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18 Dec 2008

Diary Dates


Another Yacht hijacked by Somalis

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Just when we thought that the Somali pirates were making such a lucrative living from hijacking ships that they wouldn't worry about small sailing boats, another yacht has been hijacked.

As yet there is no information about the nationality of the boat or its crew, but keep watching the Sail-World website daily.

..and with only a few days to go to Christmas, give a thought to what kind of strange Christmas it will be for the hijacked sailors. Reports are that kidnapped sailors, whether of the commercial or leisure kind, are treated well by the kidnappers, and usually taken to the coastal town of Eyl, which is booming. (See this week's story 'Where only the bold go – and the pirates rake it in'). On past examples, the sailors will be held pending a ransom payment from their home government, and while they are treated well, Eyl lacks modern medicines for illness or injury.

As usual, scroll down for news from Australia and around the globe, the achievements, the sailing destinations, high adventures, quirky or heart-warming stories, and practical information about products and seamanship.

If you're not in Sydney or you don't want to brave the crowds on Boxing Day to see the start of the Hobart, the Seven Network and Yahoo!7 will provide a 90 minute webcast, and you will be able to link from the Sail-World site from 12.30pm on.

We've Safety First holiday gift ideas for that sailor who's hard to buy for, the product of the week is easy-to-fit led lights to lighten up the dark lockers on your boat, and if you're in Sydney, why not try Sturrock's, either on the north shore or in the eastern suburbs, for that extra Christmas present?

In World News, a French kitesurfer is saved 1500 nm from land, Sailor for the Sea are planning a high adventure around the Americas, a round world sail leads to romance and the altar, Belize is the featured destination, and read the many - not single - reasons why a yachtsman's life was lost.

It's the Silly Season, enjoy it, relish the coming holidays, and

Sail happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Breaking News: Yacht hijacked in Gulf of Aden
BW Media round-up,
Pirates have just hijacked a yacht in the Gulf of Aden, but there is no information to hand about the nationality of the boat or its crew. There were only two people on board so it is likely that it was a private cruising yacht. Sail-World is endeavouring to get more information.... [more]

Sailing Destination to Pine for: Belize!
David Whitley,the Age/Sail-World Cruising,
Off the coast of Belize in Central America lies the second largest coral reef in the world, but maybe the most interesting when it comes to diving. Long range sailors with plenty of time find it hard to drag themselves away, but you can also charter a sailing boat to get the best of this still pristine paradise. Here David Whitley describes his interlude with Belize and its sealife... [more]

Catalina Yachts Lake Macquarie Rendezvous
Rod Mackay,
The fourth annual Catalina Yachts Lake Macquarie Rendezvous will be held at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Toronto from January 9-11, 2009. For owners and guests of Catalina Yachts.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race to be Webcast Live
Event media,
Cruising Yacht Club of Australia announces that the Seven Network and Yahoo!7, will provide a live 90 minute webcast of the start of the 64th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race to a global audience. Sail-World will provide the links to the coverage from 12.30pm AEST on 26 December 2008. (1:30am-3.00am GMT)... [more]

Sentimental sail on Kathleen Gillett
Peter Campbell,
Last Sunday, 7 December marked the 60th anniversary of the completion of the circumnavigation of the globe by the famous gaff-rigged ketch Kathleen Gillett, now one of the floating exhibits of the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour... [more]

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Avid Sailor
BW Media,
With the holidays upon us, the here are some gift suggestions for the friends and families of sailors. They tend towards the safety end of the spectrum, but there's a gift for all budgets, and they're all good ideas:... [more]

Where only the bold go..and pirates rake it in..
AlArabiya/Sail-World Cruising,
Only the bravest and boldest of cruising sailors now sail from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, ship-cruising passengers are being flown past the region, and merchant vessels are starting to sail around Africa rather than risk an interlude with pirates. In the meantime, the pirates are raking it in.... [more]

Aztlan and the Amazing trans-Pacific Sail
The Advocate/ Sail-World Cruising,
Just 35 years ago, 12 men set sail from Ecuador in three sailing rafts made of balsa logs, and arrived successfully, 178 days later, in Ballina, northern NSW. Recently, one of those crew members, Gabriel Salas, returned to visit the raft, called Aztlan, which is still in Ballina. The story of the journey is an amazing account, not only of survival, but of great seamanship.... [more]

