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04 Dec 2008


Major Events

Vendee Globe 2008-2009


Top stories in Asia are all about the Phuket King's Cup and the Monsoon Cup - both running concurrently. The 'participation event' is the King's Cup, and the fleets are presently enjoying some of the best conditions in years - here are the stories and (even more importantly) the PICTURES!

On another continent, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet has arrived in India for the first time ever - and anyone who thought that the present route for the VOR was some sort of 'soft option' had better think again. The trip from Cape Town to Cochin was a ball-breaker. Stirring sea stories here.

We have to run away now and slum it over sunset cocktails at Mom Tri's Boathouse, so please excuse. We'll send you a postcard...

Phuket King's Cup 08 - Reasons to be cheerful pt 2
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
It doesn't take much to keep sailors happy - wind, water, sunshine (and we'll get on to the rum and other stuff later). Sailors (and photographers) are happy in Phuket at the moment...... [more]

Sailrocket new record then flying crash
Media release,
British speed sailing craft Vestas Sailrocket piloted by Australian Paul Larsen has become the worlds fastest sailing ‘boat' by attaining an average speed over the 500 meter record course of 47.4 knots - On following run whilst on target for the Outright world record it literally took off and performed the full ‘Donald Campbell' in equally spectacular form flying over 30' in the air upside down... [more]

Cian leads Williams and Mirsky in Monsoon Cup
Tracey Johnstone,
Italian Paolo Cian and his Team Shosholoza lead the field with four wins in the second day of racing in the 2008 Monsoon Cup being held in Malaysia. Cian is one place ahead of defending match racing world and Monsoon Cup champion Ian Williams' Bahrain Team Pindar and Torvar Mirsky's Mirsky Racing Team, both with three wins, at the half way mark in today's racing.... [more]

Lufthansa to sponsor Longtze European Tour
Longtze Event Media,
Lufthansa and Longtze Yachts have decided to raise their sails together in the new Longtze European Tour, a circuit which will take place in five events spread over the 2009 year. Longtze Yachts was established, in 2007, during the America's Cup campaign led by Le Defi under the China Team colours. Sailors and designers had taken advantage of 10 years of America's Cup experience to develop a new,... [more]

Vendee Globe First two yachts through the icegate
Vendee Globe Media,
As expected Seb Josse (BT) and Yann Eliès (Generali) have been first and second to pass the security gate... [more]

Ben Ainslie talks to Peter Montgomery on Cup
Ben Ainslie, the three-time Olympic gold medalist and Team Origin helmsman, was in Auckland during the last weekend, racing in the NZ Match Racing Championships, where he finished second, after being beaten in the finals by his form teammate Dean Barker.... [more]

Phuket Kings Cup - Better than the Brochure
Rob Kothe,
The reason that racing starts so early each morning is because around noon the breeze often eases away. But not so far at the 22nd annual Phuket Kings Cup.... [more]

Phuket King's Cup 2008 - Fireflies all over
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Some of the most photogenic boats at the King's Cup are the Firefly 850 sports catamarans. Check out some of the graphics!... [more]

Phuket King's Cup 2008 - in the Caribbean?
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Yesterday they were talking about “Hawaii in Thailand” (really, it wasn't just Rob Kothe making it up!). So perhaps today was the turn of the Caribbean – heck, whatever; the breeze was in again, the water was blue (and so was the sky) and the sun was shining his (her?) socks off. PRO Tony Denham was in charge on the Prapis start line, and presided over windward/leeward races for IRC Racing, IRC 1,... [more]

l'Hydroptère's new record ratified by the WSSRC
l'Hydroptère media,
l'Hydroptère has bettered her own record and has become the fastest sailing boat on the planet over 500 meters and one nautical mile. The WSSRC, the British decision-making organization concerning records, ratified yesterday l'Hydroptère's latest performance. On 13th November, while training on the speed base at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône,... [more]

First ever Omani Round the World attempt
Oman Sail Media,
First ever Omani Round the World attempt onboard Ellen MacArthur's record breaking Trimaran - officially announced in Oman today... [more]

