Why not sail around Australia?...'Yes I hit the tinny' Craig Gore's Skipper confesses...Ten Mainsail Tips for short-handed cruisers...aground in Antarctica - pollution fear...and much more

11 Dec 2008

Diary Dates


From the Four Quarters...

Wouldn't you like to be here? - Coco Point  Ian & Andrea Treleaven
A varied round-up of sailing news from Australia and all quarters of the globe again. We're still wanting you to do the survey to tell the organisers whether their idea for a 'Round Australia Rally' is viable. They've called it a race, but, like the ARC, they'll probably get many more in the cruising division. Do complete the survey and give them YOUR ideas.

Up on the Gold Coast the Skipper of Australia's richest young millionaire Craig Gore's yacht is in deep trouble after hitting a 'tinny'.

While you're escaping from the rigours of landed life out into the world of sunny waters and dolphins playing around the bow, spare a thought for the ice sailors of the northern hemisphere, doing it tough at speeds of 35 knots.

Two inventions are featured – an amazing little electric boat, and another MOB rescue tool, this time from a San Francisco sailor, showing some similarity to Sydney sailor Bob Wright's Sea Scoopa.

In practical information, read the Ten important Mainsail tips for Short-handed Cruisers – maybe you can suggest some more?

The Treleavens have sent back some wonderful images of their tropical adventures in Barbuda and St Kitts in the Caribbean; and over in Kochi in India they are practising on the Volvo sailors for the arrival of hordes of cruising sailors in the future.

Read on, enjoy another World Cruising news round-up, and...

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Would You like to Sail around Australia?
I'd like to sail around Australia before I die! For every 1000 Australian sailors who've said that 999 have sailed off into the sunset without completing that dream. But it does not have to be in your case, maybe. And of course you dont have to be a local to sail around the Big Island. Would you like to help design an event to allow you to race/rally around Australia? There is a survey here..... [more]

Letter from the Indies:Barbuda and St Kitts
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Long range cruisers Andrea and Ian Treleaven are this season cruising in the Caribbean in their yacht Cape Finnistere. Here they continue their cruising tales, including a most unexpected clash with the local police... [more]

No Fireside for Hardy Ice Sailors
Des Ryan,
Sailors in the southern hemisphere are right now filling the waterways and oceans with flotillas of white sails, and relishing the warm breezes and long days. In the tropics it's good ALL the time. However, in the northern hemisphere the freeze is setting in, but there's ONE brand of sailor who's up and loving it - the Ice Sailor!... [more]

Botany Bay works change conditions for boaters
NSW Government Media,
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has warned boaters to be aware of navigation hazards posed by several construction works underway at Botany Bay.... [more]

Ten Mainsail Tips for Short-handed Cruising
Nancy Knudsen,
Most long range cruisers are trying to sail downwind when they can, but it doesn't always happen. Many cruisers are also sailing short handed. So handling the main on a cruising boat differs in many ways from that for a racing boat. Whatever your configuration, even with in-mast roller furling main, you have to use the big sail to balance the helm and create or decrease power.... [more]

This Week's Product: SFO Sailor's MOB Invention
Michelle Slade, Marinij.com/Sail-World Cruising,
Any sailor ever involved in a Man Overboard (MOB) incident, or even a practice session, knows how hard it is, almost impossible for cruising sailors who are usually short handed. Experienced cruisers acknowledge that if you're overboard, you're dead, and concentrate on staying onboard....but humans are great inventors, and now here's another.... [more]

'Yes I hit the Tinny': Yacht Skipper pleads Guilty
Renee Redmond,goldcoast.com.au/Sail-World,
A skipper employed by Australia's Richest Young Millionaire Craig Gore could lose his boat licence and his job after running over a 'tinny' while behind the wheel of Mr Gore's 23m luxury yacht. Just last year Craig Gore, son of the late Mike Gore and Sydney property developer, surged to the top of the Business Review Weekly's Young Rich list after amassing a fortune of about $300,000,000... [more]

Cloud Nine Sails North West Passage - now the DVD
Des Ryan,
During the summer of 2007, the sailing vessel Cloud Nine completed the transit of the fabled North West Passage, an amazing 6640 miles in 73 days. Now there's a film and a DVD available on the journy, all of which has been photographed by committed environmentalist photographer David Thoreson.... [more]

Amazing little Electric Boat - Coming Soon
Scuttlebutt Europe/Sail-World Cruising,
The world's marine scientists, inventors and naval architects are struggling with alternative power sources for boats. Electric outboards are a coming thing, hydrogen power is being experimented with, with one hydrogen powered sailing boat already using fuel cell technology, and E10 diesel is part of today's landscape. Now Scuttlebutt Europe reports: Aequus and Finot-Conq are due to com... [more]

Yachties Safe after Wandering in Minefield
Juanita Brock, FINN/Sail-World,
Cruising sailors have many things to get nervous about, but usually being blown up by a land mine isn't one of them. Luckily, three crew members from the Belgium-flagged Yacht, VIA are safe and well tonight after wandering into a minefield near Kidney Island on East Falkland.... [more]

Francis Joyon: French Sailor Of The Year 2008
Sail-World Cruising,
Francis Joyon, the hardy sailor who won world prominence by not once, but twice setting the record as the fastest solo non-stop unassisted sailor around the world, has been awarded the honour of being the 2008 Sailor of the Year in France.... [more]

Kochi Struts its Stuff as Cruising Stopover
DNA/Sail-World Cruising,
Kochi (formerly Cochin on the coast of south western India) is gearing to be the stopover that cruising sailors just won't want to miss when they are on their way across the Indian Ocean, and the arrival of that fleet of racing sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race is giving them an opportunity to strut their stuff.... [more]

Aground in Antarctia - Pollution Fear
AFP/Sail-World Cruising,
Only the brave and bold visit Antarctica in a sailing boat, but how hazardous it is was demonstrated again when the cruise ship Ciudad de Ushuaiai had to evacuate all 89 passengers of various nationalities from the Argentine registered ship which had run aground, an official in charge of the rescue operation said on Friday.... [more]

Weekend boating campaign: Operation New England
AAP Medianet,
NSW Maritime will conduct a boating campaign this weekend (6 & 7 December) in the New England region, NSW Maritime Hunter/ Inland Regional Manager Charlie Dunkley said.... [more]

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