Product of the Week: Light up your Dark Lockers
BW Media,
Are you tired of scouring in dark lockers feeling for what you want? Or of having to carry a torch for the same purpose? With LED technology, which uses hardly any power, think about how simple it would be to install tiny LED lights in all those dark corners. Marine lighting specialist Hella Marine have just the thing, and they are very simple to fit....... [more]

Honeysuckle rides again: Vicsail
Jardine Media,
When you're onto a good thing, stick to it, or so says Ray Harris the proud owner of five Beneteaus in a row. When Sail-World asked Harris why he had remained such a loyal customer, he was effusive in his praise for both Beneteau and their Australian distributor Vicsail. ‘They offer very good value for money and they tend to have boats that go well and rate well. You stay with things that haven't... [more]

China and the Sailing Explosion
China Daily/Sail-World Cruising,
The Chinese have had a long sailing tradition, and author Gavin Menzies mounts a fascinating argument that they sailed to Europe in the fifteenth century in his book '1421'. He says a Chinese fleet arrived in Tuscany in 1434, where they met with Pope Eugenius IV in Florence. Whether that is the case or not, now the Chinese are rediscovering sailing in a big way.... [more]

Yachtsman's Death - the Many Reasons Why
BBC News/Sail-World Cruising,
Had there been a preventer... had they been clipped on...had the inflating lifejacket inflated... had it been serviced...had the wave not hit the boat... had they not gybed...there was not just one reason, but multiple reasons why the yachtsman lost his life during a routine sailing trip, and the inquest revealed it all.... [more]

Sturrocks Boatique
Jenny Muller,
Many sailors know the famous 'Sturrocks of Sydney' in Rushcutters Bay, but did you know there was another Sturrocks on the north side?... [more]

Adrift for Days after Spanish Forced them to Sail
Penny Mayrick, Sunday Express/Sail-World,
A British yachtsman and his Hungarian girlfriend have told of their terrifying six-day ordeal in which they drifted in stormy seas after they claimed they had to flee the Canary Islands following a row with 'heavy-handed' Spanish officials.... [more]

While the World Wilts, Turkey gets Largest Marina

Along the luscious Turkish coastline the mood is still upbeat enough to plan a new marina right in the heart of the cruising paradise, at Didim - and maybe they're right. More friendly and less expensive than European cruising destinations, maybe the sailors will ignore destinations like Greece Spain and Croatia for the long easy coastline of Turkey - and the new, largest ever, marina at Didim.... [more]

Round World Sailing Romance Leads to Altar
Lucy Cockcroft, Telegraph/Sail-World,
Cruising sundowners abound with stories of cruising couples who couldn't hack it together on the high seas; usually SHE leaves on the next available flight, and HE is left looking for a crew to get the boat home. What's certainly true is that the confines of a small yacht are testing on relationships. So the story of Jim Brockett and Gerardine (Ged) McNulty is all the more engaging.... [more]

Kitesurfer Saved 1500 nm Southeast of Hawaii
Blackwattle Studios,
While the world's speed record bodies argue about whether a kiteboard is a sailing boat or not for the purposes of speed records, an Amver container ship did not bother to ask the question when they steamed to the rescue of French kite surfer Anne Quemere this week.&nlid=<:nlid:>'>more]

Around the Americas– High Adventure with a Mission
Sailors for the Sea/Nancy Knudsen,
The plans are underway. In May next year a group of sailors will embark on a mighty 13 month adventure – to sail around the Americas as though they were one big island. But this is no ordinary sailing adventure. They are members of 'Sailors for the Sea', an organisation of sailors who care for the oceans in which they sail – and don't we all? Read on, and see how YOU can be a part of it.... [more]

Sailing Around Australia – sailors design event,
West Australian Bob Williams has sailed all around the world, now he is busy designing a new event, with the help of hundreds of sailors. 'Building an ocean sailing event from scratch is a challenging enterprise. Its one thing to arrive at an event concept it's another for that concept to appeal to the yachting community at large.'... [more]

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