Where are all the cruising sailors at Christmas?

24 Dec 2008

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Cruising Sailors: Where are they at Christmas?

Ho ho ho - but where are all the sailors? (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)  .
You may be basking on a beach somewhere enjoying a prawn salad...or doing the traditional with roast turkey and Christmas pudding ... but what about those adventure sailors who are embarked on sailing journey?

Let's scour the globe for globe trotting sailors... There are quite a few round Africa at the moment.

Spirit of Mystery  .. .
EX-racing sailor and Southern Ocean hero Pete Goss, for instance, in his wooden lugger, is following in the wake of seven Cornishmen who made a heroic journey to Australia 154 years ago, and he, with members of his family are just about to make Cape Town, travelling so fast they are thinking of putting out rodes.

Yann Elies, on his way to Perth Hospital  Commonwealth of Australia 2008

As for Yann Elies, participating in the Vendee Globe round world solo yacht race, he'll be spending Christmas in the Perth hospital, while some of his support team, headed by Philippe Laot, will spend Christmas on a power boat heading south from Perth to try to recove Yann's boat, Generali which was last located drifting northwards, 700 miles south of the coast of Australia. The rest of the competitors (those that haven't retired) are charging on, and will probably pay respects to Christmas by munching on a bit of fruit cake.....

Mike with the troublesome yacht  .. .
Then there are the two teenagers currently sailing the world solo. Mike Perham, 16, currently caught in the Canaries waiting for a new autohelm to arrive, is expecting to be departing on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so he'll either be in a flurry of activity, or just left civilisation for a few months - no time for even thinking about Christmas for him. This will be the third start for the teen who is attempting to round the world solo, unassisted and non-stop.

Zac off Durban  .. .
The other teen is Zac Sunderland, just turned 17, who is taking it much more easy in his boat. He is also in Africa, in Durban, and will next head for Capetown. By the sound of the reception that the Durbanites have given him, he will have trouble leaving. He's also wanting to be the youngest teenager to circle the globe solo, but, as he is a little older than Mike, would have to complete his journey 108 days before him. If you want to call it a race (which the families are being careful not to) It's a bit like the hare and the tortoise.

The French foiler, l'Hydroptere, after capsizing on 20 December 2008  Gilles Martin-Raget / Hydroptere

Up in the Mediterranean, there's a sailing trimaran hydrofoil that just might be spending its Christmas upside down.

Down in New Zealand, there's a family of Belgians on a cruising boat Wakalele, with Annemie and Stephan and their children on board, who have just decided to stop their cruising because they like New Zealand so much, and settle there.

Wakelele  .. .

Malalaika sailing between Las Perlas and Ecuador  .. .

In Fiji, South Africans Lynne and Chris on cruising boat Malalaika, have just taken two years to cross the Pacific, ended up in Fiji accidentally, and are currently house sitting in the mountains of Fiji.

My Bow Tie Lady  .. .
Down in Ascension Island, Australian Peter Barker on Bow Tie Lady, has just phoned in to tell us how much he has enjoyed St Helena, and is set to have one of the most interesting Christmases ever on the remote South Atlantic Island

And there are hundreds more, sitting in anchorages, crossing oceans, or departed from boat life for a luxurious bath or two on shore for Christmas, or to spend it with land bound family.

Vive all! Happy Celebrations to you all, wherever you are, and I wish you the best possible New Year for 2009. If you're not 'out there' right now, don't let the 'Meltdown' dominate your life - forget it all and come sailing!

Now read on and enjoy...

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

l'Hydroptere: All I want for Christmas is an upright boat!
Sail-World Cruising,
'All I want for Christmas is an upright boat.' Just prior to her capsize, this sailing hydrofoil had sailed at the amazing speed of 61 knots off the coast of France.... [more]

Dismasted Cruising Sailor: 'I only need diesel.'
Kristin Edge, Northern Advocate/Sail-World,
In an admirable display of calm seamanship, a solo European sailor on 12 metre cruising yacht Guardian, on his way from Tonga to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, has been dismasted, and has said 'No' to abandoning his boat when requested to do so by rescuers. He says the assistance that he needs is merely of fuel, and is hoping to obtain some from a passing commercial vessel... [more]

Coast Guard Goes Green in time for Christmas
BW Media,
The string of bright, blue holiday lights wrapped around the display anchor at Coast Guard Sector Northern New England in the USA signifes a bright future for Coast Guard units of New England, and just hopefully will be a model for the rest of the world of rescue authorities... [more]

Win a Southerly Offshore Jacket, a Seabrake or an inflatable PFD
To celebrate the 2008 offshore season, Burke Marine are running their first ever Sail-World online competition. You can win a Southerly offshore jacket, a Seabrake or a Burke Marine Inflatable PFD in the latest Sail-World online Competition... [more]