Open letter to BMW Oracle Racing
Pedro Perello,
We publish an Open Letter from Pedro Perello, CEO of CEO, Ayre Challenge, to Russell Coutts of BMW Oracle Racing, encouraging the three-time AC winner to enter the 33rd America's Cup... [more]

Phuket King's Cup 2008 - photo story
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
‘Someone' must have been reading it – and this morning delivered up breeze in the 20+ kts department – all day. Both fleets (different start lines) were sent off to a windward mark and then down and away around the southern tip of Phuket, through the Koh Kaeo Noi gate and outside Koh Hi and Ko Aeo and back again).... [more]

Sailing in Hawaii at King's Cup
Rob Kothe and Jaroonroj 'Knot' Satitkasem,
A perfect start to the 22nd annual Phuket Kings Cup, with the 93 boat fleet sailing island passage courses in strong north easterly conditions and sunny skies. As Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Commodore Matt Allen said, after winning the IRC Division 1 aboard his Beneteau 44.7 Ichi Ban ‘Today it was like sailing in Hawaii, warm and windy.'... [more]

Sailors, Divers: Underwater Wrecks to be Preserved
BW Media,
Not only sailors who cherish our maritime history, but divers and many other historians will be gladdened by the money to be devoted to preserving Australia's wrecks around our coastline. Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett has announced $440,000 in funding from the Australian Government's Historic Shipwrecks Program to protect the nation's underwater cultural heri... [more]

Science Speaks: Rogue Waves are Real
Live Science/Sail-World,
Every year sound sailing boats, well equipped with safety gear, with experienced crew on board, go missing. Their loved ones are forever left wondering: Was it a whale? a floating container? a rogue wave?... [more]

PIMEX 2008 - less than 2 days to go!
PIMEX Media,
PIMEX 2008 will take place from Dec 4th to Dec 7th at the new Royal Phuket Marina exhibition And Conference Centre. Fully supported by The Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Sports Authority of Thailand and the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)... [more]

Dubai Marina Yacht Club opens leisure precinct
Jeni Bone,
Hailed as 'a city within a city', a new marina-based leisure experience has officially opened adjacent to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, positioning the venue as a premier destination for marine enthusiasts from around the globe.... [more]

VOR: Painful That is the only way to describe it

The give and take that has occurred is like no other race I have ever been a part of. First off, huge credit again to our team for fixing what looked like a very grim situation, when our longitudinal frames broke - twice. Sure it cost us miles, but we got ourselves back into the game. - Ken Read... [more]

Vendee GLobe - Into the Forties 'Lite'
Event media,
The head scratching, brain teaser that was the St Helena high pressure system is a fast fading memory as the top ten leading skippers on the Vendée Globe gybe south and east to pick up the Roaring Forties, to propel them eastwards to the first Ice Gate some 650 miles to the east.... [more]

Volvo - Puma, Delta Lloyd and Green Dragon finish
Event media,
After a terrific battle in the final stages of leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cochin in India, where three boats were in sight of each other today, Ken Read/USA emerged the victor and brought the red and black PUMA across the finish today at 12;22 GMT (18:02 local time) in fifth place.... [more]

All home but one in Volvo Ocean Race Leg 2
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Volvo Ocean Race update - Ericsson 3 finish third, Telefonica Black in fourth, Puma in fifth, Delta lloyd in sixth and Green Dragon in seventh. Team Russia are as yet, to finish Leg 2.... [more]

Images from Cochin: Finish of Leg 2
Volvo Ocean race Media,
Images from the finish of Leg 2 - Volvo Ocean race in Cochin, India... [more]

Postcard sailing at Phuket Kings Cup
Rob Kothe,
Perfect sailing conditions on the eve of the Phuket Kings Cup regatta, with most of the fleet enjoying some gentle practice racing, 8-12 knots, flats seas and sunshine.... [more]

Phuket King's Cup - 'just practicing'
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Amendments to the Phuket King's Cup programme on account of the current closure of Bangkok Airport meant that today was ‘practice race' day instead of racing day one. A chance to see if everything is working properly, and work out where to stow the beer. It was a gentle shake-down for those that elected to sail today, 8-12 knots of breeze from the north-east.... [more]

