Rogue Waves - they're not myths...Roman Abramovich' Final Pirate Solution... sailing mast hit by alcohol for sailors in UK?...and much more...

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Rogue Waves and the Myths they are not

Roman Abramovich - not to be caught by pirates  .
Have you ever experienced a rogue wave? I've experienced a small rogue wave in deep waters in the Pacific – one that pooped our 46ft boat in one metre seas when five metre swells could never do it– but nothing like the 80 foot waves that the scientists are now saying are not myths, but real. Read about some of the incredible rogue waves of the past, and see the amazing pictures.

The northern hemisphere winter is not sailing weather for the faint-hearted, but an incredible 18 people have been killed while boating since the beginning of September just in the north east USA. The sad thing is that not one was wearing a life jacket. Wherever you are, if the weather is cold, make sure you have that jacket on!....and talking about safety, the UK is just about to put teeth into its 'Don't Drink and Drown' advice for sailors, by introducing anti-alcohol laws.

In the tropics, however, the sailing fun goes on – read the Treleavens' Letter from the Indies – they're in Antigua this week, and the round world Blue Water Rally is finally in South East Asian waters, enjoying the warm weather and fascinating wildlife and cultures.

The quirkiest story of the week, though not much fun for the skipper, was the aircraft that brought down the mast of Ed Allen's 37ft boat while he was happily sailing along in good weather, not a danger in sight. His reaction must also be the comment of the week: 'It was a really strange experience.' Yes, Ed, we believe you. And what happened to the pilot? Read the story!

The piracy issue in Somalia has some strange by-products – read about how that poor Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich is coping....

In practical news there's a good new marine search engine and database to help you find that marine product that's stumped you, and, for longer range cruisers, there's a new warning about Ecuador.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail Happy

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Cynthia Woods Tragedy - Waiting for Answers

Houston Chronicle reporters Claudia Feldman and Mike Tolson continue a campaign to make sure that the tragic capsize of the sailing boat Cynthia Woods many months ago is not forgotten. In the June 2008 incident safety officer Roger Stone died saving crew members of the Cape Fear yacht Cynthia Woods when it capsized during a race in the Gulf of Mexico, after the boat lost its keel.... [more]

Please Don't Stop me Sipping while I Sail!
Sail-World Cruising,
Proposals to introduce active drink-driving laws for leisure sailors and boaters in the UK have been meeting with resistance by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and the British Marine Federation (BMF).... [more]

Abramovich's Superyacht Solution against Piracy
Console Community/Sail-World,
One of the biggest issues for merchant shipping trying to deal with the Somalian pirates is the fact that it is against international maritime law for merchant ships to carry arms. This is not so for cruising sailors. (although there are immense difficulties when travelling from port to port.) So when you have a billion or two (or eleven) you might think about spending a little on pirate deter... [more]

Science Speaks: Rogue Waves are Real
Live Science/Sail-World,
Every year sound sailing boats, well equipped with safety gear, with experienced crew on board, go missing. Their loved ones are forever left wondering: Was it a whale? a floating container? a rogue wave?... [more]

Piracy Warning for Ecuador
Nancy Knudsen,
While continual piracy attacks keep the watching world's focus on Somalia, another coastline the long range cruising sailor should be aware of is that of Ecuador. Owing to a recent incident of piracy off the coast of Ecuador, the U.S. Consulate Guayaquil has now issued a piracy warning for that coastline.... [more]

Hawaii Yacht Club - Spectacular Parade
Ray Pendleton/Sail-World,
Over in Honolulu, they know how to sail, and they know how to party. Put it together and you have a Flashy Flotilla planned as a Christmas Celebration Parade this year, with great prizes for the flashiest boat, and a great formula which yacht clubs round the world could do worse than copy.... [more]

Where will I find it? Product of the Week
Blackwattle Studios,
These days most sailors - and non-sailors - start a search for whatever they need in one place - the internet! This 'Product of the Week', if you aren't using it already, just might make it easier:... [more]

18 Dead in Winter Waters - No Lifejackets
BW Media,
The northern hemisphere winter is upon us, and the deaths are increasing. For instance, in the cold waters of northeastern USA, since Labor Day, the Coast Guard reports that there have been already 18 boating fatalities. Not one was wearing a life jacket, and the Coast Guard is pleading for sailors and boaters to heed their warning.... [more]

Sailing Boat Mast Hit by Low Aircraft Cruising,
They say good seamanship means good preparation - but there are just some things a sailor can't prepare for! 'It was a really strange experience,' said the Skipper in a masterpiece of understatement. An aircraft had just hit the mast of Ed Allen's thirty-seven foot yacht Windseeker, as he sailed it south to the David Island Yacht Club in Tampa in Florida yesterday.... [more]

Letter from the Indies - Antigua
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven have been cruising in the Caribbean accompanied by their daughter Jane. As she leaves, they continue with their tales of sailing Guadeloupe and Antigua.... [more]

Millionaire Yacht Owner Killed in Mumbai
BW Media,
Cyprus born pastry seller and self made yachting millionaire Andreas Liveras was one of those shot dead in the Taj Hotel. Owner of Liveras Yachts, which owns and charters luxury yachts, Andreas had come to Mumbai to scout for business opportunities... [more]

The Blue Water Rally - Cruising from Oz to Phuket
Peter Seymour,
For the last three months the Blue Water Rally, which departed Gibraltar in November 2007, has been cruising from Darwin to Phuket. Boosted by four new entrants from 'Downunder' the rally left Darwin in late September bound for the new cultures and countries of the Far East.... [more]

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