, continue their tales of sailing in the Caribbean. Don't miss Andrea's story about the dinghy that was determined to escape: It's a wake up call when something goes off beam. It was our last night in St Kitts, the winds had settled and we were looking forward to sailing the next day to the luxury island of St Barts.... [more]

Dismasted Cruising Sailor: 'I only need diesel.'
Kristin Edge, Northern Advocate/Sail-World,
In an admirable display of calm seamanship, a solo European sailor on 12 metre cruising yacht Guardian, on his way from Tonga to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, has been dismasted, and has said 'No' to abandoning his boat when requested to do so by rescuers. He says the assistance that he needs is merely of fuel, and is hoping to obtain some from a passing commercial vessel... [more]

No anchoring areas established in Keppel Bay
Four no anchoring areas have been established in Keppel Bay in the Great Barrier Reef to minimise anchor damage to corals, following community concerns about coral being affected by anchors and coral bleaching... [more]

While the World Wilts, Turkey gets Largest Marina

Along the luscious Turkish coastline the mood is still upbeat enough to plan a new marina right in the heart of the cruising paradise, at Didim - and maybe they're right. More friendly and less expensive than European cruising destinations, maybe the sailors will ignore destinations like Greece Spain and Croatia for the long easy coastline of Turkey - and the new, largest ever, marina at Didim.... [more]

Sea-Ex Manila celebrates boating lifestyle
Jeni Bone,
Between March 20 and 22, Manila will come alive with all things nautical for the Sea-Ex summer expo with a lifestyle event 'that is suited for the Philippines', taking in to account the country's 7,107 islands and focusing on all things marine.... [more]

DataDotDNA adds protection for boat owners
Jeni Bone,
An Australian company's microdot identification technology is at the centre of a new push to prevent crime on New South Wales waterways.... [more]

Sturrocks Boatique
Jenny Muller,
Many sailors know the famous 'Sturrocks of Sydney' in Rushcutters Bay, but did you know there was another Sturrocks on the north side?... [more]

DFAT warns seafarers of worldwide pirate risk
Jeni Bone,
The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade has warned sea-faring holiday-makers and boaties to be alert to the risk of pirate attacks, following a recent rise in attacks on vessels at sea.... [more]

Abramovich's Superyacht Solution against Piracy
Console Community/Sail-World,
One of the biggest issues for merchant shipping trying to deal with the Somalian pirates is the fact that it is against international maritime law for merchant ships to carry arms. This is not so for cruising sailors. (although there are immense difficulties when travelling from port to port.) So when you have a billion or two (or eleven) you might think about spending a little on pirate deter... [more]

Science Speaks: Rogue Waves are Real
Live Science/Sail-World,
Every year sound sailing boats, well equipped with safety gear, with experienced crew on board, go missing. Their loved ones are forever left wondering: Was it a whale? a floating container? a rogue wave?... [more]

Class 1 World Powerboat Championship 2008
The Class 1 World Powerboat Championship is an exhilarating spectacle....
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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