Sailing - Things you have to do before you die!!,
I'd like to sail around Australia before I die! For every 1000 Australian sailors who've said that 999 have sailed off into the sunset without completing that dream. But it does not have to be in your case, maybe. And of course you dont have to be a local to sail around the Big Island. Would you like to help design an event to allow you to race/rally around Australia? There is a survey here..... [more]

Vendee: Bear away gybe away and off to the icegate
Vendee Globe Media,
Downwind sailing at last as the leading group bear away in westerly breezes with gennakers flying — gybing their way south and east, Seb Josse (BT) is still heading the pack in first, whilst Michel Desjoyeaux overhauls Sam Davies (Roxy, GBR) and Brian Thompson (Bahrain Team Pindar, GBR) in this evening's rankings.... [more]

Monsoon Cup - TV Teasers
World Match Racing Tour Media,
With the Monsoon Cup starting on Wednesday check out the pre-event action from the Malaysian and Asian Championships.... [more]

VOR: Team Russia blog by Nick Bubb Watch Leader
Nick Bubb,
So this will be my last blog of Leg 2, even if we are stuck out here for another week, I can't take it anymore I just can't take it all this sweating onto the keyboard it makes typing a nightmare. No seriously, I've had enough now, as my friend Meg once said, 'Take me home or lose me forever.'... [more]

Spain's Telefónica Blue take second in Volvo Race
Event media,
Spain's Telefonica Blue led by Bouwe Bekking from the Netherlands, finished leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cochin at 12:37 GMT. The seven points they collect for second place brings their total to 19 points. 'It was really fantastic to come second, but it was bloody hard,' said skipper Bouwe Bekking... [more]

King's Cup: 'Start spreading the news...'
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
Arriving at the office half an hour later, I went on line and uploaded the story shortly afterwards - and assuming that there were people coming here from all over the world, it was sent straight to all the newsletter subscribers in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and the USA - about 150,000 in total. And it appeared on the respective editions' websites.... [more]

Ericsson 4 wins Volvo Ocean Race Leg 2
VOR Media,
Torben Grael from Brasil and his international crew onboard Ericsson 4 made it two wins in a row when they crossed the finish of leg two of the Volvo Ocean Race in Cochin, India at 2252 GMT (0422 local time).... [more]

Gareth Cooke images - Asian Monsoon Cup qualifier
Gareth Cooke images/,
Gareth Cooke images from the Asian Match Racing qualifier. Keith Swinton and his Black Swan Racing team defeated Japan's Natsuki Motoyoshi and his Orbit crew to gain entry into the Monsoon Cup.... [more]

GBR Sailing to get more funding
Ashling O'Connor,
After the phenomenal success of the cycling, sailing and rowing teams in Beijing, their funding levels are set to be increased. Sports that missed their targets at the Games in August but can identify genuine medal contenders for 2012 are likely to have their funding levels maintained... [more]

Kings Cup on track despite Bangkok airport woes
Rob Kothe,
Thailand's Phuket King's Cup, now its 22nd year, is a truly international regatta. The situation at Thailand's international hub the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang, Bangkok's domestic airport has thrown the travel plans for many of the participants and race organisers into disarray, but swift action from event organisers has eased the problems.... [more]

Barker beats Ainslie in NZ Match Racing Final
Richard Gladwell and RNZYS Media,
Dean Barker has beaten Ben Ainslie in the Final of the New Zealand Match Racing Championships. In the semi-finals, Ainslie beat Rod Davis, and Barker beat Laurie Jury.... [more]

Images from NZ Match Racing Championships - Day 4
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
Images from the final race in the Round Robin stage of the NZ Match Racing Championships, featuring Dean barket, Rod Davis, Adam Minoprio and Ben Ainslie... [more]

2009 Skandia Geelong Week
Skandia Geelong Week 2009 runs from January 23rd to 26th 2009...
For more details and news for this event, go to:


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