Ocean observations reap climate science rewards
Long-term observations of the oceans around Australia are providing the nation's climate scientists with significant benchmarks for seasonal forecasts and monitoring future climate change... [more]

French Sailor Rescued, Yacht Sails Alone - Update
Sky News/Sail-World,
Injured round-the-world yachtsman Yann Elies is in a serious but stable condition aboard Australian frigate HMAS Arunta after being rescued in the Indian Ocean on Saturday night, and his abandoned yacht is sailing north alone, also waiting for rescue.... [more]

PredictWind: 50% off Christmas Gift Subscriptions

Six months after its launch, the weather forecast system PredictWind has been widely accepted and used by the international sailing community. The world-leading product is being offered at a Christmas discount, before going on sale at full price in January 2009.... [more]

When is an Ocean not an Ocean? - When it has no Fish.
Blackwattle Studios,
Most cruising sailors love to troll for fish, or throw in a line when anchored. It's good fun, although sailing would still be sailing without the fish. However, many of the world's coastal populations depend on heavily fish as their main diet, and a lack of fish would spell disaster for the world. So when scientific studies show the fish are fast disappearing, it's understandably alarming.... [more]

Teenaged Adventurers:One Baffled, One Charging on

Two teenaged adventurers who are both trying to circumnavigate the world solo are so different that maybe the only thing they have in common at the moment is the fact that they are both in African waters.... [more]

Boaters warned: go easy on the drink
AAP Medianet,
As Christmas approaches boaters are warned the same drinking and driving rules apply on the water as on the road. Skippers are warned it is their responsibility to stay under the 0.05 blood alcohol (BAC) limit.... [more]

Seawind Seminars at Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show
Brent Vaughan,
For the past two years, Seawind Catamarans have been host to a series of information seminars at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in Australia, which were all extremely well attended. Now these seminars are going on the road and will make their American debut at the Miami Strictly Sail Boat Show to be held at Bayside, Miami FL, USA on February 12 – 16.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: St Barts and St Martins

Andrea and Ian Treleaven, on their yacht Cape Finisterre, continue their tales of sailing in the Caribbean. Don't miss Andrea's story about the dinghy that was determined to escape: It's a wake up call when something goes off beam. It was our last night in St Kitts, the winds had settled and we were looking forward to sailing the next day to the luxury island of St Barts.... [more]

New system for electricity crossings-NSW waterways
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime has developed a new system to promote safety in the vicinity of electrical cables which cross navigable waters. The new system will be phased in from 31 December 2008.... [more]

Phoenicia Departs Port Sudan for the 'Pirate Zone'
Business Wire,
In H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, history is altered by a scientist who seeks his own epic adventure, traveling through time. Similarly, a group of present-day adventurers are seeking to rewrite history through their own amazing journey. The Phoenicia Expedition will circumnavigate Africa in an attempt to prove that the Phoenicians were the first people to conquer such a feat.... [more]

Calling all Young Yacht Designers
Boat International Media,
A transformation will come to the life of one young yacht designer in 2009. If you are, or you know of, a young yacht designer who would like to zoom straight to the top in the world of yacht designers, think about entering the 'Young Designer of the Year Award Competition, 2009... [more]

Australian Navy for Southern Ocean Rescue - Again
Michael Perry/Sail-World,
The Australian Navy is once again to come to the aid of a sailor in the Southern Ocean, bringing back memories of the amazing rescue of Tony Bullimore just ten years ago.... [more]

Marten 49 Summer Celebration
Andrea Francolini,
On a picture perfect 'Champagne sailing day' 4 boats from around Australian and 1 New Zealand crew flew in for a different regatta.... [more]

A reminder Switch to safer boating: Switch to 406
NSW Maritime,
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has reminded boat owners a ‘sea change' in marine safety will come into force early next year when new digital emergency radio beacons (EPIRBs) take over from the old analogue system.... [more]

No anchoring areas established in Keppel Bay
Four no anchoring areas have been established in Keppel Bay in the Great Barrier Reef to minimise anchor damage to corals, following community concerns about coral being affected by anchors and coral bleaching... [more]

Honeysuckle rides again: Vicsail
Jardine Media,
When you're onto a good thing, stick to it, or so says Ray Harris the proud owner of five Beneteaus in a row. When Sail-World asked Harris why he had remained such a loyal customer, he was effusive in his praise for both Beneteau and their Australian distributor Vicsail. ‘They offer very good value for money and they tend to have boats that go well and rate well. You stay with things that haven't... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Whale and Boat Watching
To celebrate the end of the whale watching season, Australian sailor Richard Forde was taking a break at the Kings Cup in Thailand a few weeks ago when we had a quiet little drink. Forde was in Thailand to sail in Asia's largest regatta. His company Bass & Flinders operates from Sydney, Australia. Forde runs possibly the largest whale watching operation in the world, and a rather special Boxin... [more]

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